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Oct 13, 2016
Christopher Paul Whitney is a morbidly-obese, psychotic YouTube vlogger popular under the nickname Fatman, known for creating dozens and dozens of videos consisting of him primarily eating copious amounts of unhealthy foods and showing off his obese body, in addition to singing, yelling, playing video games, annoying his family, and simply staring into his webcam while grunting in a bizzarre fashion.

Fatman is known for his erratic, "psychotic" persona, as well as frequently retiring from making videos and deleting YouTube channels, only to return weeks later.
Fatman was born to father Paul and Sharon Whitney in the early 1980's. Fatman only has one known sibling, who has made an off-screen appearance in one video. Not much is known about Fatman's childhood and adolescence, other than the unfortunate fact that he spent those years primarily alone and alienated from his peers; opting to play video games and eat as consolation.

His high school years were spent in a school for children with behavioral problems, as mentioned in the video "fat man says big fat penis dedicated to chuck.MOV". He was a troublemaker, and known primarily for entertaining his peers by screaming "big fat penis" ad nauseum to the chagrin of two security guards, Chuck & Phyllis. He dropped out of high school as a junior.

In the video " Interview with fatman" fatman said that in 1999, Fatman's dad took away his Super Nintendo because of bad behavior. This angered Chris, and he clogged the tub and all the sinks with towels and flooded his entire house. Paul and Sharon had to clean it up, and later sent him to a mental institution. This was the first time fatman was in an institution until 2016.
On May 9th, 2016, fatman stole $30,000 out of his dad's checking account and spent it all on scratch off lottery tickets. According to Paul, he only won back $2,500 which means fatman blew away $27,500 of Paul's hard earned retirement fund.
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