Clayton Ray Huff / Dream / DreamOnPvP / DreamTraps / DreamAF / DreamXD / DeltaKnight / DreamSkilful / Clayman23 - Fat Minecraft Youtuber with fans that want to torture and rape him and are in denial that he's fat.

Is JacobTMK the Fatman?

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It was all Ayumi's fault.
Who is this?

Cheesey Bread

Fatphobia is funny, actually
Incoming 'racism' drama. These posts all happened in the last 30 minutes or so:

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Fucking christ, the Twitter Retards have been mentioning the Minecraft Retard for, like, months now mocking him. There's no goddamn way they didn't know that Dream would have responded to them eventually, especially with how interactive he is with hate / his fanbase. It's fucking naive, and that's just me being nice about it. Their true selves are shown when they curl up in a ball and scream "antiblackness!" when they literally asked for this to happen. They want to be exempt from consequences / backlash but when they receive said backlash they use all the buzzwords in their Twitter library to get the jobless teenagers with nothing better to do but fight "Dream Antis" to stop biting at their ankles. Dream is obese and annoying and his fans are collectively retarded but hopefully this will be the end of attempting to fight a war they don't have the balls to participate in without going private. Especially with how large and faggy the fandom is. It's like swinging at a bees nests and crying when you get stung.

This is a fucking video to some fat fuck on YouTube, named Dream. Now, I'm tired of this fat fuck popping up on all my fucking search engines when I'm looking for a fucking Minecraft video. I don't give a fuck about the aftermath from any of you Dream stans that feel sorry for this greasy fuck. You fat fucking disgusting ass smelling. Blob. Cheese drinking. Crisco bathing. Lard gargling. Calorie thieving. 'Cabbage-Patch' face having. Dr.Robotnik looking. WingStop eating. McDonalds gorging. T-Rex arm having. Non-vegetable eating. Cook on a George Foreman grill just to drink out the drip tray. Wide Load. Hungry Hungry Hippo. Planet. Pretending to have a fucking thyroid problem. Whale/ Free Willy. Part Bus. Yokozuna. Flubber. Kirby. Salad Dodger. Chair Crusher. Butterball. Go to Subway but put everything on it. Michelin Man. Happy because Hostess is back in business motherfucker. I know there is gonna be alot of people out there calling me a bully. Well guess what, I'm not. I just don't feel sorry for fat fucking people especially fat fucks who sit there all day, gorge and eat, and make money for doing absolutely nothing, while a bunch of sorry fucks like yourself play into it. You don't like what the fuck I'm saying, then fuck you!
I just wanted to bring this back up for the lurkers.


Like Purgatory, but for Fags.
Also has a single fat youtuber ever had an avatar as fat as they are irl?
Guru Larry's cartoon guy looks a lot like him: fat. Also, I was more referring to how some chicks use sex appeal to get views on youtube and shit. I've seen a lot of fat guys on youtube who were just like "yeah, I"m fat. Lets start the video!" and its never mentioned again.

Also, while I'm here, I went to twitter and found some tweets I liked. Am I allowed to share?
reliable source.PNG

Its funny; Kiwi farms is mostly a reliable source when it comes to shit like this, and most people seem to realize this. But then you have this cartoon avatar guy saying dumb shit like this.


"Guise, stahp! Don't call dream fat! He doesn't deserve this!" What's the big deal in saying "haha, you're fat" anyway? I think its a dick move if you roast someone with an eating disorder, but if you're just fat because you like to eat, you need to take being called fat from time to time.

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They're leading people here. Can a mod take a break for a second or two, I want to see what these faggots post about their butter ball Dream.


Wait, did people really want to fuck dream, or was that a meme? I've been saying it as a joke all this time, but how can you want to fuck someone when you don't even know what they look like?

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