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was she a great big healthy at any size person?
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In a previous post from a now locked thread I had mentioned sending Chris food directly, you can read what I posted below.
Basically I said don’t give Chris cash, but instead send Food Lion gift cards and/or food directly via Amazon Pantry.
Apparently people were doing just that before and gift cards were not being used (you can track the use/balance of a gift card to most places if you have the number) and when Chris got food sent to 14BC he actually tried to get a refund for himself, not the person who paid for it.
I get Chris isn’t the smartest at the best of times, but it doesn’t take a genius to receive a gift card to a place they frequent and think “hmmm, I should use this next time I go out.” My hypothesis is Chris is opening mail, seeing it’s not cash or check, and throwing it away/into the hoard.
I realized these are not the actions of a starving person, not even one as dumb as Chris. Chris and Barb may be poor, but they’re not starving.
Remember too, Chris had the gaul to criticize the food being offered too. Starving people don't give a shit about the calorie count of a pizza.


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How does he pay for internet monthly if he has no money?
He doesn't have no money. He just spends his income pretty much as soon as it comes in and then relies on donations/sales to get through the rest of the month. He has no concept of what a reasonable amount of discretionary spending is and considers himself "broke" if he can't afford whatever he wants this month - whether the thing he wants is $20 or $2000.

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Does it make me a terrible person that I no longer have the slightest bit of sympathy for Chris over the Boyd/Wise shit?
Chris will always manage to do this. It's one of his biggest hallmarks. Even people who are otherwise sympathetic towards Chris will, inevitably, be drawn towards wanting to play kick the Autistic just because he fucks up everything he touches and refuses to learn any lesson.

Any time he does the right thing, he'll fuck it up.
Any time he does something that legitimately makes you feel for him, he'll burn off your sympathy in short order.
Any time he tries to fix something, he'll make it worse.
And he will be right back at square one, learning zero lessons, doing the same thing all over again.

The only constant is that when it comes to being a complete disappointment, Chris will, ironically, never disappoint.
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