Inactive Christopher Charles "Chris" Cantwell / FreedomFighter361 / FUFeelinz - Alt-Right, Strongman-Worshipping, McDonalds Addicted Crying MRA Nazi & the Incredible Cuck; Banned From All Social Media for Death Threats. Arrested for online rape threats. Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison.

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Feb 11, 2016
[8/26/17: His channel recently got nuked so all the vids are gone. Work on editing this OP and finding re-uploads of some of his shit is in progress]

shark jump.jpg

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street, Unit 187
Keene NH 03431
(update: his lease ran out, he's in Maryland now) (dead)
His Twitter is/was @FUFeelinz, probably nuked
His (nuked) OKCupid was ItsChris603
Ethan Glover's dirt on Chris (MUST READ)

Let's get to the reason that this guy is a major lolcow.

Christopher Cantwell is an emotionally and mentally unstable alcoholic manchild who has been kicked out of every political movement he has tried to glom onto: libertarians, the free state project, anarcho-capitalists, White Nationalists, and even MGTOW have all given him the boot.

He encourages the murder of leftists, mailmen, police officers, black people, the jews, and the feminists.

Cantwell has had several girlfriends, many of which have had his abortions. And one of the most recent ones was a hispanic abuela that got him in trouble with his WN followers, causing them to unsubscribe and revoke his hipster welfare en mass.

His relationship generally turn sour, and he never holds himself accountable for his part in his drama. One such instance got to the point he begged Stefan Molyneux to do something about a crazy ex-girlfriend solely because the girlfriend was a subscriber to Moly's channel.

He hosts a podcast that he calls the "Radical Agenda", which is similar in format to Ghost's True Capitalist Radio. This leads to trolling attempts such as in this clip:

You may know him as "The Crying Nazi" after his appearances at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He's been arrested after macing counter-protestors at the rally. VICE did a piece on him.

He turned himself in, but before he did that he complained to his (very small amount of) remaining followers about the prospect of sitting in jail.

And of course he has a Patreon, lol


More content:

Looks like he's got connections to another wack pseudo-libertarian lolcow, Augustus Sol Invictus

Here's him at a Nazi rally back in April:

And an article about his old stand-up comedy career.
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Oct 1, 2015
Google plus


Disqus(He got into an argument on there lol)

Tunein(might need the app)



On the Anthony Cumia Show

There's a reddit page, but my mobile is acting up. The first results for Freedomfighter361 takes you to CringeAnarchy lol

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Sep 30, 2013
Cantwell has been super butt hurt since he got fired from Free Talk Live for saying that black people have lower IQs than whites. Ironically he hates the gays and constantly talks about how degenerate they are while simultaneously defending his friend who just got raided by the FBI for accessing child pornography on a trap site. I'm not sure how his YouTube doesn't get shut down. If you watch any of his shows within the first 20 min he lays out his plan to exterminate the gays and trannys. I mean you can get your channel shut down for disagreeing with Briana Wu but evidently advocating genocide is a-ok! :left:

GS 281

Cantwell was thought to be a potential "agent provocateur" in the same vein as Hal Turner, however his appearance on "The Colbert Report" snuffed that out based on his incompetence being too palpable to ignore.
I guess that one could dovetail with the provocateur thing. But I have to discount it based on Cantwell's publicly displayed on The Colbert Report complete lack of safe firearms handling skills. That stuff gets so ground into you in the military that it's hard to even fake messing it up.
The Colbert Report attempted to make some New Hampshire libertarians look like a**holes for freedom on Comedy Central yesterday.

In a segment called “Difference Makers,” Colbert lampooned three activists from the “Free Keene Squad,” in a hilarious eight minute bit focusing on three of the liberty movement’s activist members: James Cleveland AKA The Mastermind,” Garret Ean AKA “The Afrochist,” and Christopher Cantwell AKA “The Enforcer.”

Colbert’s segment focused on the Free Keene activists’ campaigns to “Robin Hood” the parking enforcement in their city. These liberty activists have become famous locally for feeding expired parking meters as a measure to decrease revenue to the local government.

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Feb 11, 2016
Some gold was mined from his reddit, consisting of him screeching at people who disagree with his shit in r/Anarcho_Capitalism of all places

More on the Colbert thing:

1:15 in, direct center of the camera. That's our guy.
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Feb 11, 2016
Like a true member of the intellectual master race elite, Chris doesn't need any degenerate cuck beta male domain name proxies.

Well... he did appear on National TV and acted retarded so that isn't surprising.

Also some other guy made an extended version of his Penis-chafe... er, I mean Pinochet song