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Coming back in from the cold for a bit. Was looking to clean up the OP this weekend or something.

In the meantime though, has anyone heard from our friend Chris? Did anything come of the lawsuit that @Sandy Kuntz referred to back in January?

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Wow just wanted to check this out again, cant believe its been a year since this happened. I decided to do a little digging for old times sake but unfortunately it seems like ol chris has successfully purged himself from the internet, but i bet he's still online under a new alias, as for the lawsuit or investigation its probably still underway but my guess is they'll probably have a flimsy case at best seeing as it'll most likely be on testimony and stuff like that but who knows hopefully he'll get what he deserves.

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I've only got Merryweather's theory as of now, which you can hear him voice in the first video at 00:48.

But his thought was that during the other drama some time back (Samurai Buyer drama) is when Chris King took notice of him and "tried to take advantage of the situation", possibly thinking that he made a fair amount of money doing comics. Again, Merryweather's words, not mine.

------------------------------------- REBRANDING

And it looks like there's some more tidbits here and there. I've updated the OP to reflect this, but I'll say it here too:

On the topic of Chris King's twitter being rebranded, he gave it to Otako Studio because he [Chris] was dying and would have no use for it. This way Otako Studio would have all of Chris' (bot) followers and access to a wider audience. Talk about timing!
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------------------------------------- MEETING

And we've got a short clip of a discussion between Merryweather and Chris King, mediated by Nick Munroe: (archived)

Here's a transcript...

Chris King: He's mad at me because I relentlessly went after him and I'm gonna tell you why: I gave everything... almost everything for my country. And I was expected to be, to live a normal life for it. Guess what? That didn't happen.

Merryweather: Stolen valor! Stolen fucking valor!

Chris King: I get discharged because I won't shoot a goddamn kid and then it turns out I've got all sorts of mental illness because my mom decides "hey you know what would be fun to do while I'm pregnant? Crystal meth. That'll be great!" I'm tired of working my ass off and getting nowhere and people like this have everything in the world and it infuriates me. It infuriates me to no end. I don't like the world. I don't want to be alive. If I didn't have kids I just... I don't know. I'd float up...

Merryweather: An emmy right there, jesus fucking christ.

Chris King: Will you shut... will you stop.

Merryweather: Would you stop and leave me alone? I don't care about you. I never did. I would like you to leave me alone. You lied about me. You went to Misaki [Samurai Buyer guy] and lied to him to get him to give you thousands of dollars for nothing. You have consistently played both sides of every single thing for monetary gain. So here's the thing, fucking Chris, right: leave me alone. Leave me alone, that's the last fucking thing I want to hear from you.

So if I follow Chris King's train of thought... he went after Merryweather because he has "everything in the world and it infuriates me." Okay. Just so we're all clear on this.

And furthermore, as others have been pointing out, if Chris King's mom did meth while Chris was in utero and this caused Chris to have "all sorts of mental illness", wouldn't that preclude him from military service? Or did it all spring up after his discharge? Doesn't the military test for stuff like this? The details and the timeline here seem a bit odd.

And to throw even more on top of the pile...

------------------------------------- Samurai Buyer

On the subject of Chris King trying to get money out of Samurai Buyer to represent them in court against Merryweather... well, Samurai Buyer has confirmed this is in fact true:

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------------------------------------- CANCER FREE!?

But wait... there's more! What if I told you that according to Chris King, Chris King is cancer-free?
Take a look for yourself: View attachment 287204

And there's even a second post, archived from imgur that states the same thing:

Compliments to Richard Lewis @RLewisReports for this bit of info. He's doing a write-up on this situation and it should be out in a few days. I'll be sure to include it here once it all comes out.
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To summarize so far: Chris King can't verify that he has cancer, he has said he no longer has it on two occasions, then he claims he has it again, he seems to be in the habit of lying and stealing for money, his military service record doesn't reconcile with his claim of having mental illness, and he gets angry whenever someone asks for proof of military service in the form of a DD214 (discharge form).
This is not directly related to Chris, but Otako Studios, aka Andy Tucker, aka Riley Rileyson. He's recently been getting exposed for some shady shit, such as involving himself with minors to work on NSFW content. I don't know if it's worth making an entire thread on him, especially at this point in time, so I ask what you guys think:

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Heard Metokur mention Chris King in passing on his recent early morning stream and came to see if it was true.

This is great news!
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Minor update with minor rehash.

Looks like Chris' case has been sent to the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. His formal arraignment was supposed to be yesterday but it has been bumped to July 23, with his day in criminal court rescheduled for September 3. His bail was set at $35,000 and posted on February 1. He's got a public defender and is still being charged with one count of "theft by deception-false impression". The last action listed was from four days ago (May 20) in which Chris filed for continuance. Delay delay delay!

New docket number is: CP-48-CR-0000946-2019
You can enter that number to read all of the details here:

I'm pretty far from being a legal expert, so I really don't know what I'm looking at. But it doesn't look like anything too exciting so far. If there are any legal experts that can shed more light on this, that'd be neat.


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Common Pleas Court is felony court. It means the case is being brought in front of a grand jury to determine if they will charge him with the felony. I can't see a jury sympathizing with him, given the circumstances.


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His military We all know military people who likely killed women and children during their tours. I highly doubt it's information they would freely volunteer or offer up as a point somehow.

Also the only possible smell (besides blood) that would come from killing a person would be them evacuating their bowels upon death. If he thinks putrefaction occurs immediately after death he's even dumber than we thought.
Olfactory hallucinations are [arguably] common in combat.