Lolcow Christopher McGee / Chris McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends - "Clawshrimpy is a shota rape fetishist and here's why": Blobfish using Autism/Queerness as a shield, Fake "CSA Survivor", Pedo Sex Pest, Backstabbing Serial Harasser & Wannabe Victim; On an Eternal Quest to #cancel Breadtube only to be #cancelled himself.


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Chris is too fat, ugly, and old to be a twink. Since there's no go, he'll probably go to one of those prisons that separate people like him from the rest of the inmates for "his protection" (which really just means they want you to actually spend your sentence in prison and not get killed off)..
True, but I bet a month into his sentence he'll go to various inmates saying he's "willing to do anything for Domino's pizza". He's likely insane enough to sift through the prison's break room trash cans for stray crusts and pepperoni perhaps.
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Chris gets assmad at Hachiko! calling him out for being a pedophile creep and his close friend Jake Alley for defending him:
Suicide baiting, using identity politics in an attempt to garner sympathy and "muh friends abounded me". Pathetic.
Chris, who almost never goes outside and has no job or other pressing reason to leave his house: "If coronavirus doesn't kill me...with this net harassment shit intersecting with this fucking pandemic isolation shit..."

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Poor Chris. He's faced so much harassment that he can't even get out of bed to get eat and drink. Thankfully, that horrible harassment from Hachiko and other members of the "queer twitter personality clique" has ended.
"i couldnt eat"

x to doubt

also how creepy and manipulative is this victim LARP he puts on as an act whenever he's in trouble. disgusting.