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Chris if anyone actually wants you dead it's probably because they want to make sure there is a zero percent chance you'd do something to a minor. For the most part though we just enjoy laughing at everything else you do, like your apparent allergies to effort and basic hygiene.

How exactly did shrimpy afford the $40 expansion and the $12 -$15 a month subscription?
Regardless of how I'm sure we'll be seeing the usual "money's been tight this month, buy me Dominos" announcement soon, unless there was already one recently I didn't catch.


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How exactly did shrimpy afford the $40 expansion and the $12 -$15 a month subscription?
Because he's smarter about scamming people than we give him credit for. He uses/has used the #transcrowdfunding hashtag in some of his PayPal tweets and calls himself a "struggling enby" to trick the empathetic masses into throwing money his way. He banks on no one doing the math when it comes to his begging tweets being followed by his "I just bought this game!" tweets. And since I haven't seen anyone call him out on it, it seems like it works for him. Unless he's blocked them quicker than I've been able to catch.

Though if someone did bring it up, he'd probably cry about how "poor ND people deserve nice things, too!!" and use that as an excuse as to why he fishes for donations then spends them on full price games (Mario Maker 2, for example) and unhealthy food instead of things necessary to live on.

Or he'd just divert attention onto the Kiwi Farms' reputation as a hate site and use that to leverage his pity party tactics. Because it's more important to complain about a forum and their "hate campaign" against him than to scrutinize where he gets that vidya gaem money from, right?

Porque no los dos?

Why not kill all MAPs?
Can we add this to the ever growing list of "shit Shrimpy's never done"?


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Can we add this to the ever growing list of "shit Shrimpy's never done"?
It must have been during the imaginary totalbiscuit internship.

validation needer

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Can we add this to the ever growing list of "shit Shrimpy's never done"?
the extent of being talked to in shrimpy's mind is a single tweet directed towards him
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Has anyone noticed how weird that Shrimpy would come around after a few days bitching about him blocking a Hispanic furry THEN later bitch about Chris Ray Gun from nowhere? It's like he's saying "hey, I'm not racist against Latinx people but you should hate Chris Ray Gun."

It's like we would not notice that Chris Ray Gun is Puerto Rican. Why does Shrimpy hate Latin people?

They don't speak American and their food is too spicy so it gives him the shits.

tl;dr he's racist lol
You might think I'm kidding but I'm serious.
AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You will not hear anything about her from him until she showed up in Hbomb's sphere. She's way more popular than Hbomb and her Green New Deal will be Shrimpy's wet dream. Imagine getting paid to not work. Right? Then why didn't Shrimpy mention her? Two things. She is a Latina and she is a woman. She is the hottest in terms of rising stardom in the Democrat Party and they have to hang on her every word.

Just because she is a woman Shrimpy doesn't like her. Even before the transtrending saga Shrimpy has been repulsed by women. Combine that with her Latin origins Shrimpy has been waiting for for any excuse to finally unleash his racist bigotry.

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I mean, we;re seeing this with a lot of cows here. They'll claim that any who criticize them or fails to toe their line are alt-right Nazis, and therefore anything goes. "Punch these Nazis, take away their freedom of speech, and don't engage them in debate. Our morals are superior to theirs and everyone must know this." That's what these on-line echo chambers have created, giving them the impression that the public would support tem when in reality the public appears to dislike PC culture as much as obvious bigotry


Mmmmm, delicious pi.
Chris, if you're going to have a conversation with us, you really ought to just log back in and talk to us directly.

Now, that's a good step in providing proof that you had an extremely short "conversation" with Tim Schafer once five years ago in which he essentially no sold your entire pity-party by explaining himself and not apologizing for what he'd done.

If only you could do the same about that supposed internship. Or your claims you were hacked and that's why you're not responsible for the several times you've tried to ERP as underage characters with underaged children.

Notice how as soon as someone important replied to Shrimps(Tim), he goes from his usual righteous fury to "Oh well even though I'm just nitpicking I think you guys made a great game and it's a lot better than what other people do". He goes from ranting to literally sucking the shit out of someone's asshole in a single tweet.

You have no spine Shrimpy. You bend easier than wet spaghetti.

I don't give a shit if he spoke to Tim or not. It's Twitter. Everyone tweets there to garner attention and his style is to tweet the most outrageous things his mind could cook up against a person.
This is also a person who thinks that animal rapists are not an affront to humanity.

Stimming intensifies as he got flinged by the boss.
And the constant chewing. Jesus did he get all his teeth extracted and is living like a toothless old man?
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Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.

Literally the FIRST BOSS of the expansion and he can't do it. This boss is designed to be easy as fuck. My god Shrimps, if you think THIS is hard you're not gonna be able to handle the last few fights. Not even playing with NPCs is going to save you.
My four year old nephew has mad skillz in comparison to this.
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