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Is JacobTMK the Fatman?

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Quack lmao
I just noticed, it’s fucking sad that black creators get promoted only when someone is being a racist in Twitter circles. Like imagine you, a young black creator, striving to make the content you want, good content even, and you get a sudden flood of people supporting you. You’re elated.

Then you find out it’s because you’re black. And that’s that. What a slap in the fucking face. Speaking of good black creators, shout out to Thafnine. Shout out also to CoryXKenshin for my younger years. Not sure where he is now.
Nigger you really believe the average negro is going to be sad that theyre now one step closer to making that easy cash? If that's a slap to the face i guarantee you they'll be prepping the other cheek in a second

why am I fucking here

Dream after he stops taking his NORMAL PILLS
Featured on Jun 9, 2021 at 5:20 PM: Here because of Dream? A user made a helpful infographic explaining the connection between Dream and the 2016 picture (where he is very fat).
For any people new to the thread or any lurking retard stans, here's some proof the leaks are real. Now stop asking about their validity.
clayton leaked.png

Edit: sorry for the fucked English, not my first language.

Also since this is reaching Twitter now: I did not find any of the information shown here, I only put all the publicly available information into one clear image since people kept coming into the thread and asking for proof. Read the thread and decide for yourself if you think it's real or not.
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Wait, that motherfucker Hasan predicted this Dream drama, he was literally talking about people being cancelled for use of AAVE on twitter during his awkward discussion with Dream last week.

Will Hasan wade into the fray? Attempt to position himself as an ally to Dream in these political discussions he's clearly unequipped for? That'd be an interesting new arc.
That would require Hasan not being a fucking idiot, so no

a nagger

"No one likes a nagger"
Even the stans didn't like that. Is this it? Are they turning against him?
This is his most retarded controversy so far, yet the most damaging one for him. Maybe he finally learns that pandering to Twitter sjws was the worst choice he could have made. Propably not. If I had to guess, he's writing his apology as we speak.
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This is hilarious honestly. Somehow that equals being trash.
A lot of these people don't even care about the issue. They're just doing it to create a fanbase and/or to prove they're "Clean". It has happened before that - sometimes- the people pushing theses hashtags foward aren't even minorities lmao. It's an endless cycle of attention seeking by people who spend too much time online.

Incoming 'racism' drama. These posts all happened in the last 30 minutes or so:

View attachment 2246560
View attachment 2246565
View attachment 2246551
View attachment 2246559
Alright here's Dream's response to the whole ordeal

I managed to snag an archive of the thread since he unprivated his hangout account

And here are some replies to the event:

He's currently being berated on both ends.
I'd feel bad if he didn't cultivate these retards.
I do like the assumption that any mention of drugs is a racist attack on blacks though.

Spiral Stairs
Rebel Taxi review of the music vid. Points out specific issues like clothing fucking around or his eye sockets popping.
In the comments, found a guy who worked on it talking about the deadlines, and which ideas were Dream's.


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For any people new to the thread or any lurking retard stans, here's some proof the leaks are real. Now stop asking about their validity. View attachment 2247517
Edit: sorry for the fucked English, not my first language.

I will now take partial credit for this.

For all the newbies joining and have any stan related content revolving around Minecraft creators, we have a thread for that here
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