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To be fair Civvie kind of bitches about hitscanners on occasion, but really only when the game/level designer pulls serious shenanigans with the placement of hitscan enemies. (Shadow Warrior has some really nasty/annoying spots with hitscanner traps, and one or two really nasty UV Doom 2 levels where the Chaingunners will just fuck you right up if you're not really careful)

Shit like the Vivisector game with flaming cheeta's spawning out of thin air and gorilla's with mortar's hitting you before you can even see them. That seems more than valid to complain about. And he was playing Shadow Warrior on the hardest difficulty. Chaingunners in Doom are just acknowledged asshole enemies.

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Boring youtube talk: when I first started watching him his subscriber count compared to views on videos was insane. He got 5-10 times more views on every video than he had subscribers. He didn't say "Like and Subscribe" at the end which apparently works gets a noticeable uptick in subscriptions after every video according to other youtubers.

I really don't mind the story bits and "Holy shit the intro is back" was what I thought before the sign in the intro said the same thing.

The interludes are short like this in the middle of the Serious Sam video:
Robot: You said you wanted to do this, it was your idea to make a Serious Sam video to shut up everyone asking for Pro Serious Sam.
Civvie: I don't think I said it like that.
Robot: You called all your fans weird manchildren with starchy body pillows that could cut glass.
Civvie: That does sound like me.

I also really like that unlike other game reviewers/youtubers Civvie can't turn into a smug dick because that's already his character.

And "KATIE YOU BITCH!", after trying to use the Gordon Ramsay button one too many times.

As much as I enjoyed IT'S RAW! it's nice that he's self-aware enough to (semi) retire the gag before it's completely fucked to death.


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I really love civvie's shit and I don't even have much of an interest in FPSes as a genre, guy just makes shit with great scripting and a smart mind
Me: Knowing your film making background, what of your education, or interest in film in general, has influenced your work with your channel? Do you find yourself using your film studies with regard to how you approach your videos or does it happen a bit more organically?

Civvie: I like to think, from the perspective of writing and editing and a video, that a background in film helped a lot. 9 times out of 10 I will be discussing a game and because a game will be far more nonlinear and drawn out than a movie, I have to provide some kind of structure and framework in order to make it more digestible to the audience. Sometimes it has none at all and ends up a confusing mess but only if I think that reflects what I'm talking about. In general, trying to represent how a game feels through a video requires some editing trickery and and careful pacing.


Me: With the hints of vague lore evident in your videos and some recurring characters, how important is narrative for what you do? If you weren't making gaming videos on YouTube do you think any of your characters would appear in other works?

Civvie: There's barely a narrative in the videos now. There was a lot more in the early videos to setup the background of the channel but it exists mostly to satirize the idea of having a story in a gaming or review channel. There are a lot of channels that will have the reviewer, who is a weird schmuck who rants in front of a camera about the minutiae of unimportant crap that very few people care about, and they'll end up being an important figure who saves the world. I always saw this as a kind of nerd power fantasy where the person would get very angry and shoot a toy gun at a thing they didn't like. I wanted to go in the exact opposite direction of that where the "protagonist" is generally not a good person who openly resists being part of a larger story going on around them. Having it set in a prison turned it into a show about someone with no power playing a lot of power fantasy games and that idea made me laugh so I stuck with it.

I really like how he breaks down the narrative's point, because when you break it down for youtube shit in alot of these review shows alot of these guys don't have much in their life outside of reviewing shit (in the videos I mean, of course most of these guys have shit irl, aside from spoony), the only person I think who did this sort of thing before was RLM with making plinket a sociopath and HitB Mike and Jay scam artists.

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Civvie is a rare gem, for sure. He doesn't overstay his welcome in his videos, and he puts them out semi-regularly that it's worth following him. Also yes, the fact that he doesn't beg for likes and subscribes is a small thing I really liked. It gets really annoying after the umpteenth time some rando youtuber begs for it.

What else there is to say, he's quality and he's worth watching.

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Also yes, the fact that he doesn't beg for likes and subscribes is a small thing I really liked
I liked that joke in the recent Daikatana video where he begged people to stop subscribing. The closest thing Civvie does to "begging" is teasing specials, like Duke Nukem Forever and Daikatana but it's done in a way that doesn't come off as desperate.

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Fuck yeah, I love Civvie. His videos introduced me to Dusk and Amid Evil - two very, very good shooters.
The Postal 2 series will always remain my favourite, though. Especially that part on the original game's Friday where he befriends the immortal hellhounds and turns them into eternal spreaders of that bioweapon he was lugging around.

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>PC gaming in the late 80's to late 2000's, many unique experiences and a plethora of exclusive games to the platform

>PC gaming now, everything is console ports and the only exclusives are Mobage garbage or e-sports

I hope Civvie does Battlespire since that was one of the ES spinoffs that tried taking a more action oriented approach.

It's also a fucking bitch to run right even on GOG.


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The only thing I can criticize Civvie for is some light political sperging and having some older reviews be very sparse in commentary. Besides that he is a top rank Youtuber that actually got the attention of devs.
I get the feeling that he's a little Left or maybe Center? He doesn't like Trump but I think he hates Biden more.

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Fuck yeah, a Civvie thread!

Like others, Postal 2's definitely my favorite Pro series. Postal 3 and Tekwar come close as my favorite Weird and/or Shitty Game review. He was also the final push needed to make me start playing Doom and other retro FPS games.

Do you guys think he'll ever make a video on Half-Life?


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Not sure what it is about the guy, but he's just very fun and relaxing to listen to. He's also very informative as well, like how in his Daikatana video he went into how John Romero used to just spend most of his work day deathmatching, which pissed people off which led to John Carmack making a program that logged in how much time Romero spent on the computer and how much time he spent actually working.

I knew Carmack was one of the guys behind Doom and he's a very big deal, but I never knew how fucking based he was. Goddamn.

Civvie also got me to play Blood and Dusk which are both very fun games. And I was also happy to see he liked both Postal 2 and Thief as well.

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Started following him after someone here posted the clip from his Blood series where he mentions Spoony. Been watching since, his videos are always pretty fun.

The only thing I can criticize Civvie for is some light political sperging
I complete ignore that and let it slide mostly because hes savvy enough to at least use the cancer mouse joke to lean on.
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