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UPDATE: Chris King is in fucking jail. Sentenced to 1-7 years.
Chris King Jail.png

September 2019 Update: Chris King submitted a guilty plea to the court on July 23, 2019. He will be sentenced on September 27, 2019.

January 2019 Update: Chris King went to county jail on January 10, 2019, unable to pay his bail and awaiting trial for fraud.
Chris King Finale.png

Thanks to user Heterotic for this info.

UPDATE: Chris King has posted yet more "proof" that he has or has at one point had cancer. The type of cancer and the extent to which he was treated are still unknown and there is still no response from Chris as to why he posted two forged medical documents before finally finding something acceptable. But, according to user @heterotic:

Hi, you updated the thread that he posted "reasonable proof" that he had cancer.

This is not the case. When I got a new doctor, I filled out a medical history questionnaire and filled it out myself. I ticked cancer, and my new doctors did not contact my previous doctors to verify. They did not ask me to prove I had cancer in the past. There was no space to write the specific kind of cancer I had had, or when I had it. Cancer is listed in my medical history now with this medical provider.

However, the facility which diagnosed me with the specific kind of cancer that I had, and the surgeries for said cancer, were specific and detailed, because they diagnosed them themselves. What's important, though, is that there is another tab, "Current Health Issues", which lists what you are being treated for at that facility. Chris forged that tab. He didn't need to forge the history tab, because they will add whatever you tell them is in your history to that.
You can see Chris' video here:

User @John Smith99 has informed us that an associate of his who is in the same medical network as Chris says that patients can request to have things added or removed from the medical record if there are any "mistakes", which would then justify Chris' timeline of "needing to wait" for the accurate information.

I found out about this when I was looking over Metokur's twitter profile for anything interesting. About four hours ago this post by @Merryweatherey (webcomic author and apparently a member of this community, as the forum informed me) was retweeted by Metokur:
01. First Tweet.png

It linked to this video (which has been archived):
The video details the story of @Merryweatherey and how, after being at the center of some drama (samurai buyer) a few months ago, has been seemingly extorted for money by a journo (Christopher King) that has written for The Escapist in the past. I don't know a ton about the players in either of this, just what I've seen unfolding so far.

Update 26-9-2017: It appears that an attempt was made by one of Chris King's friends to have the above video removed. They offered the YouTube account holder a payout in exchange for its removal: 20. Let a man die.png

Update 27-9-2017: We've been provided a brief summary of the Samurai Buyer scandal, which can be found under the "Summary of Samurai Buyer Drama" heading here:

Chris King supposedly has cancer and has been asking for (and allegedly extorting) money to help with treatments. Metokur even mentioned a sum of $36,000 being raised through crowdfunding to help this person. Gofundme pictured here:
02. Gofundme.png

All of this seemed kind of weird but then this medical record surfaced and I'll just let you guys take a look at it:
04. Medical Record.jpg

As you'll see, and as many on twitter have already deduced, the fourth entry down seems a bit fishy. Almost looks like it was shopped into place. Not only that, but the word "aggressive" is spelled wrong, as is the name of the alleged cancer, "Hodgkin". Furthermore, the lowercase "g" that appears twice in this entry is of a different font than any other entry on the list. Plus, the entry is misaligned. When asked why, Chris responded by blaming the nurses (pictured below in the GameGrumps tweet).

Update 28-9-2017: Follow this link and scroll to the section "Second Opinion" to see a transcript of a portion of an interview done with actress Sabrina Gennarino who had unwittingly supported this campaign early on. She goes on to discuss how such a "mistake" would never occur on a real medical record, claiming both her own experience in pre-med and what she was told by her friend, a nurse specializing in cancers:

There is a person with the handle of "@ 90sSandcastle" that is claiming to be a friend of Chris King (the man accused of extortion) and they are defending him. This person is also the one that posted the medical record, claiming it was sent to him by Chris. As well, this person is saying that the accuser (merryweather) is not to be trusted. And along with that came the expected avalanche of shitslinging.

Update 27-9-2017: Looks like there's another questionable medical record out there. Thanks to @MartyKnopik for tracking down this gem:
27. Another Medical Record.jpg

He also has both a Calculator and Paint open for this. I don't know how it could be any more obvious.

Updates from Chris King's twitter:
03. Protection.png

Apparently Chris was accepting money in order to... protect people from online harassment? It also looks like they're appealing to more popular handles in order to build support, as seen here:

05. Appeal to Grumps.png

Truth be told, the guy might actually have cancer. Though the discrepancies in the documentation are very strange. And the $100/month payments to prevent trolls? Fucking weird.

I'm updating this as I find stuff. More keeps coming out as the day goes on. And maybe some of you guys can find out more about what is going on. I'll be keeping an eye on it. We'll see if anything comes of this.
------------------------------------- 25-9-2017
Alright, there are a pair of updates, one minor and one possibly larger.

First up, and this is hearsay through Metokur's twitter, when asked for his discharge papers Chris King allegedly stated that he doesn't have them because he was dishonorably discharged. Twitter thread here:
06. Dishonrable.png

And secondly, the aforementioned and pictured Gofundme campaign has been deleted (update: it was removed by gofundme because they couldn't trace where the money was going) under 24 hours after this story started to break:
07. Gofundme Deleted.png

The campaign can still be seen as a cached version.

Beyond that there's not much else to report.
------------------------------------- Night of the second day.

I've found a list of a lot of his articles, mostly written for The Escapist: (this one didn't want to archive properly, hence the direct link)

Additionally, here is an archived article from The Mirror discussing his (now closed) crowdfunding campaign:

There also appears to be an interview with Merryweather about this incident:

Here are some excerpts:

I contacted a person that this so-called journalist claimed to work closely with, asking if he really has cancer. The person replied “I don’t know.” I don’t understand how you can respond to a question like “Does your close friend and work partner really have cancer,” with an “I don’t know.”

After a lengthy discussion a consensus was reached that he would take down the harassment subreddit [created by Chris and friends for the purpose of tracking Merryweather] and I would pay him money every month in return for them not harassing me. I was exhausted and an idiot, so I agreed. It was humiliating. But after a while they started up sending emails again anyway, privately saying that I had destroyed the mans career for daring to ask questions about the authenticity of his cancer claims.

This person has been after me for over 6 months at this point, ever since the Samurai Buyer incident concluded. I assume it’s because he thinks I make a lot of money by being a featured author on LINE and writing so many comics on Tapas.

And then the article gets into other stuff. They even invoke Chris-Chan, so it's got a little something for everyone.
------------------------------------- More intrigue!

It would seem that after the article went up, after an interview (to be posted here soon), and with the prospect of more investigation by other journos, Chris King has seemingly deleted his entire twitter account:

08. Twitter Deleted.png

Though there is someone saying that he's renamed his account and is now here: @otakostudios - note that this is a handle very similar to @otakostudio (no S at the end), who is Chris King's friend that posted the medical documents. (shown above)

UPDATE 26-9-17: It seems that Chris King simply renamed his twitter account (with 50k followers, mostly bots) and gave it to his friend at otakostudios. The claim from Chris King is that since he [Chris] was dying, he wouldn't need it and wanted his buddy to have access to more followers. Full details here in the section labeled "REBRANDING":

Otherwise, King is acting really odd, retweeting stuff from his old account and just kind of pretending none of this is happening.

It also appears that the gofundme campaign was closed down by gofundme themselves, after being unable to track how or where the money was being spent. The campaign was not taken down by Chris King and presumably will be put back up once King can send them evidence to assure gofundme that the donations are being spent on their stated purpose. There is also word that this email is floating out there somewhere, if I can find it I'll post it here.

Update 27-9-2017: According to Chris, the review of his account by gofundme is complete. He'll tell you that he's been cleared, but that's a stretch at best and a lie at worst. By his own postings, Chris has shown us that gofundme seem to have other issues they want to talk over with him. You will find that information in this supplementary post under the header "Situation Normal":

There is an interview about this situation being uploaded to YouTube currently. Once it is out of processing I'll post it here for our viewing pleasure. In the meantime, here's a small tidbit from the video's author:

09. Suckpuppets.png

This issue is still pretty murky and could go in a whole plethora of directions.

------------------------------------- 26-9-2017 - Dawn of the Third Day
Looks like Chris was fired from a previous job at GameRaven for being unable to show proof of his cancer diagnosis.

10. Fired.png

The interview with Chris King and others is up and archived.

Quite a few excerpts...

2:25 - Sean Halliday [coworker at GameRaven]: One day I was getting ready to play football and a message pops up. It was Chris King. Demanding that... well, not demanding but requesting that I kinda vouch for him. And what happened was that a lot of people were saying that he was faking the cancer. Obviously that he was suffering [??], that the Gofundme was fraudulent. He got really panicky and he was asking us to sort of vouch for him. At that point I was like "I don't know him."

2:55 - Sean Halliday: I work closely with the editor of the site who kind of decided he [Chris King] was on there and whatnot. And I said to him, you know "we can't really risk this, there's no proof." We've never seen proof he was ill. He was constantly on Discord. He sounded healthy. He's posted a few pictures around that time, he's always been a heavyset person, which is the reason why I don't believe he's ever been in the military. He doesn't look like he's ever been fit for military service.

[after this they cut to a recording of Chris King discussing his military career]

3:27 - Chris King: I didn't want to be there but it's the right thing to do. [...] But I was dishonorably discharged. Nobody told me how bad it really was. Nobody told me we had to kill women or children. And I couldn't do it. And I never knew it smelled so bad when someone died. [deep breath] I killed 12 people: six men, four women, two children.

4:04 - Sean Halliday: It was thick, his hair was thick. He's got really thick eyebrows and for the treatment that he was claiming to go through, you wouldn't have that. You'd be in a really bad state. My dad's best friend passed away from the disease he's claiming to suffer from. So that was another reason I why I took interest in this because it was like... this guy, nothing matches. As time went by we decided to kick him the website, delete all his content and this has happened to him on numerous different websites.

5:54 - Sean Halliday: He always came off like he wanted to be part of the conversation and he was willing to lie to be part of it. So he'd say these things that don't make any sense. And when you'd kind of respond to it [...] he'd become very aggressive. And apparently that was a trait he'd been displaying before I joined the website.

12:37 - Sean Halliday: This guy [Chris] isn't a nice dude.

13:24 - Sean Halliday: If you notice through his updates he's very dramatic. He'll say he's got no house, for one part he was living in a car but you're still constantly on Steam and at one point he was playing Final Fantasy XIV online and I don't know how good his car's wifi is but that's pretty difficult. And again when he's apparently claimed that he's ill or in hospital, even today he claimed he was in hospital. I can go to his Steam account, he's been playing games today. He was always online on Steam regardless of what he claimed on his twitter account.

14:16 - Sean Halliday: Every single tweet is the same style with Chris, every single one. So Terry [Chris' wife] is tweeting saying "Chris is ill", you know, she's asking famous people to retweet him. She's giving these updates. Then out of the blue this guy called Matt just appears. And he's tweeting as Matt. He's never mentioned a Matt and this guy appeared out of nowhere. [...] Who the fuck is this Matt? He just came out of nowhere. He's never mentioned it, there's no proof. [...] When you google [Matt's email] you get a pinterest in Chris King's name, you get a steam profile updates. Chris King has used the name three or four times across steam. Matt does not exist. That is Chris' email, another one of Chris' emails.

Chris King: I haven't used that email in years. It's not like its tied to anything important.

21:36 - Steve Sawyer [coworker at GameRaven]: [shortly after meeting Chris] One of the first things Chris did was go "here's my gofundme, could you please check it out and spread the word."

23:22 - Steve Sawyer: Very soon after he [Chris] launched his gofundme, there was a person on imgur who strongly suspected that something didn't quite line up. And they went onto imgur and threw a post up that's like "who really is Chris King?" And for a minute it caused a minor controversy. I think Chris being a little bit more savvy in the ways of social media [...] was able to shout that person down and they ended up deleting their twitter account and their imgur account.

[This controversy is partially why Chris was let go from GameRaven in February 2016, in addition to aforementioned issues at the office]

[UPDATE 27-9-2017: Chris' response to this lost imgur accusation has been found and you can read it under the "Earlier Scam Accusations" heading here:

Additionally, if you scroll down to the next section labeled "Just Paying the Bills" you'll see a very clear history of Chris breaking terms of service and otherwise trying to sell anything and everything to make a buck.]

25:19 - Steve Sawyer: Before he ever knew Merry as a person [...] he had already kind of created enough curiosity around his antics to where one person was like "not here dude."

30:23 - Steve Sawyer: He [Sawyer's business partner] starts digging and he's able to find some stuff [...] where he was like "I found this bitcoin forum" and it's his [Chris'] name PingPongCall and it looks like he's trying to trade access to a bunch of different accounts. [...] But what it was was very clear. It was essentially: if I receive $250 I will give you the login information for these following things [...] his GameRaven stuff was in there.

32:38 - Steve Sawyer: And the more that we started digging the weirder it got. And one of the other things we found, it was a post on a forum that was meant for recovering drug addicts.

Chris King: The drug recovery forums were part of a post [???] thing where you would make ten posts a day at different websites. By the end of the day you can make $50. Because I'm disabled and couldn't work I did everything I could to make money.

34:09 - Steve Sawyer: But these things in succession, you know combined with the imgur accusation from a little while back and all this stuff started forming a suggestive pattern. So then at that point I felt like I had an obligation to say to somebody who we worked with at the time, Will at Monster Vine [no clue] I'm like: "Will, I just want you to know dude like, there's some weird stuff going on. Do you have anything that you know about Chris?" [...] "Do you have anything you might want to share about Chris?" And he was just straight-up like, "Yeah dude, my staff does not... they have some suspicions that come up time and time again in conversations. [...] This dude is radioactive" he said.

37:08 - Steve Sawyer: He sent me a text message a couple months later: "I'm so sorry I know what I did to you is fucked up [Chris stole a couple hundred dollars from Steve] I just wanted you to know I used that money for medication."

43:00 - Chris King: Everything I do is wrong. Every step I take is bad. There's always a better decision, I just don't see it. And now I'm not going to have the time to see if I can ever fix it. And that hurts.

43:43 - Chris King: I needed to find a job so I looked at all the jobs in the area. And I was trying to time them right with Black Friday. And once I found out which ones would be open on Black Friday, I had to go in and assess which ones would be leaving their electronic doors open as opposed to closing them, locking them for every sale. Turns out that was Sears. They would leave their games bin open and I would take a few games, put them in the desk, finish my shift, walk over to the Game Stop in the mall and I would sell them. [...] And on the last day I was arrested.

46:08 - Chris King: Don't worry. The truth about Dan will come out. There's enough people working on it, he won't be able to hide behind his victim card much longer.
------------------------------------- More fun on the third day

If you follow this link you'll be taken to a video where Chris King and Merryweather spoke to one another briefly before things blow up:

The clip is a short one, under two minutes. You can find a full transcript of their conversation here in the section labeled "MEETING":

And for even more fun in the link just above this sentence, check out the section labeled "CANCER FREE!?" where Chris King tells the world his cancer has gone away. What the fuck is even happening?

-------------------------------------Night of the third day
There have been some interesting updates through the day today. Firstly take a look at some of the information that a fellow user has amalgamated since this all began:

We're talking mismatched medications, conflicting stories about a liver transplant, and even questionable and possibly conflicting dates as to when Chris was "cancer-free" and when Chris was diagnosed with the illness.

Composer Grant Kirkhope of Rare fame has come out to let his followers know that Chris' campaign was a fraud. He had initially donated to Chris and helped to spread the word, but has now seen the giant pile of lies that keeps getting taller and taller:
18. Kirkhope.png

Chris also has a new twitter account, which you can see here:
19. New Twitter.png

Apparently Chris is now a game programmer. Wonder when he'll open the Kickstarter...

-------------------------------------Dawn of a New Day
Well shit, someone call Curtis Mayfield because this keeps on keeping on. Today's supplementary post is here brought to you by our friendly neighborhood sleuths:

The most fun thing I've stumbled across is this gem:
25. Incest.png

I hope this thread is up to community standards. Let me know if there's anything I can fix and I will be keeping my ear to the ground for further updates. Thanks for spending some time reading this, hope it was worth your while.

Also Chris' picture up at the top won't stay centered. Not sure why, even using extra BBC isn't fixing it. Could use some help with that.
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So wait, why did he start going after Merryweather?

I've only got Merryweather's theory as of now, which you can hear him voice in the first video at 00:48.

But his thought was that during the other drama some time back (Samurai Buyer drama) is when Chris King took notice of him and "tried to take advantage of the situation", possibly thinking that he made a fair amount of money doing comics. Again, Merryweather's words, not mine.

------------------------------------- REBRANDING

And it looks like there's some more tidbits here and there. I've updated the OP to reflect this, but I'll say it here too:

On the topic of Chris King's twitter being rebranded, he gave it to Otako Studio because he [Chris] was dying and would have no use for it. This way Otako Studio would have all of Chris' (bot) followers and access to a wider audience. Talk about timing!
11. Snazzy New Twitter.png

12. Don't Ask.png

13. Ask Nice.png

14. But Why.png

------------------------------------- MEETING

And we've got a short clip of a discussion between Merryweather and Chris King, mediated by Nick Munroe: (archived)

Here's a transcript...

Chris King: He's mad at me because I relentlessly went after him and I'm gonna tell you why: I gave everything... almost everything for my country. And I was expected to be, to live a normal life for it. Guess what? That didn't happen.

Merryweather: Stolen valor! Stolen fucking valor!

Chris King: I get discharged because I won't shoot a goddamn kid and then it turns out I've got all sorts of mental illness because my mom decides "hey you know what would be fun to do while I'm pregnant? Crystal meth. That'll be great!" I'm tired of working my ass off and getting nowhere and people like this have everything in the world and it infuriates me. It infuriates me to no end. I don't like the world. I don't want to be alive. If I didn't have kids I just... I don't know. I'd float up...

Merryweather: An emmy right there, jesus fucking christ.

Chris King: Will you shut... will you stop.

Merryweather: Would you stop and leave me alone? I don't care about you. I never did. I would like you to leave me alone. You lied about me. You went to Misaki [Samurai Buyer guy] and lied to him to get him to give you thousands of dollars for nothing. You have consistently played both sides of every single thing for monetary gain. So here's the thing, fucking Chris, right: leave me alone. Leave me alone, that's the last fucking thing I want to hear from you.

So if I follow Chris King's train of thought... he went after Merryweather because he has "everything in the world and it infuriates me." Okay. Just so we're all clear on this.

And furthermore, as others have been pointing out, if Chris King's mom did meth while Chris was in utero and this caused Chris to have "all sorts of mental illness", wouldn't that preclude him from military service? Or did it all spring up after his discharge? Doesn't the military test for stuff like this? The details and the timeline here seem a bit odd.

And to throw even more on top of the pile...

------------------------------------- Samurai Buyer

On the subject of Chris King trying to get money out of Samurai Buyer to represent them in court against Merryweather... well, Samurai Buyer has confirmed this is in fact true:

15. Samurai Buyer.png

------------------------------------- CANCER FREE!?

But wait... there's more! What if I told you that according to Chris King, Chris King is cancer-free?
Take a look for yourself:
16. Cancer free.png

And there's even a second post, archived from imgur that states the same thing:

Compliments to Richard Lewis @RLewisReports for this bit of info. He's doing a write-up on this situation and it should be out in a few days. I'll be sure to include it here once it all comes out.
17. RLewis.png

To summarize so far: Chris King can't verify that he has cancer, he has said he no longer has it on two occasions, then he claims he has it again, he seems to be in the habit of lying and stealing for money, his military service record doesn't reconcile with his claim of having mental illness, and he gets angry whenever someone asks for proof of military service in the form of a DD214 (discharge form).
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Our boy Jimbo just keeps putting spotlights on new cows. This is like... the 5th cow in the past month (counting Nuclear and Hole from the Effinrawz thread)?
This one seems to have the most potential for being interesting considering all the underhanded shit we already know/can speculate on thus far.

Cocktimus prime
Just too point of too if this guy was in the military and discharged he should have a dd214 which people have already been pestering him over.

Also if he shot any kids or women or something along those lines and he got a dishonorable discharge as he claims that would require a court martial and heavy heavy jail time


True & Honest Fan
Back when the original update thread was started on Merryweather's inquiry about interviewing Chris-Chan, this post was made almost immediately after @Merryweatherey posted here, this graduated to a slapfight that culminated with Merry getting threadbanned..

Could this have been part of the harassment Merry says he received on Chris-King's behalf? It's weird that it comes immediately after Merry announced himself on that thread and started answering questions..

Back when the original update thread was started on Merryweather's inquiry about interviewing Chris-Chan, this post was made almost immediately after @Merryweatherey posted here, this graduated to a slapfight that culminated with Merry getting threadbanned..

Could this have been part of the harassment Merry says he received on Chris-King's behalf? It's weird that it comes immediately after Merry announced himself on that thread and started answering questions..

Yes. That person is @90sSandcastle mentioned in the OP. She is a friend of Chris L. King and has been vigorously defending him on Twitter and trying to smear me, and convince people I'm lying. Her plan was to make a lolcow thread about me to get people on Kiwifarm to harass me.

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