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Chill Fam

I know I haven't contributed much to the forums, but I still like this site and it sucks that it might go under again. Hopefully we can pull through...

meanwhile shitty sites like Tumblr are still up and running


People, do you really think that if we delete all this "DOX" stuff they will leave us alone? They will understand that they can tell us what to do and next step will be "muh God this site is an embodiment of hate speech REEEEE". They either try to turn this place into their safespace or destroy it.

I'd rather see this site lose hosting than seeing them shitting it up

Elaine Benes

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While I've been a part of other message boards for longer periods of time, I can't think of another that has been such a joy to belong to than Kiwi Farms. I respect @Null and all the other mods quite a lot for shaping this site into what it has become.

If I ever unsubscribe to Hal Turner's audio archives, I'm putting the money I would be spending on that into KF.