Christy Lynn Walker / Olimar Puke-Chan / ppauly / Nemu / Holden / Malfunction54 - A legacy tumblr horrorcow whose online footprint spans many platforms.

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Who is Nemu?

Nemu is one of many online aliases used by a woman named Christy Lynn Walker, resident of Clarksville, TN. Formerly a popular tumblr artist who routinely garnered tens of thousands of likes and reblogs on even mundane posts, she was arguably foundational in establishing not only that platform's reputation as a safe haven for toxic degeneracy, but also its characteristic art style.

Long-time aficionados of tumblr drama will remember her as one of the strangest and most revolting members of the Lorax fandom, widely counted among the worst fandoms of all time. Her adorable art style spanned many fandoms, and coupled with her foul and vile content, it made her grotesque fetishes seem quirky and approachable to users with impressionable minds.


This "Super Nemu Vomit Timeline" provides a concise introduction for those unfamiliar with her classic oeuvre.

"Mama Nemu" portrayed herself as having - ahem - her shit together, despite the crippling burden of many mental illnesses and concomitant paraphilias. She cheerfully shared her small successes in the normal world and offered herself as a source of upbeat advice and encouragement to younger and less experienced users who felt similarly burdened by mental health woes.


Wait! Nemu is not a lolcow! She is just a harmless nice lady who has been cruelly baited and trolled because she gets off on gross porn!
Nemu likes to present herself as a sweet, kind, and nurturing soul whose dark past - replete with horrific abuse and a variety of mental illnesses - caused her to develop some fucked-up kinks.


Note that Nemu chose the username Malfunction54 based on a medical device software error that killed people via massive overdose of radiation in the 1980s. She considered these deaths to be profoundly erotic.

For example, she claimed that her drug-addicted and emotionally bankrupt mother would place a grimy yellow Tupperware container by her bedside to catch her vomit when she was ill as a child. So, when she drew erotic fan art of her various "waifus" eating vomit out of Tupperware containers - sure, it was sick and gross and vile, but it was rooted in one of the only childhood experiences where she could recall feeling cared for. Man, that's sad.

[lolcow anon with a similar recollection:]

Likewise, she said her predilection for "CUTE DOMINANT LOLIS ON THEIR NERVOUS MUCH OLDER RELATIVES" [only click this link if you want to see drawn porn of a child character from Gravity Falls, you sick sick fuck] was a way of taking power back from her sexually abusive father, who, along with his likeminded friends, preyed on her 80s-Satanic-Panic style when she was a very little girl right up into adulthood. That's heartbreaking.
She claimed her father and his pals all masturbated onto one of her Barbies and gave it back to her covered in semen.
[lolcow anon with a similar recollection:]

But often, her tragic stories were too farfetched to be believable, and in private, she appears to have claimed many of them were lies. When called out for lying, she typically claims that her mental illnesses caused her to doubt the reality of many really real things that had really happened to her in real life, and that she is sometimes unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Sure, Nemu may have gone too far from time to time, but she's owned up to her mistakes and taken steps to change! She should not be judged too harshly on things she did years and years ago!
Because nemu gave the impression of being a completely transparent and open book, many people fail to consider the possibility that she might have additional unseemly motives. I mean, if someone is honest about getting off to old, smelly, ugly characters as they fart and shit and vomit and die of radiation poisoning, what could they possibly have left to hide?

If you guessed pedophiliac tendencies - congratulations! You take the cigar - except actually don't touch that thing, because it's disgusting and may not be legal in your jurisdiction. Nemu persistently and relentlessly inserts sexualized OC's into children's media and proceeds to interact with actual minors through child-centered fandoms.
Here, adult Nemu tries to convince a tumblr user who was 14 at the time to pierce her nipples and tells the same child that it is cute that she is masochistic.


Ice Climbers porn. Yeah, don't click that.

On the defensive, Nemu claims that the age and relationship status of these characters are never specified. But any person who is not a pedophile can easily see that these are child characters from a game intended for children.

When called out for this kind of behavior, Nemu claims to be so mentally ill that she did not even realize this could be seen as wrong, says she is seeking help, and promises to do better in the future. Eventually, she blanks her content and abandons whatever platform for another, over the years skipping between 4chan, tumblr, deviantart, and twitter, and engaging with behavior on one platform that she disavows on the other.




Apparently, she may be creating her newest nest on discord.

Nope, not a lolcow.
Nemu's apologists are persistent in defending her beyond all reason and common sense. Any argument advanced ironically or intended as bait has almost certainly been made before in all seriousness.

I still don't believe she's a lolcow.
Admits terrible genital hygiene, also tries to sell used sex toys.



Okay, so she's old news from back in the day. Why should I care about Nemu now?
Tip o' the hat to the plucky girl detectives on, that's why! All receipts in this post are full credit to them. Nemu has not changed, but instead exhibits a deviant and pathological persistence in the face of good advice that characterizes the quality lolcow. Former friends and fans of nemu are crawling out of the woodwork to recount their experiences with her, many of which are very gross and very recent. [thread1, archive] [thread2, archive]

Wonderfully, her boyfriend - an obese pervert - showed up to defend her in the thread on /snow/. He was promptly made aware for the first time that she had cheated on him. (In sum, she told her fans he was abusive, started a gofundme to get away from him, and instead used that money to fly across the country for the purposes of eating out another obese pervert's ass. Her boyfriend claimed to be unaware that any of this had happened.)

Meet David Hoernlen of Clarksville, TN and their cat, Lena.

Apparently unable to process this information, he started contradicting many verifiable facts and "ended up sounding like a Skyrim NPC."

Also, he doxed her, insofar as confirming her legal name and age may be considered "doxing."

If has this all under control, why do we need a thread here, too?
Well, this site's format is more convenient for collecting, collating, and archiving content than the imageboard format, and the kiwi user base may have unique perspectives on and interactions with Mama Nemu. Of particular shadowy interest is her history tripfagging as Olimarpuke-chan on 4chan's /cgl/ and /v/

This rabbit hole goes all the way down, and even if you did not - ahem - give a shit about Nemu back in the day, it is reliably funny to resurrect information on cows who think they were clever enough to hide it.
Nemu may vanish on one platform, but she always reappears on another. It really is imperative to archive her content as you encounter it, since she is inclined to blank her accounts.

Nemu leans on other people's decency to elide ~*~problematic~*~ content of which she subsequently claims to be ashamed. The preponderance of evidence suggests this is primarily an attempt to avoid uncomfortable criticism and not strictly a genuine indication of personal growth. To remedy this deficit, our very own @berserkerarmor is curating a Nemu clearinghouse on google drive. Please consider contributing any relevant content that may come to hand.

Okay, this is disgusting and I can't look away. What are nemu's known user names and accounts?
ippycake - note that ebay user ippycake is not nemu.

Social media and other links: (some defunct) [via google cache] [Older:] [rejected by] [] [protected; no archive available] changed to: [rejected by] (David/boyfriend) [] []

Just for fun: [an archive of a /cgl/ thread reminiscing about Nemu.]
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I remember learning about her just this week on /snow/. I’m not exactly sure if she’s still active online though. For example, I remember trying to look up her Instagram “Kerozeen”, but she apparently shut that down.

RK 672

Social media and other links
Provide archives for these and post the last available archive for the defunct ones.
Also, he doxed her, insofar as confirming her legal name and date of birth (February 10, 1992) may be considered "doxing."
Post her address or the general location of where she's at currently.

You have a bunch of unembedded pictures at the bottom of the post that you'll want to clean up. A bunch of these look like duplicates of images that are already posted in your OP.

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I remember learning about her just this week on /snow/. I’m not exactly sure if she’s still active online though. For example, I remember trying to look up her Instagram “Kerozeen”, but she apparently shut that down.
The wonderful thing about Nemu is that she always comes back.
Provide archives for these and post the last available archive for the defunct ones.

Post her address or the general location of where she's at currently.

You have a bunch of unembedded pictures at the bottom of the post that you'll want to clean up. A bunch of these look like duplicates of images that are already posted in your OP.
Gotcha, will do.


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Christy has been known to be sexual with everything that reminds her of her fictional crushes. She's smeared her vagina juices all over her 3DS because her biggest crush, Pauly from Professor Layton was on the screen. She stuffed a saran wrapped pizza up her cooter (no photos just people who knew her remembering) because it reminder her of Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa.


What has to go wrong in your life to make you want to bang a pizza slice with legs?
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I used to be loose internet friends with her a few years ago, count me in as one of the people who bought into her 'cool fandom person who proves you can like weird stuff and still have your shit together'. I was happy to hear she seemed to be doing better with her mental health and pornography addiction and I'm real sad to see that it seems to have been a lie all along.

I can't offer much more than what has already been posted, but here is what I remember:

Some more of her urls were m-iroslava and pook-san (cosplay blog that she closed down quickly).

She most likely has Slovakian roots and definitely speaks the language to some degree.

I think she also had a phobia of ovens along with pencils, she mentioned how it was impacting her fast-food job.

She posted videos of her eating vomit.

She's drawn porn of both Flora and Amelia from Professor Layton, both which are clearly stated as underage. One is 14 and the other 16, if I remember correctly.

During her student days, she has masturbated while sitting at a table in the university library. When an acquaintance of mine called her out on how appalling it was, she said it was fine because she's a cute girl. I might be able to get screenshots of that conversation.

She definitely had a radiation poisoning fetish, which she explained as being fascinated by the extreme influence something invisible to our eyes can have on us. I distinctly remember how she described how erotic it was to imagine
Aloysius O'Hare from Lorax getting really sick from radiation poisoning and puking up his own internal organs as she cares for him until his death.

During her worst period, which coincided with waifuing O'Hare and Mr Crocker, she vividly described her snuff fantasies of
absorbing them into her body in an act of ultimate possession.

If I remember anything else, I'll post.


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well. no one else did it and the imgur made by the anon on lolcow was mostly lacking.
this was all complied from what is on /snow/ currently. anyone can edit since.. i was in a mild state of horror as i did. if it's broken please tell me and i will fix it. (everything should be working)
google drive of her art for your viewing displeasure (the nsfw folder is here)
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If Philthy didn't lob his knob off and dated this chick instead, could you imagine how disgusting the stench would be. Honestly, those two sound like a match made in Hell. She is a combination of a horrorcow, a skitzocow, and a sad cow. Absolutely revolting.

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She looks cute to be honest.
Yeah she's cute, but she's also gonna want you to puke in her vagina. With this one the bad will outweigh the good real fast.

I'm so glad a thread got started over here. I've been watching the lolcow farms thread and it's the grossest thing I've read in a long while. She gives Nick Bate a run for the money in terms of how much sheer disgust she generates.