Christmas Party - Q&A - You can chat with me! - 2021 -




I decided to make this party thread so I could interact more with KiwiFarms Users, it's also one of those famous celebrity Question and Answers about me, if you want to know more about me, this is the special oportunity!

Let's share some good feelings in KiwiFarms! Bright this community and maybe make KiwIFarms not a place of hatespeech but Love Speech!


1. Treat other as you want to be treated!

2. Don't eat all the food. Christmas is all about sharing.

3. When you are adressing the host of the party, be respectful, nice and he mighty reply to your question.

4. This is a thread I'm making in good will to share good feelings, open discussion and of course a way for people to embrace a new lifestyle that isn't based on Hate Speech.

5. If the moderation of KiwiFarms decide, they can move my thread to the correct forum, I don't know all the rules about this site.

Special Rule. Can I have some Christmas presents? Steam Cards or Xbox One cards would be cool!


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I care to ask only one question - how sad is your life, that you ended up creating socks on KiwiFarms in some autistic hope that it's gonna do any damage to the website and not make you look like a fat furrydegenerate that you are?

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Let's share some good feelings in KiwiFarms! Bright this community and maybe make KiwIFarms not a place of hatespeech but Love Speech!
Fuck yeah! I LOVE Love Speech. Let's spread some Christmas cheer you crazy body-positive son of a bitch!

Alright, let's do this:
1. So how did you discover your love for Pokemon and obese fire rabbits and what are some other hobbies/pastimes you are passionate about?
2. What will your Christmas Eve dinner consist of and will you eat all of the food or share at least 1a bite or two with us?
3. Can you draw me a funny picture of the Kiwifarms dog, Null's profile picture, but obese?
That is all for now.
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>Creating 8 accounts and saying almost the exact same shit on each account and getting the same results.
Yo, what's your steam, I feel bad for bullying you, lemme gift you something bro

I really need to know you more before I give you some personal information...

Isn't this Zelos Wilder from that old PS2 RPG game? Is Tales a nice series? I think there are a lot of Steam games there of this series, I like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Fuck yeah! I LOVE Love Speech.
Alright, so how did you discover your love for Pokemon and obese fire rabbits and what are any other hobbies/pastimes you are passionate about?

I discovered Pokemon when I went to a friends house and we watched Pokemon The Movie Lucario The Wave Hero and then I got really interested into this series, I really like Go, Hibunny, Satoshi, Lucario...they are my favorite, I really love Pikachu too, Eevee is also very cool.

I just like round creature! They look very cute when they are very well fed hahahaha.

I love to play online games, I'm super big into RPGs like KINGDOM HEARTS III and I love to watch anime like KIMETSU NO YAIBA and POCKET MONSTERS. I love also the movie Mirai, Ponyo and Chihiro, I'm also watching a bit of Super Sentai, the original Power Rangers from Japan, and Kamen Rider.

I'm love sports too! I love to play soccer, run and be active, I'm very active.

I also love to write too! Hang out with my friends, now virtual, and do a lot of good things!

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You know, being autistic is not a slander, it's part of a person what makes it a person, isn't meant to be used as an insult.

Stop calling me fat too, I'm not fat...
People would believe that you're not fat if they saw for themselves, but since you've made a name for yourself as being a fat fetishist furry, you will be known as the fat retard who keeps making socks to sperg on the farms.
This was supposed to be a nice thread about people talking about what they like but you guys insiting on mocking me on every attemp of me of trying to help you guys, make your lives better and make you understand more about the Furry Community and even about myself.

Congratulations, you guys are really the best, mocking me, making me like a big joke, you know, I haver NEVER EVER have been so disrespectful like you guys are being with me. What I have done??? I'm just a nice person trying to help you all!

You know, I'm not fat, but If I were what would be the problem?

Stop making me look like a joke, I hate to be laughed.