Climate Change and its eventual effects - Lol get fucked Gaia


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I've no idea why this thread got popular again but I will say that I've somwhat mellowed out my views as compared to the first post here. I still think it's gonna be a big issue moving forwards and I do think that we as a society need to prepare now, although I really don't approve of all the "green" legislation that's been making the rounds and such due to their lack of substance regarding emmisions and pollution runoffs and such as opposed to frivilous social legislation (looking at you AOC). I think that widespread adoption of nuclear power as well as lessening manufacturing with countries that don't respect basic environmental laws are the first steps towards lessening the severity of future climate events. I certainly understand the skeptics' point of view though, it doesn't help that the UN and Al Gores of the world preach that we'll be eating bugs in ten years every year since '98. I'm curious on what people here think of how to change industries moving forward, even if you're against the idea of man-enhanced climate change I can't imagine that you're in favor of the slash-and-burn industrial runoffs of the developing world which are wrecking their ecosystems and rainforests.
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Sorry to revive this thread and it might be the wrong thread to mention it but I couldn't resist to smile where climate change alarmists do a Pikachu surprising face in the case of Pittsburgh.
March 15, 2021

Climate change alarmists can't explain Pittsburgh​

By Brian Tomlinson

Global warming as it's argued today is pretty much a crock.
Let's take one example to show it, with data from the city of Pittsburgh.
Back in the mid-20th century, Pittsburgh was famously filled with smog and air pollution. In recent decades, its air has become clean.
So why have Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's mean annual temperatures actually risen? Have they, really?

The following mean temperatures by month and by year for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can be found today at The data have been collected since 1871.
I created a simple spreadsheet then created three sets of data for trend line analysis: all mean annual data starting from 1871 through 2020; same data abridged from 1940 through 2020; and 1983 through 2020. The trend lines show the following:


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I think its too fucking late, too much butterfly effect going on, the gulf stream its already fucked

The blame rests on the anti-nuclear hippies who got us back into the fossil fuel train, not that they will ever admit it
And they won't accept any responsibility for it, even if you could prove it beyond all doubt. They are/were baby boomers, after all.