Public Sighting Chris has arrived at Bronycon 2019 Megathread -

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Will Bronycon result in an epic melt down or embarrassing anti-social outburst?

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The fat exceptional eagle has landed. Let's consolidate news here.


Update: 8/2 - Chris sits in a room with other exceptional individuals and minds his own business while he wears his "LOOKS LIKE A NAZI" horn while All-Star by Smashmouth blares and entertains tards. Boy Chris sure is up to some epic saga level shenanigans...

Update: 8/3 - Chris looks like he's having a good time. Nothing out of the ordinary has really happened, some orbiter stalker with enough autism to go to Bronycon took a video of him with a plush on his head if you call that crazy Chris shenanigans. Oh yeah Chris has an autistic stalker @Jasonfan89 who is talking in character like some exceptional F-list reporter. HOLY SHIT CHRIS IS SITTING IN FRONT OF A PIZZA AND HOT DOG VENDOR! EPIC CHRISTORY! Chris also got to ask a fairly normal question about the show he enjoy, here's a link if you find this interesting.

Update 8/4 - Literally nothing interesting happened. Chris tweeted pics with a few cosplayers, showed off that he put his plush pony on his head and left the last Bronycon. Nothing of interest has happened and people's expectations were as predicted unbelievably way off.

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The hell is that on his head? I stop reading his tweets for a couple weeks and he starts wearing homemade wire tiaras?
I think it's a wire tiara in the shape of the Commodore logo. Because he's a vidya game gawdeth or some shit. He probably paid someone to make it for him so he can feel like Sailor Moon or something re.tarded like that.

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