Chris's next court date, Oct. 15, 2015 -

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It's Suspended, so he's basically on thin ice, if he fucks up in those 6 months, he's going in.
So, how do we help speed along this process?

Welp, it's obvious that going to Impulse hadn't done jack shit for his fashion sense. WTF is with that outfit? He still looks like a bag lady. You'd think that he might have picked up a tip or two from one of the DQs or patrons at Impulse.
It may just be the angle, but I think Barb is walking with a limp....
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Remember the father call?

"Why'd you touch my daughter?"

(Whiny) "I was nervous!"

"If you are a young gentleman, I recommend buying yourself a My Little Pony figure of your favorite color or whatever. Now, uh, stroking the hair of said pony is very relaxing and therapeutic, and also rubbing it against your cheek."

Maybe getting feelie with his mother is an autism thing.


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Non of this surprises me. They are probably teenagers who got caught with a joint who got harsher punishments than him. I hope he messes up again and the judge doesn't give him a slap on the wrist. He's never going to learn
If he'd never learn anything, then it would be pointless to "teach him a lesson."

Earlier in the thread someone said Chris had to repeat himself a bunch when talking to barb and lost his patience a bit. Her hearing might be going or she might even be in the early stages of dementia.

if she's gonna keep shuffling around for a few more years I hope it's her hearing, I've dealt with people with dementia and there's no way a 33 year old tard can live with that for long before one of them ends up setting the house on fire (AGAIN)
I read on the cwcki thay she's got colitis and butt parasites too.

Oh god. :heart-empty:


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Ouch. I think OPL needs some of this....

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <-- cut here.

Goddamnit, Bronies! Why! WHYYYY do you keep doing this to Civilization!

EDIT: Also, remember: OPL is NOT a "Bates".

He's a "Gein".
There's a difference.
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My mind was not prepared for this association between Norman Bates, CWC and his mom.
Catherine: I know for a bit she was a little bit concerned because she’s, she’s afraid I was going to take you away.

Chris: Uh, no no no, I don’t think so. Yeah I think, if anything, she would, well, hm. I don’t know yet, but I def-, I definitely would not leave her behind if we moved into a new house.

Catherine: OK. You must be really attached to her.

Chris: Yeah but, it’s not like, it’s not like Bates Motel or anything like that.

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I wonder if Chris picked up on the Norman Bates 'trope,' from actually seeing or hearing about Psycho or if he just realised what it was from trolls constantly comparing his relationship with his mother to the one Norman Bates had. I remember on /cwc/ it was quite a common comparison so it is possible he picked up on it from a troll.

Chris's relationship with Barb always has verged on creepy but in my eyes for Chris it's just been mainly because of his childlike mindset, he reminds me of a clingy child cuddling his mum whenever they're stressed because it makes everything feel better and to me that might explain the touchy feely antics in court yesterday. At least Chris is now well aware people from the forums attended his trial and seen everything.


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I seriously doubt that they'll circulate his info to many (if any) Gamestops outside the Charlottesville area, so he should be able to go into other ones without any real problems. But since he was apparently banned from all Gamestops nationwide, if for some reason he chimps out and causes another incident, there's a chance he'll get a trespassing charge thrown in on top of whatever else he gets in trouble for.
Assuming Chris even leaves the area at all, which I doubt he'd ever do.
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