Cloudflare's Down -

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CloudFlare is actually pretty shit and has a major outage like every six months so I don't know why a business would use them. They only got popular due to the fact you can use them as a reverse proxy for free DDoS, DMCA, etc protection which is useful for hobby places like KF, piracy sites, etc.

There is no excuse for legit companies like Discord not to pay for some proper DNS hosting or load balancing or whatever they use CF for. What kind of person decides to use CF over something like AWS when downtime means lost money.

Even as a home user the outages are so common you can't use CF DNS servers without servers from someone else setup as an alternate. I can't remember a time when all of Google's DNS servers went down at once but it happened a couple times with CF.
But Cloudflare makes sites go fast!!!



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I hate how centralized Cloudflare makes the internet. The world deserves it crashing and burning, along with AWS.