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Most of my J-music I find from anime. The OP from the first season of My Hero Academia is still a massive banger:

Oh, and who could forget Unravel by TK, the OP to the first season of Tokyo Ghoul:


Megaroad 2012

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I bought a lot of Japanese bands vinyls on my last trip and this was a surprise. Other than the album being top tier insturmental jazz rock, this is apparently where Yoko Shimomura stole Guile's theme from:

I'm surprised they still going, same lineup or a few replacements?

What do you guys feel about do as infinity?
Yesterday&Today is chill.


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hmmm.... it seems that there has been a burst of copyright claiming on the videos. The sad thing here is that they block the videos. The weird thing about it, is the videos have been copyright claimed before, but the action was just the monetization directly goes to them, now they are actively copyright blocking it from playing in all countries.