Lolcow Christopher McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends - Clawshrimpy is a *shota rape fetishist* and here's why; The Decade-Long Story of a Violent Pedophile Blobfish with Chronic Lying and Backstabbing Tendencies & his Posse of Faux-Leftist Serial Harassers

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So yeah, Shrimpy's out on a prowl for some gay ass younger than he is. I kind of wonder what is his rep on the local Toledo LGBT community. Do they know that he is a pedophile?


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He's physically incapable of smiling, that's fucking hilarious.
Wait! I figured it out! We don't see him smile. He has mental issues. He gets off abuse. He's a slob.

His teeth are fucked up! It is very typical of people that have hygiene (check out his desk and mattress) problems and mental issues to have fucked up teeth. That's why he has that scowl in every picture we find. He's so autistic about closing his mouth in pictures that he overcompensates that it results in a scowl!

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Chris all you need to do is hold your camera slightly higher and you will look 20x better in photos. When you look like shit in photos you learn your angles M8 come on.

Also lol no one is gonna shoot you for having a milkshake, unless you fill it with quick-set concrete and throw it at people like the tossers in Portland. But I think that probably (definitely) counts as self defence if you ask me.

I wouldn't worry about Shrimpy throwing milkshakes. He'll drink it all up before he throws it. This is why you're fat and useless Shrimpy.

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I understand he's a histrionic narcissist but how does he tweet this much every day with absolutely no engagement? What is he getting out of this?


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I understand he's a histrionic narcissist but how does he tweet this much every day with absolutely no engagement? What is he getting out of this?
The idea of human contact. Specifically, he's so bereft of human contact that he'll take the very idea of people reading his tweets as a replacement for positive human interaction. I also think he thinks that becoming popular on the internet will solve all his problems somehow, which is why he's mad about Harris so much, because Harris gets to be popular, so why not Shrimpy?

In reality all he gets is us and other people shaking our heads and telling him things like "You have to put in effort" and other things anathema to his lifestyle.

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I understand he's a histrionic narcissist but how does he tweet this much every day with absolutely no engagement? What is he getting out of this?
You know how in Se7en the killer has a massive collection of journals where he pours out his stream of consciousness rants into a written medium?
Twitter is Shrimpy’s version of that, since he’s too lazy to actually write things.


Mmmmm, delicious pi.
You know how in Se7en the killer has a massive collection of journals where he pours out his stream of consciousness rants into a written medium?
Twitter is Shrimpy’s version of that, since he’s too lazy to actually write things.

Shrimpy's definitely emblematic of the sin of envy. Problem is he's also emblematic of lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, and wrath. The only one I'm not sure he embodies is pride, but then again, if we reframe from the seven deadly sins to the seven petty sins, he does think everything is about him.

I wonder how he feels about that one old man who was crowbarred and beat by mobs of ANTIFA protesters in Portland? Does he justify it with "Oh, he was on the wrong side, therefore it's okay to beat people with crowbars!"

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Not sure if this has been linked before, but wasn't in the OP under accounts so I thought i'd post anyway.
Shrimp apparently used to do fansubs for GGG, didnt seem to be too popular given none of his posts have any comments and it hasn't been updated since 2017, but he left some contact info there and links to his twitter so its definitely him. I was looking for a picture of his fave shota and the blog popped up as an image source on google images.

His announcement/faq posts before he began releasing gave me some giggles though:

Clawshrimpy here, I know my name is something of a terrible curse within the greater mecha community, but I want to be able to do something to give back to mecha fans, not to ask for forgiveness for the way I've acted or my controversial opinions, but to instead be willing to put aside your differences for me, and allow me to test what I've learned in Japanese to be able to give you all something great.

So yes, I'm getting into this fansubbing business, and yes, I'm gonna have to try and do it all by myself, so releases are going to be slow.

"But Claw" you might be asking "You hate everything, what could you possibly want to fansub?"

While it's true that I am particular when it comes to my interests irt mecha anime, and the list of what I like and what I hate is vastly different. I've think I've found just the thing to work on.

I'm not gonna say what it is until the first release comes. But I already gave you a hint.

watch this blog and my twitter @Clawshrimpy for updates!

Shrimp, in some form of atonement, wants to give back to the mecha community and sub this short remake of his fave shotaboy wankbank saga. He will be embarking on the project alone and wants to test the japanese he's learned. He also quoted pretty much every account contact he has (email, twitter, skype & steam) because if someone did want to work on it with him (or RP shota with him probably) they could get hold of him.

This next post already had an archive so it may have been posted here before, but it was from 2018 and I couldn't find anything about it when I did a quick search through the farms.

Hey, Clawshrimpy here.

With the first episode almost ready to release, just have to finish up with encoding, I think it's time to formally announce the project.

I am happy to announce [clawsubs] first project, GaoGaiGar GRAND GLORIOUS GATHERING!

What is this?

So, GRAND GLORIOUS GATHERING is esentially a "re-imagining" of GaoGaiGar FINAL. Taking FINAL's content for 12 TV length episodes as opposed to 8 OVAs.

So it's just FINAL spread out into 12 episodes?

Not exactly. It IS technically a remake, even if footage assets from both FINAL and the TV series are present here. Because they need to fill episode time to be able to spread FINAL out over 12 episodes, GATHERING turns that into an asset with brand new scenes, new narrator bits, appearances by Lamia from Betterman, and in some cases, some updated art assets! This becomes more pronounced later in the show.

GATHERING is also, unlike FINAL, very friendly to people who have never watched the TV series, or haven't re-watched in a while. This is because of some new recap sequences which serve to get new people up to speed. GATHERING also makes a big effort to combat some of FINAL'S biggest flaws, like toning down the fanservice a bit. (This aired on TV) and using the new scenes to explain some of the vague stuff, and enhance other parts of the story. (compare this to stuff like Gurren Lagann's "re-imagining" movies which doubled down on the fanservice and added a bunch of superflous things that weren't needed.)

Why would you bother subbing such a minor remake?

Because GaoGaiGar just feels..... incomplete without it. In my opinion, the stuff GATHERING adds really does make FINAL better, and I was already someone who would be a staunch defender of FINAL, flawed though it might be.

Wait, are you subbing this all by yourself?

correct, I don't have a team. So I do worry about screwing up a translation, especially since I'm still learning Japanese, so if any of you notice that I mistranslated a thing, let me know what it is, especially if you can put me in the right direction so I can go back and fix it and re-release the episode in question. At the end of the day, I think there are folks out there who just want this to get subbed, and if the person who has to do it is me, then so be it. I guess it's only ironic that I, having built a reputation of infamy around my thoughts on this show among the mecha community, it's only fitting that I try to do something about Grand Gloriious Gathering not being subbed, as a way to "give back" for all the arguments I've gotten into.

If you want to support me in trying this, I could use a translator to check my translations or help me with words or sentences I struggle with, or you could just off the cuff point out things I need to go and fix just by seeing my releases and pointing out mistakes to me. We're in this together and I just want to do this to express my love and passion for this wonderful, overlooked, show.

Provided there are those of you out there who'll be following along as I release episodes, It'll be fun to essentially watch this show in english together for the first time!

If you need to contact me, tweet at me at @Clawshrimpy, hit up my tumblr at
or just e-mail me at or add me on Steam (Claw) or Skype (clawshrimpy)

I look forward to both feedback, and potentially to talk about watching the show and what's going on with each episode! Expect the first episode very soon!

Oh and if we talk on twitter, let's get the word out to all GGG fans and get #somethingisgathering or maybe even #theoathofcourage trending.

Whether his translations are accurate or not I don't know, will have to watch through them sometime in the future. He subbed the whole thing by the looks of it and said he would be working on another thing (the last post made was 2017) but I guess nothing ever came of it.

Whole blog archive:

Mr. X
It's remarkable reading that. Chris seems confident and excited, quite unlike what we see of him on Twitter now.

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