Clashes between Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem. Israel now invading Gaza according to (Questionable) Reports - If your thoughts are "I don't like either" you don't need to fucking post because it's been said 100 times you fucking dullard

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May 6, 2020
Some renewed attacks from Gaza coming in. Rocket fire over Beer Sheba.

From last night, IDF airstrike on a rocket pad right after a launch.

Mar 18, 2019
Will the ground invasion devolve into afghanistan 2 electric boogaloo i wonder, its no secret that hamas have been preping for this kind of action for years now. Say what you will but these guys have a sophisticated tunnel network that would make even Ho Chi Minh impressed. If isreal wants to have contiuned aid then they will have to advance street by street rather than glass gaza as to maintain a semi decent image in the public eye. Thats where the risk lies, urban warfare is going to become a fucking nightmare, in particular aganist a very hostile populace, booby traps, suicide vests, ambushes, the whole lot really. I dont belive isreal could win by attrition like the arabs can. If this carries on im half expecting large numbers of militants from iraq and syria heading over that way as foriegn volunteers which will makes things quite a lot more spicy.
I kinda like the idea of having all the goat fucker extremist and their western allies concentrated in one area. Mostly because that area is far, far away from here. I´ve got a dream. :).

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Aug 29, 2019
Literally anything >>> Jews
So you are fine with linking arms with The Blue Checks on Twitter, Rando Retards on twitter and every dumb moron leftist that loves Buy Large Mansions because those are the people who love hating the Jews.

Much of these events can be summarized by Israel saying "fuck around and find out."
That is the entire history of events basically, the UN tarded out and dropped the Jews in to a center of a group of people who want them dead. The People who want them dead all attack them at once..they got blown the fuck out in a week..and then the Jews were too stupid to just take some more god damn land like you get to do if YOU WIN A FUCKING WAR.

"Oh noes muh occupation" faggots should kill themselves, getting occupied is what happens when you start a war and god damn lose.


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Feb 13, 2019
Really unless a country has billions of dollars to blow on R&D, and already has a suitable rifle to hold them over during the R&D process, they would be foolish not to just come up with their own AR or AK variant. They're both tested and proven platforms.
Hell even if you do have the money to blow on a special snowflake rifle platform you're probably better off just choosing an AR variant. Just look at France and the FAMAS. All that money spent creating a french service rifle just to give it up and switch to HK's take on the AR-15.

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Jan 8, 2020
If Israel actually manages to kill all of them, we can stop hearing about it. There will be one day a year where everyone remembers the horrible genocide and then the Jews will make a new Holocaust remembrance day and have it the day after so no one speaks out against them too long and everything will be good and peaceful again.

Oct 30, 2018
thats it im pro-zog now
palestine nigger lives matter .png

Mar 23, 2019
The Muslims wanted a holy war and spend centuries going on a blood soaked rampage across the entire world. They finally meet an opponent who ain't taking no shit and it's all of a sudden time for operation cry victim the loudest.

whaaaa they shoot our missiles aimed randomly into their city out the sky.
whaaaa they shot the babies that were used as a human shields.
whaaaa they bombed our hospital that a bunch of terrorists took over and used as a command centre.
whaaaa they blew up our shitty slum and displaced a bunch of shit covered dirt farmers to a different shit filled dirt farm.

Go go Israel. You can't negotiate with a group of people stuck in the 12th century. A great big fucking genocide of Muslims is long overdue.
Did they whine about the Battle of Tours too? Or did they just do the typical Middle Eastern thing of hushing up their defeats?

Also imagine creating the new and improved warrior version of Christianity only to get your ass kicked by the 1.0 Christians the moment military tactics move beyond cavalry spam.

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Jul 30, 2020
Have you seen the TDS and Joe Biden Megathreads? If you agree with a Verified Jounalist on Twitter you should rethink your life choices.
>You have to support the people who subvert your country because mouth breathers on twitter hate Israel too
Now that's some sound logic


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Mar 19, 2018
So, with the land invasion in the gaza strip and all that missile exchange, what's your opinion, - is it going to be arab-israeli war all over again? Or did the sandniggers finally realized that doing namaz on the battlefield is no-good?
I can’t help but think this is just another proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Like the Saudi government seems to be clamping down on support for the Palestinians which they wouldn’t have done in the past.
Lol palestinians killing their own kind with their massive autism.

And nobody likes Jews, we just hate Palestinians more. #remove_kebab
I’ve said it before but the Palestinians could have a lot more support if they weren’t so dumb.
You can want to fuck their women and glass their country at the same time. Well at least I can
Of course, it’s what the Great Khan, Mohammed, Joshua, and Alexander the Great did. The only solution to bring peace to the Middle East is to kill all the men there and then take the women and reassign them as state mandated girlfriends. Unfortunately, none of the people I mentioned before went far enough.
I think the solution to these happenings threads getting shit up with back and forth is to change the highlight feature on this subform to prioritize the 'informative' sticker over agree and like.
Informative is my favorite rating I love to use it seriously but also ironically.

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Jan 30, 2021
So you are fine with linking arms with The Blue Checks on Twitter, Rando Retards on twitter and every dumb moron leftist that loves Buy Large Mansions because those are the people who love hating the Jews.
Did you start to go against the message Occupy Wallstreet had just because a bunch of identity politics invaded it? The same thing happened there, it started out as being anti-bank, having libraries with books on fiat currency and jekyl island. What do you think the terrified kikes did? They flooded it with minorities, anti-racism, white supremacy, and fag rights nonsense. You can track the occurences of the term "White Supremacy" in the new york times increasing a thousand-fold after Occupy.

I don't think it's different at all. None of those blue checks want to see Israel actually destroyed, I do. They are just virtue signalling. Easy to see.