Lolcow Christopher McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends - Clawshrimpy is a *shota rape fetishist* and here's why; The Decade-Long Story of a Pedophile Blobfish & his Posse of Faux-Leftist Serial Harassers

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Person stands up for people that Chris and his whiteknights have harassed, and winds up being harassed by Gryphoneer/Grypphoenix, his current most vocal pedo apologist toady.

I gotta love it when these ally pedoshielders yell at actual trannies that we're doing trans rights wrong because nobody wants to share a community with some hilarious disgusting blobfish creature that gets off to child abuse.
>Peter Coffin does wonderful positive work
I'm not sure I can get behind this person's entire message.
Say what you will about Sagal, but the entire incident that happened after her suicide really made me see her in a different light. I wouldn't wish the shit these clowns have done to her legacy on even my worst enemy. Nobody is reprehensible enough (save for dictators like Hitler or Pinochet) to have such pathetic muck people claiming to be doing them right while totally ignoring the real message.

It's basically that gaslighting that people like Shrimp always like to throw against other people for disagreeing.
I always found it hilarious that they can't bring themselves to admit the truth about Segal's suicide. We all know she did it as protest against the shitty state of psychiatric care, and definitely regretted it when she survived the immolation, only to die a slow agonizing death afterwards. Shrimpy and his ilk desperately need to believe that we are the ones that did it so that they have a boogeyman to fear so that they continue to shit themselves and do nothing.


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Oh look, Pete's back, and it seems he has emotional issues because he relies on Twitter for emotional support. Sociopathic twit.
People like this make me wish Twitter would go down for a solid week, for no explanation during that period.

I'd be interested to see just how many people would end it all simply because they couldn't tweet.
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YouTube recommendations made him sperg out. TOTALBISCUIT
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Is Snedrive a real person or one of Shrimps socks? They seem like the only other person to have ever called TB that "witty" name.

Didn't Shrimpy had a follower that mostly all about Shota and is very haram?
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Add this to the list of reasons Shrimp is a channer
-Uses cuck unironically, as an insult
-literally posts on 4chan
-sexual deviant
-mad on the internet
-anime avatar

>Peter Coffin does wonderful positive work
I'm not sure I can get behind this person's entire message.
It's not fully ideal but I agree with the general message that Shrimp & co have harassed these people.

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