Money Chris spent over $425 on Ebay last month

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The American Hedgehog

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Jul 28, 2015
I think I found out why Chris is having financial problems this month.

He made a few recent purchases from Ebay, according to the feedback section on his account, and he left feedback for this transaction:

screenshot-feedback ebay com 2016-04-14 16-35-03.png

A search on the seller's feedback history shows it was this Lego set:

screenshot-feedback ebay com 2016-04-14 16-36-32.png

The sale was on March 19th:

screenshot-www ebay com 2016-04-14 16-37-31.png


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Nov 14, 2013

Van Darkholme

Dec 27, 2014
How in the fuck can legos cost 400 dollars? It's little pieces of plastic.

Asked myself something similar about steiff plushes today.

Anyway, no wonder fatty has money problems. Maybe a generous donor can help him out again?:c Why the fuck would he buy from the pricejacking goons on ebay anyway?

Adrian Țepeș
Nov 20, 2015
For sale on for ~350 with free shipping.

Not saying $350 is anywhere near sane for fucking lego, but this shows Chris probably wasn't seeking a particular set. It came into his line of sight, the price wasn't over the tugboat accumulation and BAM, sold on pure impulse. Now brace for another panhandling update so he can "pay bills and buy food". What a hopeless fucking twat in drag.

Times like this I begin to hope circumstances lead to very hard times or get him in serious trouble, but the rational part of me knows he'd learn nothing, so we might as well get some laughs before it's heart gives up.
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