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I guess you're eventually going to have the 'corporate' internet, sanitized, approved for your use, boring as fuck and then the 'underground' which will exist as a hodge podge, word of mouth communities, small circular and insular, but generally isolated and harder for mainstream news and culture to comprehend, not reliant on the 'corporate' side so its harder to shut down.
So basically the "AOL walled garden versus real internet" circa mid-nineties.

That's good. Whatever the "real internet" becomes, it needs to stay complicated enough to access that niggerfaggot leftists, moralfaggot rightists, "people" living in the third world, and those with theater degrees can't get there. The only problem is how much good (or at least laughable) content will disappear during the transition.

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I was not surprised at all by Fredrick being drawn to Catholicism. I’ve know several people with terrible genetic or chronic health conditions who were hardcore Catholics. Catholicism is really into meaningful suffering, it fetishizes it almost. Those who suffer (and keep the Faith) are the most are the most holy and deserving of god’s favor.

I’m sure having a wife who is a serious catholic helps a lot too. But part of having a faithful catholic wife is her expecting to have babies, lots of babies probably. He mentioned in that interview they were thinking of having a baby. Given Fred’s genetic condition the only way to ensure his child wouldn’t have his condition is by doing IVF, genetically testing the embryos and discarding any with brittle bone disease.

In the ultimate catch-22 the Catholic Church is totally against IVF, much less genetic testing of embryos. His catholic conversion could lead him to do the one thing he swore he’d never do, end up passing his disease to his child.

Or he'll just miraculously have a black child with large genitalia

According to @copypaste, the current CEO of Jim's hosting company (N. T. Tech) met with him and said 8chan is now a defunct entity. Subsequent messages indicate they will return it as a board more specifically catering to #QAnon.
I still can't tell if qanon is an astroturfed glow in the dark op, or a troll with a legitimate boomer cult following.
Either way, does jim think thats actually gonna work? What a waste of time.
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This sets a terrible precedent. 8chan is a total shithole, the reason why it came into existence was to be an edgier version of one of the edgiest communities around. The Daily Stormer being removed from their service was the first step down a dark path, people said it would stop there because the DS was the only time it would happen.

I hate 8chan but I hope that weird fuck Jim finds a new host
Funny, you seem to be speaking about /pol/ alone. /a/ and /tech/ were perfectly fine boards.


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Man, i just wanted to talk about anime and vidya without getting banned for posting nipples or shitting on some exceptional individual.
Why did it all end up like this? Why must everything i enjoy turn to shit? I'm sick of the internet at this point.
No one cared who you were until you picked up the puzzle piece.


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8pol has sucked for a while. Kamphy (former board owner) made sure it was a nofun echo chamber that wasn't even good for memes, while 4chan was turning their /pol/ into a hugbox. The only board worth saving on 8 was their /v/ forum, and they have already saved themselves
You would get banned for routine shitposting of the most innocuous kind. /leftypol/ was just as bad if not worse. It would have been worse if the mods weren't stoned all the time.

Funny, you seem to be speaking about /pol/ alone. /a/ and /tech/ were perfectly fine boards.
one was dead the other was run by a literal grammar nazi bot and resetera moderation (where you had to wonder who was top and who was bottom) while actively shitting up other boards.

/pol/ was also much less of an issue on 8 than on 4, and with the latter it's mostly people screeching about it than actual /pol/ posting.

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