Clownfish TV / Thomas & Kambrea Pratt / Kneon & Geeky Sparkles - The Self-Proclaimed Nemeses of Kevin Smith, Profiting off of Nerd Outrage, Part of the Fandom Menace, Gaslit by a Cartoon

Are they Lolcows?

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He could've just ignored the tweet, and people would've forgotten about it in a week.

Right? Why does someone "as big as" Kevin Smith even feel the need to RT a relatively small YouTube channel? People throw out theories all of the time, if he would have played it off, no one would have even paid attention to it.

Don't feed the trolls.

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You say they're a "dying channel" yet their current sub count is 214k. Sounds like you have a hate-boner for them.
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Well, I did make a thread about them.

If you see when it was posted they had not hit 214k. That also tracks the interaction to the channel. I've not run the thing again but once He-Man dies down, they'll lose views again.
Tbh while researching, I have not come across anything actually saying that Teela wasn't going to get attention. Like he has said that she will play a big role in the show, and it has been known since 2019 that she will be focused onView attachment 2378028View attachment 2378029View attachment 2378034View attachment 2378035

I feel like they've been a bit disingenuous about the "but he said it wasn't a Teela show". Like the only weird one is the screenrant one but I haven't got anything on that, like I said that one is weird. Like was he referring to Clownfish TV thinking that it would be all about Teela? It's weirdly consistent to what he's said before but not consistent?? If you get what I mean
Outstanding work. I'd say the "Teela show" is a "from a certain point of view." I can see how people think that.
I also think Teela is acting out like a hurt little girl and it does get annoying. I can see why she does it.

I really think opinions may change once part 2 comes out and we can judge it as a whole.
Lo and behold... Apology not acceptedView attachment 2378517
I fucking knew they wouldn't accept anything.

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There is a cgi he-man show that is going to be released. This could simply be a case of trying to make the two shows feel different besides animation style. Then there is the fact that kevin smith had nothing to do with the trailer as that is handled by different people.

Netflix probably has an algorithm that decided the story beats. When it saw that anti sjws dropped netflix after dear white people and cuties, it made a show for the subscribers who are left.


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Lo and behold... Apology not accepted
Do you know what an apology is? Because I ain't even siding with Clownfish, but Smith clearly didn't apologize to them except in that narc "I'm sorry you're offended and if you continue to be upset then you are the one causing drama" kinda of way. The same way an older brother will "apologize" for picking on their younger brother or vice versa, and only "apologize" so that the parents get upset if the one getting picked on is still mad about it.

You can't "apologize" to someone as you continue to throw them under the bus and scream how it's their fault for your tardrage.

If Geeky wants to play a math game, this tweet has more likes than her video
wp_ss_20210726_0012 (2).png

Another time when they tried to gaslight Noelle Stevenson by stating SPOP is actually was done by a MAN. (Chuck Austen was a supervising producer, he had no creative control on this, SPOP was trash but it was all on her). Deliberately twisting words to misrepresent the showrunner as incompetent as if she wasn't even in charge of her own bullshit? Gaslighting and lying, where's your apology, Geeky?

To make myself clear, I'm not their hater (or at least I wasn't). I actually supported their comic.
The beginning is kinda cliche storm and the main characters started of as extremely annoying (guy is a Han Solo knockoff ridiculously ripped wizard that every girl wants to fuck and the girl is a typical YA protagonist who ofc gets all the hot guys fight over her. Yes, they're based on the happy couple themselves, isn't that hypocritical considering all their bitching about other creators having self inserts?), but it gets better. It does have a heart, if you know what I mean.
The problem is they became way too much obsessed with popularity and being "on top" so they can make loads of money of it. I get it, money is important, but they did have fans before they became Clownfish and these older fans don't want to support them anymore because they don't wanna be associated with the "hate" channel. They became "toxic" to listen too, I hate using that word, but whatever. Their early videos at least were on point, now all they do is comment on web articles and get into fights with kids on twitter over a cartoon. They also develop huge egos, claiming their comic was the hottest shit ever and it's the evil sjws who bullied them out of the industry, even though they constantly look down and make fun of other web comic artists (rumour says they bullied some girl who were getting more followers than them, saying "she has too much free time and doesn't have kids". Again, this is a *rumour*).

edit: Tl;dr they were decent content creators with actual experience in the industry, unlike some youtubers, and were making an okay comic until they became salty they weren't popular enough, so now they bully kids on twitter and their old fans don't want to support them anymore.

Anyway, they're selling Shadowbinders pages for about $150 each:drink:
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Kevin Smith is a buddy of weinstein, so his degrassi story becomes creepier. It seems like something weinstein would pull. There is no evidence of Kevin Smith using his clout, but it is still weird. Kevin Smith is a fan of the original Degrassi and had a crush on the character caitlyn. In the degrassi sequel, kevin smith shows up as a guest star playing himself. He gets into a romantic subplot with the character caitlyn. Even if smith didnt use his clout, its him living out his childhood self insert fanfic.

It isn't going to hurt toy sales. Fucking idiots don't understand shit. With a collectable property with almost 40 years of history the only things that will hurt it is when all the 80s kids die or over stocking of the same damn item.
Should be noted that as time goes on, the marketing of the show will just become a footnote to the show itself. People will look at the show more objectively rather than just being butthurt because "He-Man wasn't in it"

Reminds me of Halo 2, where they had different marketing compared to the final game, gameplay was different compared to the trailers and people thought they were being "bait and switched" with the Arbiter who at the time was a hated character, they ended up sidelining him in Halo 3 because of the backlash. But as time as gone on it's not only no longer hated, but considered one of the best Halo games in the series.

I can definitely see something similar happening to Revelations as the years go on

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