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Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerdPedophile Hated by all Canadian Furries; and the Underage FtM He's Taking Adventage Of.

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Null, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. Chris Whiteman is a self-avowed pedophile and zoophile. He is currently 25 and dating a 16-year-old female-to-male transsexual named "Benjamin" March. She lives with him at his house in Niagara Falls. Though this is legal in Canada, Whiteman has explained on Twitter he is a "MAP", or a minor-attracted person. He has also expressed interest in sex with animals and is a furry and calls his girlfriend his "mate" as an allusion to animal mating.


    Despite being a pedophile, Chris proudly boasts that he operates a Telegram group for other furries in Canada called "Toronto Furs".

    Tweet where Chris Whiteman reveals he is a pedophile.
    upload_2019-1-29_1-17-26.png https://archive.li/k476T

    Tweet where Chris Whiteman reveals he is a zoophile. He also seems to be admitting he's had sex with dogs.
    upload_2019-1-29_1-16-57.png https://archive.li/rrOvA

    Christopher Whiteman defends "Kero the Wolf", who was exposed as being in another Telegram group for animal sex.
    upload_2019-1-29_1-22-53.png https://archive.li/oqxN2

    His information was lazily helldumped in a random thread on this site. https://kiwifarms.net/posts/4069478/

    His reaction to this was to threaten me with legal action.

    For two days he's currently emailed and messaged me on Telegram warning me that if I don't do what he says he'll have me extradited from Russia to Canada to face the high charge of cyberbullying, doxing, and transphobia. His current plan to accomplish this is to @ the FBI on Twitter.

    upload_2019-1-29_1-16-29.png https://https:/archive.li/HHxmy

    And also yell about me.
    upload_2019-1-29_1-27-10.png https://archive.fo/udxw7

    He warns of an incoming storm.

    Chris Whiteman
    DA http://archive.li/eMO7c
    InkBunny https://archive.fo/MdwpA
    NGU https://archive.fo/aObOf
    Reddit post asking for help http://archive.li/9gMZn
    Twitter http://archive.li/EaXoo
    Facebook http://archive.li/z5gc3

    "Benjamin" March ("Ben Heck") (FtM, male name)
    FA http://archive.li/hUN9h
    DA http://archive.li/CUwaM
    FB http://archive.li/7K9DB
    Twitter http://archive.li/G3oKs

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    Null Ooperator

  2. I hope his legal threat worked, and Null didn’t post a thread about it...
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    Outer Party Member 6079 Smith W

  3. "Do not think of this as a threat." He then proceeds to make threats anyhow. Yiff in hell, Furfag.
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    Tranhuviya I am tsuchinoko.


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    Visitor I'm Awesome
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  5. How long until he's no longer attracted to his "boyfriend"?

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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
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  6. His "mate" looks like she has down syndrome...
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    rabo Newfag

  7. Well Whiteman, did it work autistic screeching at the owner of a website about stupid things?
    I think it's not.
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  8. They look like fat dike lesbians.
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    Quijibo69 Islamic Content

  9. i bet 5 dollars he has AIDS
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    NIGGO KILLA We wuz Mobla suits n shit

  10. deletedtwitter.png
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  11. Add this pedo fuck to the reasons I have a general distaste for Canada.

    It seriously boggles my mind that these pedos don't push for a way to help them "cure" their attractions or something. They should be pushing not for their right to fuck kids but instead their right to seek psychiatric help without being thrown immediately in jail for a crime they may not have committed. Sometimes I wonder if people like this are legit and not some sort of gay ops plant by something or someone. I honestly don't know which answer would be more horrifying.
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    Reynard Alpha [She]Male

  12. She reminds me of those images of Finnish people that people use to say that Finnish people aren't White.
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    Richardo Retardo

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  13. This is actually, I think, the first time someone without a thread made a complaint and subsequently received a thread.
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    Null Ooperator

  14. He is ugly and I would not have sex with him
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    YayLasagna I still love you

  15. That Audio:lit:. I guess that means Autistic Legion of Doom 2: spastic boogaloo
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    Stoned Alex Jones

    Stoned Alex Jones An unwise man and poor shitposter

  16. To be honest, when I saw their photo I thought Destiny (Amberlynn's ex) hooked up with another one of Amberlynn's exes- the one who's a trans guy. I was close.
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  17. So his grand plan to take down Null is to call the internet police and cry about how he's being made fun of for being a zoophile with an underaged gf bf to have him extradited? I'm sure Russia gives so many fucks
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    #17 Cricket, Jan 28, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019

    Cricket Evil from Concentrate
    True & Honest Fan

  18. let's see if his "grand promise" works. (spoiler: it won't)
    honestly what else did i expect from a pedophile and zoophile? double autism whammy right there
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    lil bitch

    lil bitch Intel Chipset Inside™

  19. I guarantee you this deviant has a cache of filthy photos of this tranny-train-wreck. If those ever get out he's going to have a different tone about all of this. I doubt his "boyfriend" will even have a single chest hair before they break up over this :story:

    Edit: Decided to see what would come up searching Benjamin's deviant names in quotes followed by ftm and about lost it at this:

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    #19 RoboticRichardSimmons, Jan 28, 2019
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    RoboticRichardSimmons Robotic Weight Saint
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  20. [​IMG]

    Trying to locate a searchable canadian sex offender registry now, because if true, this is huge and the implications make me even sicker.
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