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I apologize for double posting, but here's Shrimpy bitching and moaning about constructive criticism. I seriously doubt they care that you enjoy getting your neghole pozzed.
He means us. Chris still reads the farms regularly. But yeah, let this be a lesson, if you talk about anything to do with Chris, make a backup before mentioning it on the farms.

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I apologize for double posting, but here's Shrimpy bitching and moaning about constructive criticism. I seriously doubt they care that you enjoy getting your neghole pozzed.
The game is made for retards, how are you worse than your typical retard Chris?

Given that Shrimpy is a pedophile, why is he playing a children's card game?
The game today is either played by white guys too stupid to play Magic and black people.


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I don't think he's capable of grasping any sorta tabletop/tcg rules or strategies. He barely grasps the bare bones basics of any game he plays. I remember him bitching about the new playstyle of mtg. He was also notorious for being an absolute sped in WoW, especially since he either tanked or healed.
What I remember is when FFXIV's most recent expansion came out, he actually failed to complete the first Duty/Dungeon before the time ran out.

For context, a new system called Trust was added where you can learn with a team of NPCs that automatically respond to boss mechanics. The runs are a little slower with them but it's a great way to learn at your own pace. It took him over 20 minutes to beat the first boss and probably took about that long to even reach it. I don't think he even reached the final boss for his very first run, and the timer for a duty is about 85 minutes. Better groups can finish at about the 70~75min mark, but even with the most retarded autoattack groups groups it never took more than 35 minutes, at least not for me because I'd rather abandon a waste of time.

Yes, he complained anyone trying to teach him to be less shit were being ableist and toxic. Everyone has opinions on whether the game is ez/hard, but plenty of raids at higher difficulties have mechanics that won't tolerate a single player making a critical mistake, so it can get really fucking frustrating if you can't clear because of one person. On top of that, tanks/healers are expected to know the fights better than dps. Keep in mind the FF community is generally a bunch of fruity carebears and at worst cattily passive aggressive, and that still isn't good enough for him. They have to sit there for hours because he won't learn how to heal through the fight and like it.
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Building upon what @ExsanguinateHorizon said:

Shrimpy is the absolute worst person to have in a multiplayer group setting. First of all, he'd refuse to learn the mechanics of the area which would result in a lot of time wasted. Second, he'd refuse to learn how to properly play his character, especially if he's utilizing a specific build or most likely will have a shit build. Then he'd commit the cardinal sin of not learning the mechanics of a specific fight. This becomes exponentially worse when he chooses to play a support/healer role. He's also notorious for causing losses when someone offers constructive criticism or at the absolute worse, gets snarky with him over his stupidity. This is a guy that's too stubborn and autistic to function in a multiplayer setting.


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Also Kevin Smith is the living embodiment of the Hollywood Liberal, I don't think he'd make something designed for "Neo-Nazis". But then we're in Shrimpworld, where anything that does not pander to his exact preferences may as well be Mein Kampf.

The worst thing about Kevin Smith making a He-Man cartoon is that Kevin Smith hasn't made anything good for at least a decade (longer if you didn't think Red State was good).

Looks like Chris is jumping on the hate-train for the fnaf guy going on woke twitter.

Scott has done more good in the world than this worthless pedophile ever will.

Scott gives back money not only to charity by to the country he lives in by donating to his representatitves even if they are "fascists" according to people lke Chris...

Chris is a leech that begs people to pay him for literal nothing while also sitting there collecing a tugboat every month.

jfc neck yourself Chris.

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