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Meet Chris Morgan


Chris Morgan is a short man with big anger issues. He is known for getting into awkward and aggressive interactions with people in real life and he records almost all of said interactions. In most of the altercations he gets into, he thinks he's either justified or a badass but in reality he's just a short asshole with an even shorter fuse.
He quickly became "Internet Famous" over night after he an incident at a bagel shop went viral. He was caught on video swearing up and down ant an employee and other customers. Apparently what set him off was an employee giggled a little bit and he took it as if she was berating him over his height. He quickly goes into a childish rage and expresses his incel frustrations of not being able have sex with woman because he is too short. Chaos ensues.

Naturally, after that everyone wanted interviews with the little guy. But of course in true Bagel Boss fashion, he's terrible at them. Here's him storming out of an interview about said incident because allegedly the woman interviewing him was too "hostile":

Some anon on 4chan even got to interview him:

As I said before he used to upload his said altercations with random strangers to his youtube channel:



However, after his sudden rise to internet stardom he quickly went DFE on his older videos because if anyone saw those it would probably put him in a bad spotlight. Fortunately one of our residential kiwi member @BoomerDenton archive all his previous content and holy shit it's extremely entertaining. Here are some choice footage to get a pretty good idea of how much an asshole he was before his fame.

The title of this video on his youtube channel was called, "Ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom". He apparently gets into a dispute with a woman at what I'm presuming is a CVS over who gets to use the bathroom? It's something exceptional:

To further prove his inceldom he titled this video , "GOLDIGGING BITCH FROM QUEENS ". The woman in this video refuses to go home with him after what I presume was a date:

This video is of him giving innocent 7/11 clerks shit because one of them allegedly ask what is height was :story: :

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Archive link to old youtube videos:!tD5E2SrS!Id0otAYq_LliD6y8U7cQwKoYFSDMbH44Ze-TOjE7Z7Q


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Idk if you were the same guy who wrote about Chris last time, but it’s good to see that this is an improvement.

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In the "GOLDIGGING BITCH FROM QUEENS" video, according to his original video description, the girl was a 45 minuet drive away from where she lived when he drove off without her. You have to be a massive asshole to do that to anyone, regardless of the circumstance - doubly so since his reason was just because she didn't want to fuck him after he promised to spend money on her.

Allegedly he lives in a van so i don't know what "place" he wanted that girl from Queens to go to with him. I think he was just baiting her and then peaced out when she wouldn't agree to go with him.
Yep, he lives in his car. And he said he was going to give her $750,000 to "fool around". Poor lady didn't want to fuck a midget in his filthy junk heap of a car, so he left her 45 minutes away from home in the snow. The guy is sexist, racist, makes kids cry, and I saw one clip of him yelling at a neighbor over what seemed to be nothing. Guy was just outside with a cup of coffee then suddenly discount midget Joe Pesci is losing his shit. Has he ever been arrested for his public disturbances?
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For the Emperor?!
Chris is actually an aspiring boxer as well. He's been training to fight somebody ever since his newfound fame, and Logan Paul just accepted a fight with him on TMZ recently.
I hope he goes through with it lol. There’s no way he’s going to win
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