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And yes, I'm doing that unscholarly thing where I pretty much the entire "Classical" genre and not music exclusively from the mid to late 1700s that follows the conventions of the classical style (but it IS included). Let's include opera, art song, classical contemporary, and anything else you can fit into this category for now too.

So yeah! Link/discuss classical/classicalish music that you find cool here.

I guess I've been going on an early 20th century binge, myself.
I've always been in love with Gershwin's (yeah more of a ragtime/jazzish/musical theater man, but still...) "An American In Paris", which is classed as a symphonic tone poem. Been curious about listening to more of those.
It also sounds really nice in piano form.

Also been considering really investigating Respighi.
This is "Egle" from his "Deita Silvane" song cycle.

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I recommend Dvorak's "Slavonic Dance" Op. 72 No. 2.

I stumbled upon it while browsing the built-in song database on a digital piano, which was listed as just "Slavonic Dance", so off I went to YouTube to find out which one of the Dances it was.

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I don't listen to a whole lot of classical, but I generally like it.


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Posting in this thread because we've covered some great stuff in Music History this semester and while I'm studying for the finals, I'm constantly reminded of it. I'll be editing this post with my findings as I go!

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If you don't love Wagner, you can't hang.
Made it through the entire Ring Cycle a few times now!
15 hours of Edda inspired music!


I know you know this tune...

That would be Wagner.


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I love Wagner, I have no idea what the fuck is going on in his operas but the music moves my soul, moreso than any other kind of music. Yes, I know the man was a virulent anti-Semite but I don't care, the man was a brilliant guy. I really wanted to see the Ring Cycle when they were doing it at the NY Met a few years ago but tickets were really expensive, like, $200 for nosebleed seats, it's crazy. Someday I'll set it on stage.

I also like the 'ol Ludwig Van, gets me ready for a night of the 'ol ultraviolence.

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Fell asleep last night listening to this:


In case you couldn't tell, Shostakovich is my favorite. I'm more fond of ragtime though, and my actual favorite symphony is this:

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champthom said:
I really wanted to see the Ring Cycle when they were doing it at the NY Met a few years ago but tickets were really expensive, like, $200 for nosebleed seats, it's crazy. Someday I'll set it on stage.
I think that the LePage Ring Cycle might be available on DVD.

Also worth a look are two separate documentaries about staging the Ring Cycle: Sing a Little Faster and Wagner's Dream.
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There's a couple of really good recorded version of Der Ring Des Nibelungen around. Have a couple myself!
There some festival in Germany somewhere and they have something like three symphonies that switch it up and play the whole thing from start to finish.


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I don't listen to classical that much, but I like it a lot when I do. My favorite is probably

I know, it's a predictable pick since it seems to be rather popular, but I just like it a lot.


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In standard "OH GOD MUSIC HISTORY MUST STUDY" form, I'll be updating with some of my current best-ofs for the semester (for real). We're doing Twentieth-Century things this time around, though...and I think I have a conservative/neoclassic bias.

In which Stravinsky is commissioned to compose for The Sims (seriously, the opening just seems like such happy "buying stuff/living life/building things/making a home/mindlessly happy housewife" music).

It's "Stories" from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. But better.

"America, Fuck Yeah!": The Tone Poem with James Earl Jones.


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I love most classical music and here are my some of my favorites
The Queen of The Night Aria by Mozart:
Not sure of the exact name of the aria by Vivaldi:
March of the Turks by Lully:
Ave Maria By Schubert:
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