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Could you please put a Chrono Trigger Warning next time?

I have yet to play Cross, but I adore Chrono Trigger, I played the DS version and I loved basically every bit of it, especially the music. It's been so long since I've last played it, I can't think of anything specific off the top of my head except it does get all the hype it deserves. It was definitely a rewarding experience it wasn't bad for something of the time travel genre of sci-fi/fantasy, but I guess my only gripe was it could have explored more with that from beginning to end, kind of what Crimson Echoes was going too which... I know Square-Enix is notoriously protective of their Chrono games even though they remain untouched as opposed to a company like Valve who tends encourage stuff like that. Though, I'd rather truthfully have a few good games than several bad ones however so as far as I am on Square-Enix not working more with that series... I wouldn't even have to have Cross and I would just be happy if it was just Chrono Trigger as something stand alone. It's kind of a weird opinion... I feel like if I say that, people think I'm insane.

I'll eventually play Chrono Cross... eventually... it's on my big bucket list of games.

(end of Chrono Trigger Warning)


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Trigger is all kinds of awesome.

Cross is...well, it's something.

Okay, I think Cross has a fair bit of merit. From what I've read, the reason Cross is so different from Trigger is because the guys behind it thought that Trigger turned out so well that pretty much any kind of direct sequel would be a disappointment, so they made Cross a very indirect sequel with vastly different mechanics, which is something I wish more game designers would do.

Also, it looks straight-up gorgeous even fifteen years down the line, and the soundtrack is absolutely stellar.

However....the plot devolves into a tangled clusterfuck that took me two playthroughs and a screenshot LP to figure out, there's 45 characters and enough meaningful characterization spread among them to make about eight good characters, and the gameplay sputters out after the disc swap.

Despite all that, I still think Cross is probably worth playing. It doesn't compare to Trigger, but it's not a terrible game.
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Trigger's great yeah, near flawless jrpg.

Cross I more appreciate because the devs attempted something different. Which was how they responded to criticism after the fact.
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I've not played Cross but I love Trigger. One of the most beautiful games I've ever played with an equally amazing soundtrack. It has one of those endings that makes me tear up all the time.

Has anyone here played Radical Dreamers? It didn't have an official Western release (seeing as how it was Satellaview exclusive) but there are translated ROMs floating around the internet.


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Chrono Trigger was quite awesome. I remember playing the DS version back when it first came out so I could figure out what the fuss was all about. I think I played through it at least three times.

Cross was good as well. I really like how the battle system involves using elements to manipulate the field in order to exploit weaknesses or use special attacks. It was a pretty unique system. Plus the soundtrack was awesome.

The story was absolutely fucking bonkers though. I couldn't really tell you what exactly happened in that game.


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I have played both the SNES version and the DS version. Needless to say, I like the DS version better.


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I love the Chrono series, all three games. It's actually my favorite videogame series. I have this Chrono Trigger Figurine of Crono fighting Magus and a Chrono Cross clock that was Japanese preorder perk. I have to say the DS version of Chrono Trigger is amazing, and gets rid of alot of the translation quirks/errors that the SNES and PS1 versions had, some of which caused many rumors for years.

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Chrono Trigger is in my top 3 games of all time, it's one of those games that seemingly gets better over the years as exposure to every other game only seems to highlight how incredibly well crafted it is.

Chrono Cross is a fantastic game in it's own right, however I firmly believe it suffers by being shackled to the Chrono license and would be much better regarded if it was it's own game. That said, it gave us arguably the best computer game soundtrack ever.
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Chrono Trigger is an amazing game and is my favorite JRPG. Nothing else can top it for me. I love it so much that I have a keychain of Robo that stays permanently attached to my keys.

Chrono Cross was one I couldn't get into. I was more disappointed that it had a few passing references to Trigger than being a sequel that references it all kinds. I tried playing it several years ago though, right at the apex of my Trigger love, so I really need to go back to it and replay it someday now that the hype's worn down for me.


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I played the hell out of trigger back in the day. I started to play cross at a couple points in time, but couldn't really get into it. I can't really blame the game, because I was just distracted by other things. I have this weird thing sometimes where I can't really get into a game, even if by all objective standards it's really good (God of War 2 was also like that, even though I played 1 and 3 to death). But then other times I'll play a shitty game to the end. I can't explain it.


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I enjoyed the heck out of Trigger when I got it for the Virtual Console. Still need to get the DS version. For Cross, I'm only a few hours in before I got distracted. One thing I will say is that the soundtrack's awesome.
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Chrono Trigger Warning: I'm giving you fair warning that the teenage me might sperg about CT. This Trigger Warning is for YOUR benefit.

I had a crappy computer so playing CT on emulator was slow as hell (it was that bad) so I was excited to go get it on PSone. I didn't care that there were lags, I was happy to play it at a somewhat faster speed. I got all the endings and it was worth it.

I liked Cross and I don't think it necessarily deserved all the hate it got but I kind if do wish it didn't kill half the Trigger cast. I mean, what the hell?

I think I prefer Cross's art because I'm not too big on Toriyama. On the other hand, Toriyama's art gave Trigger's sprites more personality. Hmm....


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Im considering replaying cross. Ive beaten trigger so many times over the years, but never beat cross even once... Tried multiple times, but always stop part way for whatever reason.
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I've beaten Trigger just last month, and I would dare say that most of the dungeon soundtrack to it is one of the best video game soundtrack I've ever heard.
I said most of them, because Black Omen music is a bit dissapointing

Also that Epoch crashing scene is my personal favorite vehicle ramming moment

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Played through Chrono Trigger last year and it was every bit as good as the first time I played it in the 90's. The story is well-put together, the music is great, and the battle system is still interesting. I do think it's not difficult enough, but there's probably a good hard mod out there that rectifies that problem.