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Mr. ShadowCreek
On the AVGN and Irate Gamer match up, I never expected this to happen.

I watched them both back at the beginning of their careers in 2007. Chris quickly got popular like James and a lot of James fanboys got pissed and called him the ripoff he became known as. There was even a blog dedicated to hating him. Chris did Irate Gamer for a few more years before ending it. I was surprised when he bring it back this year. Now that he and James are working on a video together I kind of wonder what the old haters are gonna think. They mostly went back into their holes though this might bring them back out. It would be finny to seem them make more and miss them off even further. The short trailer seems to make it look like it's though video only and they won't physically react; I'm guessing due to Covid and traveling cost.


True & Honest Fan
I just realized; the girl singing the parody of the Primitives 'Crash', is the same as who voices the singing voice of Charlie: main character of the lolcow-magnet animated series Hazbin Hotel.



True & Honest Fan
Yeah, and what's with these 8/16 bit soundtracks coming out on vinyl? Recently saw the Doom soundtrack on LGR, and now the Silver Surfer soundtrack exists?
I mean, I'm not complaining. Just curious.

(Release the Interstate 76 soundtrack on vinyl [or, more fittingly, 8-track])
1. License something obscure with a cult following
2. Give it a nice slipcover and a fancy record design
3. Advertise it as a limited edition thing to vinyl collectors
4. Money printer goes brrrr
When James is talking about the Crash Dummy toys, to me, was the best part. The game review portion was mediocre, but that song with the 'crow bar' is/was absolute cringe.
Yeah, the toys were interesting. That was all before my time so I completely missed all of that growing up.

The Crash Dummies Vince and Larry were created for those once-popular PSAs. I think Lorenzo Music may have voiced one of them.

Someone decided to make those awesome toys. The character "Daryl" is an obsucure reference to the sitcom Newhart where there were three characters named "Larry, Darryl, and Darryl."

Then they got into legal trouble. Parents groups were upset (as they always were back then) and said it was a conflict of interest... that the PSAs were like commercials for the toys. So the toyline tried to cut ties with the PSAs. To distance the two, they removed Vince and Larry from the toyline and replaced them with those other two guys, I forget their names.

It didn't matter. The PSAs ended up having to be pulled anyways in the end.

I was kind of too old for those toys when they came out, though I did buy Vince and Larry when I heard they were being discontinued.
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