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Oh look, Chris sperging about how good GGG is. God, how does someone live with such a hilariously childish opinion?

Seriously, he reminds me of the neckbeards who spout "Japan is superior" every chance they get. Which is funny because he claims to hate neckbeards...
He probably gets off on the fact it's childish, he loves being an uwu soft boi


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For reference, this is Chris and Shotagonist





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All my homies hate human rights
>Using hiveblood for a boss fight
W H A T. He just keeps getting dumber. Why would he equip an ability that gradually regenerates 1 hit of damage over a long period of time when he could equip an ability that would cut his heal time for any damage in half?
Ah yes, yelling at children and trying to publicly humiliate them with the woke agenda certainly won't drive them into the arms of the alt-right who have already demonstrated that they're willing to listen to you and understand you, no sir. I see absolutely no shortsightedness here.

Man, Shrimpy is getting boring again. When will be the next time Shrimpy claims another outrageous thing like slaves made the Notredame Church? C'mon Shrimpy. Fake some cancer or something and see how much you can scam people with. It's all-right since only Nazis are stupid enough to fall for it.
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Daily reminder Chloe Sagal killed herself because of poor mental health care and all her 'friends' in the trans community abandoning her when she was homeless and struggling.

i mean she literally set herself on fire to make that into a public statement, but yeah kiwi farms killed her.

nice job disrespecting the dead yet again Shrimp.


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The sheer brass of this deviant.

HIS OWN WORDS confirm he tried to sex chat with minors more than once. Actual confirmed minors have denounced the shit he pulled.

But we made up multiple attempts by him to corrupt children is gonna be his defense despite proof we could not have faked in advance?

He's like confirmed dogfucker Johnathan Niehaus, except even Niehaus doesn't deny he got caught for the very thing he's accused of because the proof is overwhelming, which makes Chris an even bigger dumbass than an idiot who sings about his love of plowing dogs.
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I had a *record scratch* moment at his shitting on Peter Coffin.

Yes, the man is a hypocritical jackass, but he's an infinitely more successful hypocritical jackass that Chris is, so he should just be honest and admit he's pissed Peter can lie and still get more people to take him seriously about communism while doing so for CAPITALIST gain.

Another *record scratch* come from his anarchist sperging. Anarchists DON'T BELIEVE IN THE VALIDITY OF ANY GOVERNMENT. Any alliance between them and Marxist-Leninists has only been based on tearing down capitalism, and then they part company because they want the government to stay broken, they don't want to rebuild it into another form like communists derivatives do.

And the biggest *record scratch* is him calling the guy who owns Twitter and recently showed JAMES WOODS the door a Nazi.

Chris is either spewing the most ridiculous shit for the lulz or is genuinely an imbecile.
Even if Shrimpy were to be the most ridiculous shit for the lulz, he'd fulfill the "I was only pretending to be retarded" meme in real life. As for his Jack sperging, it's not really a new thing since there are some who think Jack must really be sucking up to Nazis just because Jack didn't ban someone they didn't like politically even though Jack would also face some bitching from right wingers as well.

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