• Serial killer vibe is just American bs.”

Skitzocow Christopher McGee / Clawshrimpy / "Rose" / HungAndBuxom / GunGayOnlineSerial Harasser, Sockpuppeter, Perpetual Self-Victimizer, Future Axe Murderer, Pedo, Rape Fetish

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by XYZpdq, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. This is exactly why I refuse to believe any of this ever happened. This is also why I bring up Mr. Garrison from south park. Shrimpy is someone who desperately wants to be a victim, he wants all this to have happened to him. I firmly believe the whole "gang rape" was him getting his ass kicked for being a weirdo.
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  2. I actually disagree. I think something DID happen to Shrimpy - not as many times or with all of the details Shrimpy claims, but I genuinely believe something traumatic happened to Shrimpy when he was young. It would explain his RP posts looking to role play young boys being raped, many victims go on to become abusers or fantasize about their trauma to have power over it. HOWEVER, because of Shrimpy’s major victim complex, he has severely internalized this incident and allowed it to rule his life and be his excuse to never improve or change as a person. Shrimpy’s just too fucked up to have not gone through *something*, but the lies run so deep we’ll never quite know what it was.
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    Cho Chan

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  3. If that's the case, then my guess is most likely an uncle bad touch situation or an adult from school.
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  4. I'm willing to give him some benefit of the doubt. Abuse probably did happen, hence why he's so fucked up, but not even close to the abuse he's describing. I think the RP is him exaggerating whatever abuse he received to the extreme. Still doesn't excuse his lying and pity-fishing, to be clear, but I do think there may be a grain of truth behind his claims.
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  5. Apparently Chris was lying about some trans support server he was on where he got booted for saying sociopathic shit about TB and then decided to try and smear an admin or something. Included her @ and everything. Stay classy shrimpy.
    edit: not my censor bars but red is shrimpy.
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  6. Apparently things are much worse with Shrimpydickles. While he is spending his every waking moment screaming at the void and Hbomb, his brother, which I learned would be the one taking care of him even if their mother couldn't anymore making him an upstanding guy, is being stressed with them needing to move into another trailer park. Their mom is gonna take care of her and her husband in case they would be evicted so Uriel has to find a new place for him and Shrimpy. There are no evidence that Shrimpy is doing anything to help his brother. He e-begs a lot and he couldn't e-beg to help his brother take care of their moving expenses?
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  7. Does shrimpy do anything but be on-line all day?

    Wait, what a dumb fuckin question. Ignore me.
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  8. Well, he likes to cry in bed.
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  9. kiwifarms.net

  10. Out of all the terms Shrimpy uses wrongly, “discourse” is the one that annoys me the most.

    I am just speculating here, but I guess he was flirty with the boys in high school/late elementary school (in a RP ad he posted here he described he wanted a shy character that was flirty and got bullied by it), so I think what happened is that he went to far with someone that used to put up with him and after this last straw then joined the bullying guys out of spite. So I guess Shrimpy’s repressed feelings + weird sexual desires + getting bullied hard for expressing such feelings and desires towards someone + :autism: ended up creating a trauma, in which he further sexualized it and fetishized it in a way to cope with it. Maybe the bullying they did also had sexual connotations (i.e fingering Shrimpy’s ass from behind, grabbing his dick and pressing down on his balls, etc) which helped cause this proccess in his head.

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  11. The tweets were deleted off the sock.

    He chimped because someone said what HARRIS did wasn't that big a deal.
    "they publically humiliated me and gaslit me and bullied me and were huge ableists!"





    It's not his fault he is banned everywhere, it must be the fault of others.

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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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  12. If anyone ever asks if Shrimpy will ever get better, I want them to be linked to those images. He is completely incapable of realizing his faults or that he might have to not sperg out constantly in order to get people to like him. He's not a victim in the slightest; in an alternate universe where people actually like him his unbudging behavior would lead to him ostracizing others the same way he's been ostracized.
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  13. Well, you know how the old saying goes "If you run into assholes all day..."
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    Feline Darkmage

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  14. "…it sounds like ableism to me"
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  15. Watching shrimpo misuse buzzwords is like watching, in real time, any semblance of words having meaning being lost. We're all going to hell.
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  16. But... but... Shrimpy can't be an asshole... he's an autistic, gay, transtrender... errr... transgender... uh... never mind, Shrimpy is a fucking asshole. Whatever happened in the past that made him like that is in the past. He lives in a society where he has access to the tools to fix his problems at his disposal, but he just chooses to be a victim. This is a guy where you look within 10 feet of him and he goes crying rape. A few backhands across the face would do him a world of good.
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  17. Someone blamed him for an "Izzy" locking their Twitter, he blames others.
    They said if that is the case then he is unable to blame HARRIS for Kiwi Farms mocking him, Chris chimps that it's "not the same thing" because HARRIS has "influebnce[sic]," a "platform," and "privledges[sic]" Chris allegedly does not.
    :story: :story: :story: It's supposedly his birthday today and he wants to "fucking dissappear[sic]" and is so "hopeless and powerless."
    He chimped again when someone pressed him on continuing to blame HARRIS.
    He then harassed HARRIS and SHAUN on Twitter while tagging them.
    His sock was shit-stirring and is now locked down.
    Chris thinks it would be "so much easier to just fucking die" so he stops getting dunked on and people wouldn't "misgender" him.
    "life would be better for queer/trans twitter if i was gone, because clearly their feelings matter more than mine, all my struggle is made up lies anyhow."
    He claims it was his sock account that sperged out and not him.
    Chris admits he incited harassment as his actions "caused certain friends of [his] to take things fuirther[sic] than [he] intended."
    "wanting to die is not how i imagined my birthday to go but here we are
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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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  18. Rate me A-Log all you want, but seeing that anon bypass Shrimpy's frightened little boy act and state plainly that he's responsible for his own life made my day. This is the second time in a row Shrimpy has tried to throw a pity party for himself and gotten smacked for it on CuriousCat. Since I know he'll never realize that it's a bad idea, I wonder if the next time it happens he'll break his facade and respond with hostility. Also, the fact that he still expects people to believe that he and "Rose" are two different people can be summed up pretty well with this image:
    Turbo Story.png
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    Stock Image Photographer

    Stock Image Photographer What kind of fruit do you like the most?

  19. Guy never had responsibility for a day in his whole life.
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  20. So from what I gathered is he thinks some big youtube leftist saying something in general about people who vaguely act like Shrimpy, so Chris took it as a personal attack vagueposting and then when told he was being a silly goose he splurged rage all over innocent twitter trannies to the point of cyberbullying one of them with his Rose sock account?
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    Feline Darkmage Catgirl (Male) Rights Activist
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