Clashes between Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem. Israel now invading Gaza according to (Questionable) Reports - If your thoughts are "I don't like either" you don't need to fucking post because it's been said 100 times you fucking dullard

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Jan 28, 2021
Why would Jews ever target a Bank?


Shekel gore video source

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May 13, 2021
Did they whine about the Battle of Tours too? Or did they just do the typical Middle Eastern thing of hushing up their defeats?

Also imagine creating the new and improved warrior version of Christianity only to get your ass kicked by the 1.0 Christians the moment military tactics move beyond cavalry spam.

This is why I don't get the Muslim hypocrisy on Palestine. They can go out and conquer an empire from Spain to India but how dare the Crusaders/Zionists try to take a tiny fraction of it back. It's also strange to me from from a religious perspective; classically in Judaism, certainly throughout the Bible, Israel's military defeats/various exiles were seen as signaling divine disfavor and a sign that it needs to repent. I'm no Islamic scholar, but it seems that the Muslim approach is to completely ignore any introspection and instead whine about how mean the kuffar are.
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Aug 29, 2019
Did you start to go against the message Occupy Wallstreet had just because a bunch of identity politics invaded it?
Yes because they were street shitting commies bitching about "MUH PREDATORY LENDING" while ignoring that the Government were pressuring Banks to make bad loans because "It was racist poor black people couldn't get loans."

Occupy Wallstreet was dumb as fuck even before the identity politics invaded it because like all idiot lefties they were bitching about the wrong group of corrupt dicks.


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Dec 26, 2014
This would have ended a long time ago if both sided stopped caring about optics and just go for it, they apparently dont care that much if the status quo was the norm for almost 50 years with some lame shootings in between

Mar 23, 2019
All this horseshit about WW3. I hear it every year.

I sometimes think people forget the sheer scale of WW1 and WW2, the number of vehicles, munitions and people involved.

The real whistles of ww3 will be clear and obvious to anyone when it happens; and it will not start with the middle east blowing up. It is always about economics - always had and always will be. Posturing over human rights is seldom a cause for real war.

When you start hearing something subtle like "We need to take Taiwan to secure the future of microchips for our growing economy", or "We are taking the sources of Lithium" for our need of batteries and the like, or "We are ditching the USD entirely and these countries are on-board with it", or in 15 years if the water from the Himalayas starts to run dry after the great run-off of melting, forcing 500 Million to Indians to go thirsty and thus "We are claiming these mountains" will be the real trumpet calls of arriving war.

Until then, these are just scuffles.
We do have some WW1 style conditions already. 2 blocs of alliances, and both alliances think the other will become too powerful if they wait. In World War 1 the Germans thought that Russia would become unbeatable by 1917 due to their industrial and population growth, and the British thought similarly of the Germans. Now the Western elite thinks China will be #1 in less than a decade, while China has a huge demographic time bomb that the CCP is trying to head off with the Belt and Road and suppressive measures like Social Credit. There hasn't been a war between major powers in nearly a century which obscures the actual capabilities of each nation, so it's easy for war hawks to make whatever argument they want. Plus Chinese diplomats have become about as tactless & aggressive as Kaiser Wilhelm II in recent years.

That said some damn fool thing in the Middle East wouldn't kick it off directly, it would have to involve Taiwan or something else the Chinks care about.


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Mar 11, 2021
WaPo writing about how Trump's Middle Eastern peace is disintegrating

"And Palestinians saw the agreements as a dangerous milestone. The accords signaled the abandonment by Arab governments of a peace initiative first proposed by Saudi Arabia decades ago that called for the establishment of full relations between Arab states and Israel only after the latter forged a peace agreement with the Palestinians."

Probably should stop being losers then.

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Aug 18, 2020
This thread is a total humiliation to the site. I'm tempted to just run a query to delete every post except ones by @Badungus Kabungus because nobody else posted anything of value, and his posts archiving a fucking war were buried by a dozen posts every page begging for likes and arguing about stupid irrelevant shit like every other fucking thread in this area of the site.
"Haha I'm going to put this extremely inflammatory political situation on the front page. This will be hilarious!"
-Null, every single fucking time this happens