Careercow Claire Agincourt / Moira Leyland - BDSM Fetish Tranny, Author, Anti-Gamergater, and Cartoon Sperg


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Feb 15, 2015
I was just sent this and worked with @Hellfire to get as much information on this woman as possible and archiving every fucking thing. She has a pretty easy to find Internet footprint, so this is what has been discovered so far.

She was discovered through one of Brianna Wu's tweets.


Apparently she regularly tweets her, so we have a Brianna Wu white knight here. from:claireagincourt&src=typd

Looking at her Twitter, brony shit like this could be found.


She seems to also have something against Gamergate and has had a lot of interaction with anti GG cows.


On her Twitter description, she clearly states what the hell she's all about and there's a ton of milk just waiting to be tapped into already here.


From here, all it took was a Google search to find all the other shit that she's into. It's a lot of information so get ready.

Her Instagram is chock full of fetish pictures and other gross shit that she uploads sometimes.


I was able to uncover her Facebook account, which has been archived.


This is her Etsy page, also archived just in case.


There's even more shit you can find on her DeviantArt page and it's just more BDSM related material.

She loves her fucking whips.

Linkedin Page:

She's part of a company called SolStarPress, which you can see in the next archived link.

Sanctuary Dungeon/Sanctuary Studios is also something she's involved with and the address for that is found on this Yelp page.

Her book is titled A Woman of Distinction and it was published August of last year and there's an entry for it on Amazon.

It's supposed to be her first novella.


Google+ page appears to be a lot of the same shit you can find on her Instagram.

Claire and her book get a mention in this link too.

Another alias she goes under according to her blog is dungeonnicci. She's also into Paganism. It's really a bit of everything with this new cow. Under that name, you find her Pinterest account as well.


This is what happens when you search for MLP and ClaireAgincourt in the advanced search option tool on Twitter. I found this fucking thing and it's insane.

On that note, I will end the OP because this was just so much to try to cram here but hopefully it will show that she is really into a lot of different shit.


Oh yeah and this.

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May 20, 2013

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Dec 30, 2015
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Mar 7, 2016
Well you lot certainly find the fun ones don't you? Not much to comment on for now aside from being a Wuite Knight.


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Jan 6, 2016

Ashley Lynch is another crazy MtF tranny. Not as crazy as Flynt/Wu but definitely fucked in the head.

See from 16:14

Some crazy MtF trannies try to "woman" better than (biological) women and to these nutters this often means adopting extreme (quasi-)feminist positions. Ashley Lynch is a fine example of this. Much of the insanity can be found on twitter.

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Mar 7, 2016
"So not only am I a trans person, I'm a lazy trans person." I mean props on at least cross dressing occassionally, that's more than most lazy transtrenders can be bothered to do.

Reminds me a lot of the first transtrender I came across where they basically screamed it at you before you'd even said hello.


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Oct 24, 2015
I was reading the Brianna Wu thread and was checking out Flynt's tweet about Milo supposedly being at SXSW to kill Flynt's dogs or whatever the hell Flynt was hallucinating. I saw one of the replies to Flynt's tweet was from this Claire Agincourt account saying they were experiencing "anxiety" for Flynt's totally real threat of being Milo'd. From there, @chimpburgers and I started to investigate to see if we had a cow on our hands and the tweet of a My Little Pony image was a surefire sign that there was autism if not milk to be found.

This cow has gone by many names over the years. Slave Nicci, Wendy (the transexual schoolgirl dominatrix), Nicci Leyland, Moira Leyland, Claire Agincourt, The Potato Pony.

In 2011 he had a diary about his experiences in the BDSM lifestyle including his "sexual energy training". There's a lot of content here.

Reader discretion is advised.

I have rules that govern my night before going to bed. I have a ritual that was given to me by my Lady to perform every night. I pray verses that i wrote as part of another task. And i masturbate during this time. She had changed the amount of time to twenty minutes not so long ago. Which may not sound like much, but masturbating to a point of near orgasm and then holding it there in that exquisite agony for twenty minutes is very taxing. It, at least for me, is no easy task. Only after that twenty minutes am i allowed to orgasm and then to thank my Lady. It’s a very powerful experience. And I love doing it.

Recently I’ve been very stressed. And when i get stressed it makes it difficult to orgasm. During my ritual, a few nights ago now, I had done my twenty minutes. I was then allowed to orgasm. I couldn’t. During the course of the twenty minutes I’d become very desensitized. I could have stopped. I was already worn, frustrated, stressed and sweaty. Really, what was i supposed to do? How is one supposed to reach orgasm when you can’t even feel anything? A limit had been reached.

How far am i willing to go? To obey. That, i do still feel, is an important question for a sub to ask themselves. But I’m not a sub. I’m a slave.

So i continued.

I tried to refocus myself. I repeated my verses and 5 minutes had gone by. My focus was poor at this point. I was beginning to cry. 10 minutes passed. I was sweating and crying. I was hurting. My muscles were tensed and tightening painfully. 20 minutes passed. I was screaming silently. Crying and weeping. Everything hurt so badly. I had to keep restarting my verses because i kept coming to the 2nd line of the 7th verse. I cannot fail unless i do so willingly. If i stopped, i would be failing. It would be my choice, to choose failure over obedience.

25 minutes passed. 30 minutes passed. A little over 50 minutes from the start of my prayer I somehow reached orgasm. There was little joy to be found in the release. But there was an immense amount of joy to be had in that i obeyed. And for a good 10 to 15 minutes i stayed there prostrated thanking my Lady over and over again. Crying and weeping all the while.

After the lights were turned on, i saw that i had large, deep blue bruises around my cock. The next morning i was swollen unpleasantly. I felt dead emotionally. But i had obeyed. For me, as a slave, it’s not a question of the effort involved. It’s a lot more simple than that. It’s simply to obey. What could be easier?

The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a number of tasks given to me by my Lady. The first of which is meant to push my outer limits of my sexual energies (both masculine and feminine). And because i sent her an email with pictures unsuitable to be seen without a warning in the subject i was given a task of making a chastity device.

Last week was about me experimenting with the nature of my energies. This week has been more narrowly defined. First three days of the week focused on my feminine sexual energy. It was so wonderful and so grueling at times i just cried. I was really pushing myself to my outer limits. Yesterday i had serious subdrop and was feeling so miserable. But, like my Lady told me, i must’ve had a good time to get it. And that i did. And then some. The amount of pleasure i felt from those three days alone, and all the pain with it, was wonderful. I’m eager to do more and go even further.

The second three days were supposed to be focusing on the masculine. The first day i had some difficulty, but started overcoming it. I was also working on my chastity device that i’ve been working on since she’d told me too. The prototype due on monday. I thought I was doing really well with it.

It’s pretty simple. A couple of little leather straps with buckles and rings. The first one goes around the base the other just under the head. Before i’d made some adjustments, the rings were right against my skin and pinched like hell. I had some swelling around the head because i thought of the rings pinching me. so they’re now against the leather and not me.

Last night i had everything all set. Even a fabric hood to give further comfort so that the leather wouldn’t be directly against me at all around the head. But this morning, i found i was quite swollen around the head. The only thing i can think of is that the compression of the strap is hurting the very sensitive flesh and thus causing the swelling. Right now, as i type this, i’ve got a ice pack around my cock.

Finding this, i took a picture and sent it to my Lady telling her why i think it happened. If i’ve some injury like this i need to tell her. When i got a response back She said i had to stop my training until the swelling is gone. Reading this i immediately started crying. I’ve wanted tasks like this for a while and i just felt like i’d messed it all up. I really haven’t but still, it was very frustrating.

It is my Lady’s decision. And i don’t disagree with her. I think it’s best not to push it when i’ve got swelling like i do. It can cause harm and further injury. At the same time i was very upset when She told me to stop because i’m very eager to do more. Go farther. But this is why She’s in charge.

And as she said, Protect the property, nicci. And so i will.

I’ve been doing sex energy training for a few weeks now. I’ve started another weeks worth of training today.

Last week was the start of this section, if you will. Before i’ve been building energy by stimulation. Last week i started building energy without stimulation. So i’m building it by force of will. It’s not easy. Last week i had to do it twice a day for 30 minutes. This week i have to do it for 30 minutes, off for 60, and then back on for 30. And to repeat this all day, and all night.

It’s past eleven pm. I’m not even sure how many times i’ve done it today. I’m so exhausted. And I’m so exceedingly horny. I want sex so badly. I can’t do anything about it until my ritual tonight when i pray my verses and masturbate. Only then am i allowed to reach orgasm.

I really do love how difficult this week is going to be. I’m so exhausted and it’s only the first of 6 days. Tomorrow i’ll be concentrating on feminine sex energy instead of the masculine that i did today.

At times during the day i feel a little helpless. Like how am i going to get through the next half an hour. Once tonight i started to panic a little and began to tear up but i pulled myself together. What helps is that i know my Lady is enjoying what i’m going through in order to obey. At times it’s the only way i’m able to get through what she has me do.

I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

Unlike yesterday today i woke up in a much more pleasant state of being. No nausea or strange fever. So i dove right into my training for the day, which was to focus on the masculine side of my sexual energy. And dive i did. And i swear i’ve never been so horny for so very, very long.

At least it’s felt like a long time. One of the aspects of this training is being patient i think. I’m not able to have an orgasm until i do my nightly ritual. I may be focusing on my energy for that 30 min but it doesn’t magically go away during my hour break. It is still there tapering only a little. This evening i reached a point in which i was physically in pain because of how aroused i was. I wanted sex so very badly. It can be so terrible knowing as randy as i am i can’t do anything about it, in fact i need to make it worse, until my nightly ritual.

And it is worth it. It is so worth it. Aside from knowing my suffering might bring my Lady pleasure, the orgasm i had last night was incredible. I’ve always found when i’m unwell and feeling like i just can’t do it, is when it feels the most vibrant and powerful. When i had to masturbate my cock and bottom it was so uncomfortable and i had to force myself to do it. But once i got going it was just amazingly intense. And the orgasm i had was just shattering. I stayed on my knees and face for a while near incoherently thanking my Lady for allowing me to cum.

On this day i started off the same. Doing my energy build up for the first hour i’ve awakened unto this world. What i’ve been doing is keeping my eyes for the most part and keeping my ear plugs in so i have some sense of sensory deprivation. This is so i have a lot fewer distractions while i build my energy.

Since i had one day under my belt already the beginning of the day was actually easier. i had a better idea of what i was in for. That’s not to say it was easy, far from it, but i didn’t struggle right away. Emphasis on right away. Because as the day wore on i was. At around the half way mark on my 12 hours, i had a fairly heavy lunch. Which means that i got very very tired. The problem was i couldn’t just fall asleep and take a nap. I was still focusing on maintaining my high level of sexual energy and that kept me from going unconscious. So i laid there, on the verge of sleep for about an hour before i got up and took a shower.

The shower helped a lot to wake me up and get me feeling a bit fresher. But i had quite a long time before i would be released from my chastity device. Still, i kept on.

Finally, the time did come. And in my desperate eagerness to get my chastity device off i pinched the head of my cock really hard. It hurt so badly, and yet i didn’t stop. I further fumbled about but finally got it off. But my cock wasn’t going to be the object of means to reach climax. no, the means would be my dildo.

Since i had been focusing on feminine energy i went for a female orgasm by way of my bottom. And i just didn’t want it to be smooth and easy either. i wanted to really feel it. i wanted it to hurt. so i used my finger to get me sore and then i used only a little lubrication so that i could have the level of pleasure and pain that i really wanted. And thus i went hard on myself for a good forty minutes. and it was just amazing.

When i finally reached orgasm it was again amazing. i had to just lay there for a while afterwards. i was so spacey and tingly. my brain was rendered rather useless as i looked at the ceiling. I felt so good.

And of course, i still had my ritual to do in a few hours.

With an extra added few hours, i did finally start. It was a female sex energy day so it was masturbating my bottom. And it felt great. It was rough and hard. I went on for about 40 minutes before finally not being able to hold back anymore and reaching my final orgasm of my training. It was wonderful.

But as wonderful as it was, it had also left me very red and very sore. Far more so than any time previous. I had trouble sitting up in my bed it hurt so much. And of course, the end of my day’s training isn’t the end of my day. I still had to do my nightly routine which includes my ritual of reciting my verses and masturbating both my cock and bottom. And as sore as i was, this wasn’t going to be easy.

Upon first penetration i started crying. I’ve learned that in sex crying means i’m holding back. Trying to fight against what i’m feeling. Trying to resist it. And it hurt. I’ve never felt that much pain before in penetration. So i kept having to let the pain and the pleasure wash through me without hindrance. To feel it all. And i did. And i do feel like sometimes, if it were my Lady doing this to me, how far would she push me? And so i fucked myself even harder. Sometimes i still cried a little. I whimpered most of my prayer. But i got through it and had a dual male and female orgasm that left me shaking and crying and blissfully euphoric. After laying on my stomach for a little bit i lifted my ass in the air and stretched out my hands. And i thanked my Lady, as is proper to do.

This week’s training is a bit more of a struggle than the last week’s if such a thing could be thought of as possible. Whereas last week i was allowed to come after 12 hours in chastity while maintaining my high level of sexual energy, this week is much the same. Just without the orgasm.

So i start my day with an hour of building which has gotten easier over time. I find myself less likely to check the time and do so only after longer periods have gone by. I then take my shower and dry off, then comes the chastity device. This stays on all day, and all the way until i do my ritual, which is the last thing i do every day. But instead of masturbating i am to focus on calming the energy. Diffusing it, if you will. Then i thank my Lady for not allowing me to orgasm.

I want to say this is really really sadistic of my Lady. Totally unfair, cruel and horrible and i love Her very very much. Going through my whole day at such high levels of arousal only to then have to calm it without the gratification, the end or the climax of the day’s journey. It really messes with my head. Knowing i don’t have that to look forward to.

So when do i get to come? 11am Saturday morning. Saturday seems so far off. Like it’s somewhere else, far beyond the horizon to where i can’t see or feel it near me.

I do however, get to look forward to being obedient to my Lady. If she isn’t allowing me to have an orgasm then i will obey. And i do so much enjoy obeying her. Even when it’s difficult. Or i should say, especially when it’s difficult.

Today is going to be a somewhat short entry as i’m trying to get ready for my weekend. I’m going to be seeing my Lady for the first time in months and just incredibly excited about it. We’ll be at DomCon Saturday and Sunday, and i will be Her demo model for her class on Sunday on Her Liquid Nitrogen Play. I love being apart of Her presentations because not only do i get to be a little exhibitionist but it’s also because i get to help her in educating people in the community about forms of play. She’s very thorough in her presentations covering everything from risks involved to demonstrating what can be done with it.

Onto my free week. Because of the emotional experience i had the other day with keeping my energy calm while masturbating my behind, i thought i would try to do the same with my masculine energy.

What i found was different. Masturbating my cock and getting no pleasure from it was strange and awkward, but it wasn’t very difficult. It was nothing more than if i was stroking my finger. Feeling the flesh fold and pull was interesting, but not very difficult to do. When i had penetrated myself, it was much more difficult. And when i had finished and of course not cum, i might as well not have done anything as i felt no lingering difficulty. i think the emotional aspect came from the pain and invasive nature of being penetrated.
Of course, the highlight of my time at DomCon was spending time with my Lady. It had been some time since i’d seen Her in person so it was very special to me. And one of the things we would be doing together was the Cryoplay class on how to use liquid nitrogen as a form of edge play. I love this form of play. From having it poured down my back, being beaten with a frozen marshmallow to having flowers shattered off of my back, it’s an incredible experience. It is so unlike any other form of play.

So why is this week going to be so difficult? Why am i even having trouble writing this blog entry? Well, it has to do with pee. Even typing that here is making me blush.

This week’s training does have to do with urine but not in the way i think most people will generally think. This isn’t about me having a wee on someone, nor of them on me. This isn’t about humiliation play. This is still about sensation, energy and orgasm. I have to build my sexual energy, using the sensation of the fullness of my bladder to enhance it. And i can only have a wee when i’m at the point of orgasm.

Yesterday i did this for the first time. And it was really embarrassing. Honestly, i was blushing for a good hour afterwards. It was very strange to me. I’ve reached orgasm from the pain of having burnt the end of my finger. I’ve had one from the pain of having my fingers caught in the closet door. I’ve obviously had orgasm from physical stimulation meant to be pleasurable as well. And never in each of those have i felt so embarrassed. This is definitely going to be an interesting week, pushing me in ways i’ve yet to experience.

When i had my first scene in the dungeon. I was dressed in this little gothic lolita style dress. I had on these stockings with a ruffle and ribbon on the top. I also wore a pair of wonderful ruffled panties underneath. When it came time that we were going to do a scene, She asked me to undress. I knew i would need to but i was shy. I wasn’t yet an exhibitionist. I was worried what other people might think. I’d never stripped down for someone like this, and to do so where anyone in the place could come and see. Of course, i forgot all about this as i got a wonderful spanking. Everything else disappeared. And a lot of it had to do with the fact i trusted the woman, who would later become my Lady, more than i was embarrassed about sticking my ass up in the air.

Afterward, several ladies made smiling comments as to the bright shade of red they’d seen my bottom in. Did i blush? Oh incredibly so.

Last night was a very difficult night for me. the relationship i’d been in with my Lady is now no more. This isn’t an easy thing. This isn’t something that mattered so little to me that i don’t feel the loss of what we had. I’m heart broken and very upset. But as i always had, i trusted her to know what was best for us. And so with this, i had to trust her too.

Right now i feel a bit confused. Not concerning why we broke up, but what i do now. I feel a bit lost. A bit afraid. What do i do with my rules? Do i still follow them or not? They were given to help me with areas i was weak in, so do they instead become guidelines for me? The worst thing i can do now is to revert to old behaviors. It would be putting a lie to all the effort i’ve given and to all her guidance. Last night i did a rough version of the routine she’d set for me. Drank milk. Used lotion. Even said the prayer she had me write. It all felt hollow though in doing them. Because i wasn’t doing it as an act of obedience but just for myself. And at the end of the prayer, i did not thank her.

In the time we spent together i’ve grown a lot. I’ve become a lot stronger and a lot more independent. Now that i don’t have someone to obey, to be vulnerable to, i don’t feel like i have an anchor. Something i can point to and say, no i can’t because of… So now, i need to become even stronger. On my own. She held me by the hand as i recovered from many years of abuse. Gave me tasks to show me i was stronger and more capable than i thought. All the while it building up my confidence and self esteem. She did an amazing job as the result are amazing.

Where will this lead for my blog? I’ve no idea. I’ve not thought that far ahead. I’m going monday to see into becoming a pro sub. I’ll probably also write about my toy making as i’d like to go into that a little more seriously.

i’ll always cherish the time i was able to spend with her in that role. Maybe it’s a bit geeky to end this blog post with a paraphrased quote from Doctor Who but, she was fantastic. But you know what? So was i.

Another new experience for this scene was the ice. Now, to let it be known, i have always hated ice in play. Liquid Nitrogen is different. Plain frozen ice i’ve always had trouble with. Cold in general. It just hurts. It’s sharp. It’s biting. And this time i thought i would be safe from ice. We weren’t going to be playing at Threshold, which has an ice dispenser on the fridge. And there wasn’t anything i knew of that would have ice at Sanctuary. Yet, low and behold, she had a cup of ice.

Since M seems to love the reactions she gets when using ice i won’t argue it. It’s not been a hard limit of mine, but i could put up with it for her enjoyment. This time though, I decided to do something different. Instead of just enduring, i focused my energy and turned the sensation into sexual stimuli. Though difficult, i was successful. And i was able to enjoy it much much more.

Christopher Hitchens was a pretty outspoken individual. I don’t know a lot about him, but I can respect the man for what he did to help further the cause of atheism.

I wasn’t always an atheist myself. I had grown up christian. Baptized in water and in the holy spirit. When I got older though, I stopped due to the fact that although I believed the christian god existed, I couldn’t morally follow someone like him. There are so many horrible and awful things god tells people to do in the bible. And when I was older and I understood what it meant to eradicate entire nations of people because they worshiped something different, I no longer felt I needed to make excuses for god’s behavior.

When I was in my mid twenties, after a few years of not knowing what to do with my spirituality, I became a pagan. I looked at the religions of my ancestors and went from there. First I worshiped gods in the Greek pantheon. Nyx, Demeter, Persephone. I learned a bit about energy, and while I considered myself a witch, I never did any spells. I only wanted to worship something that I saw as being greater than myself.

After I felt I had learned all I could from there, I moved onto Celtic paganism. There were a couple of Deities there that I felt I learned from. But in the end, I became less satisfied. I had many doubts. After an experience of what I thought of Astral Projecting, could actually just be me interacting in my own subconscious, I was uncomfortable. If I really was just going deeper into my own head, than that meant the gods I thought Existed were just part of myself. And it offended me to think of worshiping them.

It was a woman I was in a D/s relationship with that taught me how you could still have a sense of spirituality without having to believe in mythical beings. And that’s how I became an Atheist. And I haven’t gone back since.

So, I have quite a bit of experience with religion. I have a lot of experience studying mythology and the like. Of which the bible is. And the reason I have an issue with religion isn’t due to them believing in something I don’t. I don’t really care if someone believes in fairy tales or gods or what have you.

But religion isn’t just about believing in something. It’s about behavioral control. Some religions have it less than others. Pagan religions I generally don’t have any issues with because they’re pretty relaxed about behavior. Be good, is about the gist of it. However some, like the christian religion, is very heavy into it. And that isn’t okay.

I know there are a number of christians out there who are fairly relaxed about it. They only want to believe in Jesus. Peace, love, etc. But there are quite a lot out there who aren’t. And they not only try to control others of their religion, but others who aren’t. Things that are fine and natural, like consensual sex in whatever form, are to be shamed. You’re to feel guilty about it. And if you don’t, you’re essentially evil. Going to hell. And since we don’t feel it’s right, we’re going to try and make laws about it so that you have to do as we feel is right regardless.

It does make me sad that Christopher Hitchens has died. There could’ve been more he could’ve done to help further the cause of Atheism and secularism. But since he isn’t, it just gives room to new and younger voices to speak out for it.

...Yeah. So, that was all from 2011 and is just a sampling of what was there. He's had more of these blogs/diaries for other identities, although I believe this one had the most activity. During these experiences he started making BDSM "toys" such as whips and riding crops and eventually started producing them for sale, something he still seems to be doing.

He also became a brony in 2011 and has remained one to this day. I haven't seen any of it yet if it still exists, but he apparently was drawing ponies. There's also comics he's supposed to have made which may or may not be MLP related.

Suffice it to say, if you ever wonder where some of the fucked up My Little Pony porn came from, it could be possible Slave Nicci aka Claire Agincourt may have created it/commissioned it and quite possibly had been clopping to it as part of his 'sexual energy training.'

He's also writing adult fiction books and self-publishing them. His instagram has some samples of the writing, such as this one:

Venerous delights.png
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Feb 15, 2015

Some details on some covers that he wants to do. I honestly don't trust this guy much at all. The reviews on the Amazon page were obviously his.