Chris was placed into Therapeutic Docket program for mall trespass case -

The American Hedgehog

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In this tweet, Chris mentions that he's on the Therapeutic Docket. 2018-10-02 21-02-47.png

More info:

The Therapeutic Docket is a post plea docket serving Albemarle and Charlottesville. It targets defendants who have been diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness.
Once a defendant successfully completes the requirements of the Therapeutic Docket, the Court may impose a suspended fine or suspended jail sentence if a conviction had been entered earlier or, in the appropriate case, dismiss the charge.

edit: I originally linked to a pdf from Roanoke county by mistake. A difference is that Roanoke specifies graduates from the program receive a red rose and handshake from a judge, and Charlottesville doesn't mention the details of its graduation ceremony.
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What does a therapeutic docket entail, specifically?
There's an article about it here:

Every two weeks, participants will go in front of Downer to discuss their progress and make sure they’re on track with treatment. In between those court appearances, individuals will attend meetings with supervisors, go to counseling or other treatment sessions and consistently follow any medication plans. For most of these participants, they need help simply organizing their lives and following through on treatment plans.

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Well color me impressed. This sounds like a genuinely progressive program that will be effective at assisting mentally-disabled adults readjust their behavior towards societal norms, as well as deter them from repeat offenses through reasonable punishment. Stay classy, Virginia.

Too bad that Chris will probably learn nothing from the experience.

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I wonder what he did that the court concluded he has a serious mental illness.

ETA: So reading the article, the referral could come from a number of sources : His attorney, the police, and Region Ten, among others. Maybe it's possible he's told someone (likely his therapist at R10) about the Idea Guy debacle?
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Mason Verger

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An interesting implication here is that the choice was either this or jail time, meaning he isn't going to skate with fines anymore and he's DAMN lucky that this was introduced this year.

It also sounds like there's constant reports back to the judge and Chris isn't going to be able to sleep through this. Chris might actually be able to get some movement on the Wise and Boyde thing, if he brings up that he only trespassed because he was being extorted into buying gifts for them.

This might be interesting.

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