Christopher Dugger / DeliriumSade / October Evans / OctoberGrrrl / "Christina Autumn Taylor" etc... - Edgelord Kiwi Farms hater, Does gross BDSM bullshit, Wants to bang Freyja Falke, Running for POTUS


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Thanks to @zedkissed60 for quarterbacking this thing. Also, props to @Hellfire and @CasualSeppuku for their huge contributions here. With Kiwis like this, we can find anything.

I'm not gonna list all of the names he uses around the web in the OP, but we will cover that well enough later. If you want to peep his social network just jump to the conclusion.


Chris Dugger (aka DeliriumSade) wants you to fuck him.



You may want to wear a condom.

This fat pig trying to pass themselves off as a woman seems to be keen on building an entire personality of themselves based around kink. They are into retarded BDSM bullshit, pretend to be a woman and they're trying to get with Freyja Falke.

This dude will never, ever pass. Look at this shit.


He looks like Andy Richter


On Fetlife he indicates that he is currently "protecting" Jade Melody and that he is under consideration by Missy Freyja (Freyja Falke).


If you are wondering who Jade Melody is, then take a look here.




I don't know what is better, that their gut completely covers their genitals or the stretchmarks on their tits. I vote for the vaginal acne.

Chris is also into music

"In the last 15 years since starting out at a very young age with her very first instrument, Christina Autumn Taylor (formerly Christopher Colton Dugger) set out to write music and lyrics that is entirely of her original creative wordplay, thus allowing her to express herself fully with her personal experiences, her thoughts and her feelings, covering all topics and issues while never running out of things to say. Since having left rehab in December 2013, Christina struggled to find herself in music again...." (
And e-begging.

25 years old, Transgender MtF, TransLesbian, RiotGrrl, BDSM lifestyle member, artist, photographer, filmmaker, writer, poet, blogger, journalist, singer-songwriter, hearing impaired, down to earth, easygoing, always cleans up after myself, great cook, GrungeGoth, creative, somewhat introverted and open minded.

I’m currently looking for a place to stay while at a temporary safe house via The Network La Red due to being at risk because my ex boyfriend was abusive. It’s a domestic violence agency, for those who doesn’t know about it.

I might be on the streets starting tomorrow morning on 7/22/2014, and there’s nowhere for me to go because everything in Massachusetts for domestic violence victims are completely full and the New England area is overwhelmed as well with so many victims.

I’m on SSI/SSP, SNAP benefits, MassHealth, etc., and whatever extra cash I get are from random odd jobs, occasional payday loans that I always pay back on time, playing my songs with an guitar on the streets, and sometimes pawning my stuff (which I pay back on time as well and get my stuff back a lot). Sometimes I make extra cash via Inbox Dollars.

I plan to return to college but not sure how long that’ll take. I’m a client of Fenway Health, MRC, DMH and Deaf, Inc., but nothing for me regarding housing yet. I get my next check deposited on August 1st, early in the morning at 1am, Eastern Time, so hopefully I’ll be able to find a place by then. I’m hoping for any kind of housing situation as long it’s safe, LGBTIQQA friendly, Deaf friendly and/or BDSM friendly. I’ve been posting housing ads for months with no luck and before Network La Red, I was basically on the streets, still looking for housing, making ends meet and rebuilding my life after what happened with my ex boyfriend.

I’m hoping Network La Red will extend my stay one more week before I’m on the streets and if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be staying with an friend or two temporarily until I find some more permanent or at least stable housing asap. I don’t know how long they’ll let me stay regarding housing, but I’d appreciate any support and help. No regular shelter will take me because of the fact they won’t provide interpreter services for my hearing impairment, I’m transgender and I’m a domestic violence victim, meaning I have to be in a specialized DV program, but they’re all full or putting me on waiting lists, which totally suck donkey balls.

You can contact me via text only (hearing impaired) at 978-394-1406, email me at,,, my video relay deaf service phone at 1-978-666-4428 (an ASL interpreter will translate what you’re saying to me so no video connections or anything else required. Just call the number. Also, you HAVE to dial the 1 then the number to reach my VRS videophone) or reach me on Facebook at and if you have FetLife, my profile link is

Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon before I’m on the streets.

Blessed Be,

Christy Taylor

(Christina Autumn Taylor)
He's a renaissance troon.

If you are looking for a little bit of a background on this bad ass who is totally gonna help take us down, He provides that information for you himself.

The Dark Reality Experience: My Life as an Bisexual Goth

In this life, I have been through a lot. Allow me to begin the biography of my life...

October 26, 1988 - Dallas, Texas - Parkland Hospital: The day I was born to a world so cold and a mother who was 20 years old when she had me. I was born without a father because he went to prison before I was born. My grandmother was there instead. Not only I was normally born, I eventually grew up under constant supervision of my bitch mother that I now hate due to many complications and problems that arose over the years that I have grown up. (That is a story that I will explain in a while. Meanwhile...)....

Around the age of 5 to the age of 21, I have been sexually abused around 10 times by my mother's ex-husband, a few of my mother's ex-boyfriends, a few people who thought it to be funny to discriminate and hurt me at Texas School for the Deaf, and a few adults who wanted me to do things that I didn't wanna do. (I don't know the adults who did it to me. They kidnapped me - remember it was different people, different times and places too.) and it was horrible. I grew up discriminated against due to being "Deaf" (They labeled me hard-of-hearing though.), and suffered without a biological father until the age of 10 when I first met him in a prison visit through support of Loving Hearts Ministries founders, Bear Morgan and Dove Morgan. (
With all that rape, he still buddies up to Laurelai


Clearly, life as a bisexual goth isn't all it's cracked up to be.

If you are wondering what Chris is up to recently, he's taken to being a twitter tranny complaining about trump and being an edgelord, claiming to punch nazis



His story makes total sense too tho


This guy even wants to run for president. He makes Chris' soup hotels sound rational.


PH: 802-488-8047
DOB: October 26, 1988

Some of his social media ( )$deliriumsade
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He supposedly is living off $787.04 a month from a tugboat plus whatever he earns from "blowjobs."





This guy is the embodiment of Trump derangement syndrome.

Trump derangement.png

In addition to the story in the OP about getting community service for attacking someone, he has had multiple violent encounters with what he claims were nazis/Trump supporters/white supremacists/etc as well as his own father.




On September 21st, a "transphobic white supremacist" allegedly punched him when he was going to the trans clinic. He also got told the insurance was trying to get out of paying for him to troon out. These events resulted in him wanting to flee the country as well as thoughts of suicide and a call to the scam Trans Lifeline, who did not answer him (and pretty much everyone else) in his time of need.








In addition to LARPing as a presidential candidate for 2020, he wants to run for office in 2018, even he doesn't know what position.




He rapidly flip-flops between wanting to run for unspecific office in Vermont's government to make it into a degenerate's paradise, and chimping out about the state and threatening to move someplace else, including Canada and California.



Here are his thoughts on some issues. In addition to wanting a $30 minimum wage, he also wants open borders with easier access for legal and illegals to become citizens, he wants protections for illegal immigrants with sanctuary cities and no ICE, he wants universal healthcare with expanded Medicare, housing and healthcare for all veterans, legalized marijuana and expanded treatment for the opioid crisis, and wants stricter gun control which he claims would result in a "non-violent society."

What he doesn't offer is any idea on how to pay for any of this.






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from this profile
It all started with an original idea, roughly about 17 years ago, when lead vocalist/singer-songwriter/musician, October Rain Evans, joined forces with 4 people to form an alternative rock band known as Empthy Existence back in the day in their youth, from a very small town in Texas. They would go on to record 4 albums, 2 EPs, release a live CD/DVD project, and only 2 remix albums for the next 10 or so years and tour nonstop. Little did everyone know that October and her crew from Empty Existence was meant to change the world, and after nearly 10-12 years with Empty Existence and 4 full-length LPs later, she abruptly left on a 7 year hiatus after losing her daughter to leukemia on August 5th, 2009 and her wife to suicide on October 26th, 2009, with an hopeful promise to her band that they would reunite and make an 5th and final album. Unfortunately, that was never to become an official reality, since all 4 original members died in a fatal car accident a year later after October's departure from Empty Existence on October's 22nd birthday on October 26th, 2010. Eventually, after the 7 years' hiatus and a nervous breakdown that led to an wakeup call, this hiatus and October's epiphany on December 2015 led to the reformation of her original ideas and creative chaos that would give birth to a new band, Post Traumatic Empathy, picking up where Empty Existence left off 7 years ago and fulfilling their destiny by cementing a long overdue promise to release Empty Existence's fifth and final album to immortalize and honor the memory and legacy of Empty Existence's fallen comrades under Post Traumatic Empathy's first-ever album. The hard-hitting, brutally violent drum tracks with occasional somber beats in some songs off this new album would provide the grungy, misanthropic bass tracking and the growling, intense, riffraff insanity of the guitar tracks to put together an album with the lead vocals, schizophrenically screaming into the mic, and belt out some hauntingly beautiful, tragically tear-jerking vocals in the best grunge/post-grunge fashion that very few have been able to pull off in the last 3 decades of the Grunge/Post Grunge/Nu-Metal movements. It eventually took almost all of 2015 and early/Summer 2016 to form this lineup, consisting Alan Cox (Studio Session Lead Guitarist and temporary Studio Session Bassist) and Hector Figueroa (Studio Session Drummer) of Post Traumatic Empathy, whilst the lineup is currently going through changes with band auditions (both online and live in person in the band’s hometown/stomping grounds) in search of a permanent lead guitarist, drummer, rhythm guitarist, bassist and a keyboardist/synth pads artist. Together, Post Traumatic Empathy would go on to record the album that would define a generation and change the world forever. October and the crew of Post Traumatic Empathy is about to go on to become the future saviors of the Grunge, Post Grunge, Nu-Metal, Industrial and Gothic Rock genres, solidifying hope for a new generation of misfits lost in a sea of faces dying to have voices to said faces and be heard again. This is not just an ordinary revolution, but a true evolution of the next stage of the genres/sub-genres' movements of the last 3 to 4 decades alone. The yet to be titled album, currently tentatively named for the time being, "Album #1" or "Dysfunctional Insanity", consist of brutally honest, in-your-face, unapologetic, raw, intense and emotionally cathartic Nu-Metal, Alternative/Hard Rock, Grunge, Post Grunge, Industrial and Gothic Rock music at its very best, telling very intimate and deeply insightful yet tragic autobiographical stories through the lyric/songwriting process. It is a 3-part trilogy album, complete with 12 songs each on Disc 1 and Disc 2, whilst Disc 3 will be 14 songs, bringing the album to a total of 38 songs, including an special bonus "prequel" 6-song EP yet to to be titled, thus concluding the band's first-ever studio release, following up with a tour and several music videos to come and it'll also live up to the promise that October made to her fallen brethren before their untimely demises to finish the album that never saw the light of day until now. This is something never been done or attempted before, mostly reinventing and giving new life and breath into the slowly dying Alternative/Hard Rock, Grunge/Post Grunge, Nu-Metal and Industrial music, and taking it one step further than ever before. October's vision with her crew for Post Traumatic Empathy will take the band to new heights with many future albums to come. This is Post Traumatic Empathy, changing the music industry forever, and shutting down the corporate capitalistic pigs of said music industry, bringing back underground and independent Alt/Hard Rock/Metal music to the top and elevating its prestige forever altering the landscape of the scene for all eternity.


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This guy doesn't quite realise that the electoral system in the USA requires people vote for him, does he? With policies designed to appeal to about three people in his constituency, who does he think is going to support him?

Not getting voted in is just proof that everyone is transdeafqueerpervephobic anyway, right?