Chris has been arrested

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    We need a 3PL
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Bra Stacks
Apr 21, 2020
What delights await whoever gets the task of examining his drives...

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Chandler Bing

You better not touch my gynafresh you bitch
Apr 15, 2021
Some info
My brother is in prison and adding money to commissary is a bitch due to all the hoops you have to do and the websites are usually fucked. I doubt many weens will be sending him money.

Weens will not be visting them as most prisons and jails you need to be on an inmates "guest list" IE Joe Schmo with a 200 sub youtube channel isn't getting in.

Chris will not die in prison because he'll more likely be a sequestered inmate, where he's segregated from genpop for most days, except special occasions such as religous activity.

Christory might not end as some facilities offer services such as email and other internet related experiences through JPAY (there's even game consoles and typewriters available. )

Americans need to stop fantasizing about prison rape.
Don't underestimate Tyrone, he will get that booty.
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