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Let's try this again, shall we? After losing the thread due to the whole 'France being pussies' thing I thought what would be the point of uploading the exact same thing again? So I did another interview to get some new content and thus justify making this thread again. I asked all the questions I could remember given I didn't get a chance to write them down beforehand but this time Chris was a regular chatterbox. So once more, for your entertainment, I give you another interview with OPL.

Interview 1:
Part 1
Part 2

Interview 2:
Part 1

Interview 3:
Part 1

Interview 4:
Part 1

Interview 5:
Part 1

Seems me and Chris are gonna be long time friends now; he even wants to do video calls.
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Excellent work again MasterDisaster. The first two parts are almost like you getting to introduce yourself to Chris and being quite cautious and unwilling to ask him anything serious whereas the newest part is a lot more interesting, it's great to hear Chris actually vocally talking about the blue arms GameStop incident and trying to justify it as he usually does.

It's quite interesting how freely Chris is talking here, even on issues such as Cole which in theory shouldn't have anything to do with the business he's trying to conduct with you. He's also incredibly out of his depth when he tries to get into specific detail about anything, I know it's said time and time again but his speech skills really are deteriorating.

I can't wait for the final part of this, keep up the good work, you deserve a lot of credit on the C-W-C-I-K-I for this!

Edit- Genius the way you managed to ask her about Megan, in case she came out of the woodwork later on to damage his reputation even if he didn't come out with any new information about it asides from the fact he's now buried the hatchet.
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I didn't have too much time before I had to go but I tried to very quickly write up an accurate transcript for the first six minutes or so of the second interview, covering the topic of both of Chris's arrests. I don't know if anybody else wants to carry on from where I've left of or if I'll be able to finish it later on but here's the transcript from the beginning to 6:39 for now.

Arthur- Hello?
CWC- Hello?
Arthur- Ah, that's much better
CWC- Yes. Okay, so, what do you want to talk about?
Arthur- Oh all kinds of things Christine, all kinds of things. I got a hold of my superiors and we sat down and we had a long meeting.
CWC- Mhmm
Arthur- And we covered a lot of things, they listened to the conversation and they were impressed, implicably so even. But they do, have a few issues. And well I can't deny it the biggest thing working against you right now is the C-W-C-I-K-I
CWC- I think you mean, yeah, you mean the Cwcki, yeah
Arthur- The Cwcki, is that what it is? Okay, so the Cwcki, yes. Now I told them that that website is in no way whatsoever affiliated with you professionally
CWC- That's right
Arthur- But even under that guise they still took the time to look through it themselves and they did come across a few things that they can't deny as fact. So, I told them that I would contact you and find out a few more details about a few particular aspects if you don't mind.
CWC- That's fine, fire away
Arthur- Alright, the first one that comes up is your alleged court case involving GameStop
CWC- Oh, yes that was uh, unfortunate. But, um, ah, that did happen but in my- but in my defence I was, very much, spooked and quite surp- and quite scared upon the event, and upon having encountered similar situations before, I had not been able to defend myself as bet- as best as I could. Um, but unfortunately yes that has happened, but the court case has cleared up and ah
Arthur- Really? How did that turn out?
CWC- I, I went to each of my, went to each of the court trials as sheduled and everything and ah, you know and anyway, everything's all cleared up and I just have a few, just have a, the old court fines that I'm still paying off
Arthur- The court fines? Though no sentences or anything? No incarceration?
CWC- Right, no sentences or incarceration
Arthur- Okay okay, and how long were you arrested before you were released? That's just a small question.
CWC- Ah, yes, that was, you know I was arrested at the night of December 26th, 2014 and uh, I was put, I did not, I was not able to get back home until the following Monday
Arthur- Oh my!
CWC- So, yes so I spent a weekend hibernating in, jail.
Arthur- I hope they fed you well
CWC- *Sigh,* Ah, yes
Arhur- Teas and biscuit or ah, cheese burgers or pizza? I don't know, I've never been arrested
CWC- Um, well actually it was more like, bit of, bit of meat, um, little bit of fruit, and some tard cum and juice, and water
Arthur- Okay, alright, sounds about pretty common jailtime grub I guess
CWC- Quite
Arthur- Alright. So we covered the little bit of, the jail indecencies and all that stuff. Now they mentioned another thing, and this one really caught their attention, because this was the big court case. Michael. Snyder.
CWC- Ah yes, the previous, the owner of the, closed down Game and Hobby Place, ah
Arthur- Oh it's closed down now?
CWC- Yes, it's been, yes it's been closed for about a year or two now
Arhur- Is it? Ahh
CWC- Yes, it's now been, it's now a, it's now a, ah store for chocolates.
Arthur- Really? Do you go there often?
CWC- Ahhh, no. But I've drove, no but I've driven by there so I have, so that's how I, that's how I know.
Arthur- Hey you should stop by sometime, take a look around the place, see what they've done with it
CWC- Yeah, I don't think it is, I don't think it's as good a justice as it used to be. But anyway, um, aside from that um, yeah, two, s, yeah, pretty much nearly true except for exaggerations and the obvious fantasies they have from but yeah, um, about April, Snyder had a ship, a chip on his shoulder against me so he banned me from there, and ah, then, then the couple of years later I came in there asking, I came in there and talked him and asked him to lift the ban and he said, and he was really cold hearted and said no so then a couple of years later I tried again, still no, and then ah, shortly after my father's passing in 2011, ah, it takes a, my brain's a little slow you'll have to forgive me there
Arthur- It's no problem. Take your time.
CWC- Yes, anyway, am so after his death. Yeah my mother and I were out and we were driving by and we noticed a sign that said 'under new management,' so, so I took a guess that Snyder was out of the picture and then, my mom and I we both went in and he was there and he immediately called the police against us and my mother and I ended up having to spend a night in jail because of that, but yeah, after ah, the months with the uh, with the court trials and ah, ah shoot I'm trying to think of it, um. Uh, we were not, we were not sentenced to prison or anything bad like that, we had, we had to check in with ah, somebody every once about once a month or so, um, pretty much, uh, I, I have to plead closer to mind as far as the term that came up to my head. I would say, um some sort of parole but supervised, but then after that trial went about it became unsupervised so, and then we became free from that.
Arthur- Alright. Sounds good to me.
CWC- Yeah but it did kill us, pretty much nearly all remaining fund that Mr C my father, had left to us.
Arthur- Yes, God rest his soul.
CWC- Yes

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If you are planning on doing more interviews, it might be interesting to ask him about "fan made parodies" of Sonichu's comics. In particular, you might phrase the question to compare Sonichu's parodies to other parodies OPL is likely familiar with. Something like:

"Christine, we all know that popular pieces of entertainment inspire parodies, such as Star Wars inspiring Family Guy's parody of the original trilogy. Your popular comic Sonichu is no exception, inspiring parodies like Asperchu. How does it feel knowing you have not only created a popular comic that has reached countless fans, but also inspired other aspiring artists to create their own comedic take on your work?"

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If you are planning on doing more interviews, it might be interesting to ask him about "fan made parodies" of Sonichu's comics.
Touching that, were the possibility of Sonichu videogames brought up? I mean there's his recent spat with Maple, but I'd be interested for example if he still has ideas for a Sonichu videogame of his own, and who would he like to create that (besides SEGA)?
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