Christmas Party - Q&A - You can chat with me! - 2021 -

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The game was rigged from the start
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Congratulations, you guys are really the best, mocking me, making me like a big joke, you know, I haver NEVER EVER have been so disrespectful like you guys are being with me. What I have done??? I'm just a nice person trying to help you all!
Constantly insulting us, straw-manning us as being unemployed white American men, and wanting our community to be disbanded is exactly polite.
Stop making me look like a joke, I hate to be laughed.
If you did, you would stop coming here, you mentally defective faggot.


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Earnest questions:

What brought you to the farms?

What games besides Pokemon do you enjoy?

What is your favorite generation of pokemon?

How will you spend Christmas?


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You won't get pleasantries here, man. Just not the place for it, but appreciate the attempt.