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Sabine has been brought up in the Nora and Buffalo Bill threads and I have been lazily following her for a while so I figured I would make a thread. Sabine is a tranny hooker who would probably dig up Patti. Sabine has been around a while and has amassed over 322k tweets. Even by Rat King standards that is pretty prolific. Sabine doesn't seem to stand out among the Rat King trannies much beyond being a real true and honest hooker, so there are some bonus points for that. Sabine has all the typical Rat King fare; a Patreon, friends with the Rat Kingers and all. They even had some tussles over Brianna Wu so if you still care about Gamer Gate in 2016 you might get a chuckle out of them. Sabine also does a twitch where they play games. Basically she loves drama (especially with MRAs and Gamer Gaters), tweeting their friends all day and getting paid for sex. I don't anticipate anything horrific on scale of Buffalo Bill or a chimpout like Nora with Sabine, but there still is some fun content here. Twitter is where you will get the majority of the content here, as per other Rat King people.

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Sabine has also been mentioned in multiple blogs
Sabine is a transwomen sex worker from the UK. He’s one of the more violent TW on Twitter with a brigade of loyal followers willing to jump in to attack whoever he decries and ready to jump to his defence over anything he says. I’m sure he’ll come up on this blog quiet a bit.

If you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow @ThatSabineGirl, you should — she’s one of my favourite people online, and tweets about social justice, sex work and trans feminism. Just over a week ago, Richard Dawkins tweeted this:

What kind of religion is so weak in its arguments that it has to resort to death threats against those who want to leave it?

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) October 22, 2015

The following exchange between me and Sabine took place as a result — lightly edited, I’m reprinting it with her consent, having managed to express things therein that I’d long been trying to say.

* * *

Sabine: What kind of atheism is so weak in its arguments that it has to resort to death threats against other atheists? Movement atheism is straight, white, cisgender men pretending they’re more oppressed for being atheist than atheists of colour, queer and feminist atheists. And a hell of a lot more of the direct harassment and abuse we get comes from those straight white cis male atheists than from religious people.

The idea that atheists in the UK are oppressed is especially ridiculous — I have literally never had anyone oppress me for my atheism. After I read The God Delusion, I started being a prick about it, then I got some pushback — but if you’re going to be a prick to religious people.

It tends to be the religious who get sideeyed in this country, in my experience, especially non-Church-of-England-ers. Aside from the full-on hellfire-and-damnation preacher types, generally religious people leave me alone — the same can’t be said for Dawkbros. The ones who fancy themselves successors to Christopher Hitchens, or who try to drive feminists, people of colour and queer folk out, are the worst. I’ve literally been stalked and harassed online for years by the latter.

Me: Question — were you ever religious, or did you grow up in that environment?

Raised atheist, but suffered Church of England schooling.

Yeah. So… a few thoughts about this.

Firstly: there is altogether too much bullshit in the atheist community, for which Dawkins bears considerable responsibility. Sorry to hear it if they’ve got at you as well. I know feminist and social justice atheists who deal with it daily. It sucks.

At the same time: a lot of us who were raised religious don’t have the option of leaving that community. The fact I haven’t walked away from atheism isn’t because it’s not awful — it’s because I have no choice. For all the bullshit, this is still better than the religious community I come from — that’s how bad it was. So in a way, I think saying ‘Screw thing, I’d rather hang out with nice, progressive believers’ can be a sign of privilege.

Also though: because of my background, I have been oppressed for being an atheist, and I know many apostates who have. It’s tempting to say that isn’t structural or cultural oppression of the same kind as homophobia, racism, whatever — and that’s significantly true. But then again… religions arecultures and social structures. Apostates’ oppression is real.

So you’re saying my being raised atheist is a privilege I have over someone raised religious, then?

Within the [context of this issue], I think it can be. When I look at how atheists behave, it definitely strikes me that so much of the talking is done by never-believers. It often feels a lot like being talked over and having our experiences ignored — like not having a voice. Ex-Muslims I know get this a lot.

Fair point. Being atheist in a religious environment can suck, I imagine. The worst I ever had was being forced to pretend to pray.

Oh lord, school assemblies. ‘My greengrocer closed early yesterday, which gave me a lot of thoughts about Isaiah…’

Ha! Yeah. (On the other hand, I heard a lot of classical music at the start and end of assembly I wouldn’t otherwise have heard.) But like I say, my parents come from different religious backgrounds, so religion was basically nothing but an obstacle to them. Hence they were both atheists and raised us with no religion except the background radiation of cultural Christianity we have here.

Out of interest, have you ever asked (or heard from them) about their experience leaving those religious backgrounds?

They weren’t that religious anyway. Mum’s family assimilated and lost a lot of that stuff, Dad’s family were never strong believers.

Ahh. One of the things that strikes me a lot about atheism in the UK is that, ironically, because we’re a fairly non-religious country, most atheist ‘leaders’ — Dawkins, Hitchens, leaders of organisations — didn’t grow up significantly religious.

That results in a lot o problems, I think, including that strong, angry atheism becomes the preserve of people like Dawkins who have much less to be personally angry about, and the ‘nice’ atheists dissociate themselves from it, inadvertently throwing apostates under the bus who need to be angry — many of them also queer, feminist and so on.

Damn good points. Consider my privilege checked.

All my love for having this conversation. I’ve been trying to express that, or make it into a post, for ages.

Isn’t it great when Twitter just works like that?

Yes! I had this exchange with Natalie Reed last year — you might like it. But sweet Satan, Dawkins and the atheist dudebros are indeed awful.

So awful.

From Kiva Bay's @Medium article

Fat women get worse medical treatment. In some ways, this can be similar to what trans people go through. The brilliant @ThatSabineGirl (on twitter) described it as Trans Flu when your doctor blames any and all medical problems on your transness. This is something fat people have to experience a lot, up to and including misdiagnoses, refusal to provide prescriptions and even ignored cancers.

TE: How long were you unemployed before you got into camming?

SI: I think I went about 5 or 6 months with no work before I decided to try camming out. I tried it, I liked it, and I also decided to try some escorting.

TE: Was there a particular person who got you interested in camming, or was it your own idea?

SI: Well, the idea had been floating around my head for a long time, because I thought it was basically what trans women did, and I felt like I shouldn’t do it for that reason. It was seeing trans women like Niki [Flux], who seemed incredibly sorted and confident. Also encountering some amazing kick-ass feminist sex workers on twitter… that helped me realise it didn’t have to be a disempowering thing. It was as valid a way to earn my money as anything else was, if it happened to work for me personally. So I decided to give it a try and see if I liked it. And I did.

TE: How did you come to the conclusion that sex-work is pretty much “what trans women do”?

SI: I think partly because the media basically portray us that way a lot of the time, and because so many trans women do end up in sex work because other avenues are often closed off to us, or made much harder for us to access. Also, if I’m wholly honest, partly because when I was scrabbling around trying to understand who I was, both in gender identity and in sexuality. That did involve, to a small degree, looking at porn featuring trans women.

TE: You mentioned you have done some escorting as well. I assume your clients are aware you’re trans before you meet them.

SI: Naturally. It’s my selling point. Plus I think it’d expose me to violence to have that only revealed when meeting clients.

TE: So obviously, you aren’t trying to “trick men into having sex” with you, as society in general may think. If you met a really nice guy outside of sex work, at what point would you tell him of your trans status?

SI: As soon as I was aware he was interested in me romantically or sexually. I’d want to make sure he definitely knew I was trans. On dating profiles I actually put it as the first thing on there, so no one can claim I’m not being upfront about it. Same applies to women and non-binary people too. Although I’m most often into men, I am bisexual. It’s also a good way to screen out some of the worse people.

Employment (or lack thereof) isn’t the only type of discrimination trans women face. We face harassment and violence on the streets. Recently in San Francisco a trans woman who wishes to remain anonymous, reported that she was attacked by a homeless man after he realized she was transgender. Activists Sophia Banks and Sabine Isca have tweeted many times about experiencing open transmisogyny in the streets of their cities. Banks told the story of one of her assaults.

“Last Summer [2014] I was attacked. I was riding my bike and a man ran at me and threw me off my bike and into a concrete poll where I hit my head. I was scraped and bleeding and it total shock as this man called me a ‘freak’ and a ‘tranny’ and held up his fists like he wanted to fight me. I was dazed, but just got up and rode off. What bothered me the most was how people saw as this happened midday and just stood around. No one got involved or asked if I was okay. Nearly a year later and am still working through this… working through the pain in my neck and knee, working through my paranoia about men… how I don’t even feel safe riding my bike.” When asked if she contacted the police about the unprovoked attack, Banks said: “No, I don’t trust the cops. I never really dealt with cops before I came out as trans. Never had a reason too. As a trans woman I have had several encounters and contacts with them. I have had cops call me ‘freaky’. I have had cops call me ‘sir’ directly after I told them I was a trans woman. I have had to explain to cops what trans is. I have [had] cops refer to trans women as ‘those men on Jerry Springer’ to me. Unless it was very serious I would not approach the cops on anything.”

These are the kinds of stories the media’s Transgender Darlings need to speak of now. Perhaps Caitlyn Jenner should use her clout to petition that tabloid media (like the Jerry Springer show) stop running (and pull?) shows about transgender people, as we have seen the random violence tabloid shows like that cause. The media must begin to focus on real struggles, and get their brains out from between our legs.

Sabine's mouth often gets her into trouble. Below is an example. Sabine got TERFs riled up so they deadnamed and outted all of her cam and sexwork site profiles.



A link to a cap of their sexwork



Sabine was deadnamed by nametheproblem a while back as being Christopher Makin.



There is a lot more good stuff if you mine her twitter. 322k is a lot of drama for one tranny hooker.
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That Dragon, Cancer is an autobiographical game about a family with a young child with terminal cancer. On the basis of some idle chatter on 8chan Sabine tries to establish the false idea that supporters of Gamergate are harassing the developer of a game about pediatric cancer. The narrative was was just too tantalizing for dear Sabine, like footage of the evil Gamergate stealing a child's lolipop.

Unfortunately for Sabine the developer of That Dragon, Cancer (and father of the deceased child) Ryan Green knocks her false narrative on the head. Poor Sabine responds, obviously pissed-off that her beautifully spun narrative was destroyed by the supposed victim.


(Look at those meaty man-fingers.)

Unable to admit fault, Sabine tries to convince anyone that will listen that Ryan Green was speaking in code, that he was trying to communicate that he was in fact harassed, that all the meaning pivots on the word "direct". According to Sabine, Ryan was a victim of a special type of harassment, namely indirect harassment, which is harassment in which the harassed is not party to the harassment, i.e. where there is no harassed party.


Sabine always has the bisexual tranny card handy and ready to be pulled in order to prevail over online arguments.

GS 281

One thing that tickles me about Sabine is that they will talk shit, but they will desperately hide who they are talking about. A good example is Cathy Brennan, or C4thy Br3nn4n.


They will use Cathy's name when it fits their needs though. Here is Sabine trying to PA.


Whining about being doxed by Cathy Brennan. What is funny is that Sabine says that they weren't intimidated, however after being doxed the have tried changing names, online personas and handles on multiple sites.



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One thing that tickles me about Sabine is that they will talk shit, but they will desperately hide who they are talking about. A good example is Cathy Brennan, or C4thy Br3nn4n.

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They will use Cathy's name when it fits their needs though. Here is Sabine trying to PA.

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Whining about being doxed by Cathy Brennan. What is funny is that Sabine says that they weren't intimidated, however after being doxed the have tried changing names, online personas and handles on multiple sites.

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To be fair, Cathy Brennan seems to search for her name excessively. That's why everyone who posted that stupid "fake goth" meme got their Facebook reported.

Anyway, how old is Sabine? If she's in her 30s, she passes very well. If she's in her 20s... not quite as much.

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