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So YouTube (Red) has recently launched Cobra Kai, a spinoff of the 80's Karate Kid movies following Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso in the modern day. It's surprisingly not shitty nostalgia mining (though there is some pandering, it seems to mostly point toward being overly nostalgic contributing to being socially malajusted).

Also, some of Johnny's quotes are gold. "Women aren't meant to fight, they have tiny, hollow bones."

The Shadow

Fabulous Old man
Yeah, I'm kind of digging it. (Thank god for that "one month free" - like I'm gonna pay for YouTube Red lol).

It's seeming to occasionally go towards broader comedy which is giving it tonal inconsistency at points but overall I find it enjoyable and I especially like Zabka and his main student. They're given the best parts, I think.


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So this was the first youtube red series that actually caught my attention. Just finished the first two episodes. Not sure if I’m gonna subscribe to Youtube Red for it, but the show’s actually pretty good and I’m not even a huge Karate Kid fan. The story isn’t the most original thing, but the characters, writing and acting is enjoyable enough to make up for it in my opinion.


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I downloaded it from a cytube feed for a buddy and caught some of it through the part where he kicks the shit out of people in the lunchroom.
Seems cute enough. I wasn't into Karate Kid either back then but they do a good enough job with Cliffs Notes in flashbacks for people who just osmosed the idea through pop culture.
I watched the first two free episodes and really liked what I saw, so I got the 30-day free YouTube Red trial to binge the rest, and frankly, this series is way better than it has any right to be. Sure, it's cheesy at times, but it's enjoyably cheesy like the original Karate Kid films.

What surprised me most was how much I sympathized with Johnny over Daniel because frankly. the latter came off as a smarmy prick (although the scene where he visits Miyagi's grave is really touching) while the former, while rough around the edges, was a lot more down to earth. A lot of people have pointed out how in the original Karate Kid film, Daniel is the one who antagonizes Johnny more often than not, and it was very smart to call attention to that and tell Johnny's side of the story. It definitely painted the films it continues on from in a very different light and made me like Daniel a lot less.

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