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I had a friend recommend this series to me even after I told them I had never seen the original film (still haven't). I probably missed a ton of references but I did get a few from general pop culture.

I really, really enjoyed the first series and after seeing the trailer for series 2 I'm really looking forward to see where they go. From the looks of things they're creating a great story arc that's original and while I gives nods to the film again, they're not just playing on nostalgia or being smug and self referential.

I'd like to see more nostalgia media get this sort of stuff right. If they feel they REALLY the need to come back/reboot could they at least think carefully about why and what they think they can add?


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I read aboutit, my opinion of Johnny and Daniel Karate Kid 1 (i watched it actually for the first time 1 or two months ago so i still remember it well) is both are troubled kids that both had moment where they had moments they acted badly (I still think Johnny was worseof the two because while Daniel did antagonize Johnny he did not go as far as make it physical like the scene with driving Daniel off a hill or beat him up in a way that might have killed Daniel if Mr Miyagy didn't save him) but like i said in KK1 Daniel did bad things too. I'll give it a try


I'm sorry you had to go through this son...
I watched the (free) first episode of the second season... And damn it, I'm half-tempted to pay for more. I really don't even understand why I like this show so much, I don't think I've even seen one of the movies all the way through. I really want to root for Johnny, and Daniel really seems like a tool.

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I watched the (free) first episode of the second season... And damn it, I'm half-tempted to pay for more. I really don't even understand why I like this show so much, I don't think I've even seen one of the movies all the way through. I really want to root for Johnny, and Daniel really seems like a tool.
Well I guess it helps to have two of the original actors to have an actual invested interest in how they want the series to go, especially with there characters. It is also great that even though we have new children to learn the ways of karate, the core conflict is still with Johnny and Daniel as it should be.


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I haven't seen the second season yet, but I absolutely adored the first season. One of the best things I've seen in a long time, actually. It's creative, less than predictable, endearing, very funny, and just as cheesy as it should be.

It was the perfect way to bring back an old franchise I didn't know I wanted back. The entire cast and crew should be proud of themselves, especially the writers.
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Anyone know a good place I can watch all the episodes? No fucking way I’m getting a YouTube Red account.


I'm sorry you had to go through this son...
Season 2 was alright, but I'd call it a downgrade compared to the first...
And not even because of the major downer ending with Miguel and all, I'm actually kind of digging how the season ended, and can't wait to see what happens next.. And the last scene with Johnny on the beach was perfect... Anyway, some random thoughts:

-Multiple times throughout this season (and I guess it happened throughout the first as well, but it bugged me more this time.) people just did random AF shit, usually turning on Johnny, only because the script said they did. The worst offender of this for me this season was when half of Cobra Kai just up and switched to Miyagi-Do (Literally because Daniel came into the Cobra Kai dojo bitching about something that wasn't Johnny's fault, also disrespecting it, and Johnny *didn't* kick his ass. Even worse, this broke up at least 3 pairs of supposedly close friends [Hawk and Dimitri {this one was deserved.}, "Bebop" and "Rocksteady", and the two scrawny nerds whose names I don't remember.])

-Johnny is on my short list for being one of the best fictional characters of all time. I loved him, in 2019, having no clue how to use a smart phone or even an old AF basic computer (And the scenes of him learning about the internet this season were the best.) Also him giving no fucks about political correctness has always been my one of my favorite things about this show.

-Dimitri is a piece of shit. I don't even like Hawk, especially after this season, and I still supported him in trying to kick Dimitri's ass.

-I wanted to like Tory a lot more, especially because I thought Sam was terrible in the first season (and she didn't really get much better here). But yeah, stupid rich bitch > freaking psychotic bitch. It didn't help that Tory's nose was fucking wonky. They were both awful.

-Most(?, I didn't see Aisha, Stingray, and probably others who didn't matter much, training with Kreese in the finale) of Cobra Kai turning on Johnny at the end could have actually been a neat idea... But the show did fuck all to set that up. The only excuse given was that Johnny failed them by teaching mercy- Only, the way that crazy AF school fight in the finale was shot made me seriously question how the rest of Cobra Kai even *knew* that Miguel tried to show Robby mercy. -They just would have seen Miguel being kicked over a ledge. (Incidentally, fuck Robby. I didn't like him in the first season, and I hate him now.) This season would have benefited greatly from actual instances where Johnny steered his class wrong. As it is, most of his class decided to turn on the dude who led them to a championship for a loser hobo.
(Semi-Related, I was also questioning how an unemployed geriatric hobo like Kreese was even able to find the money to take over the rent for the dojo from the landlord, even if Johnny only had a "handshake deal" with him, and said landlord hated him. Kreese would still n eed money, which he clearly didn't have.)

-Miguel's mom is a bitch, and I hope she gets called out for it, because her reaction in the finale was fucking dumb. She already had the whole, "Fighting is bad and I don't want my son doing it" arc in the first season. The fact that she went back to that thought, over something entirely different from what even Cobra Kai was even teaching, really just ties into the "people randomly turn on Johnny for the dumbest shit" theory.

-Daniel's son was one of the best characters in the first season (I said it before, and I'll say it again, if he was real and a little bit older, he would totally have an account here on the farms.) and he was barely a cameo this season. Bad form.

-SO many people should have gone to jail this season. So many...

-Hawk became a fucking asshole (he had obviously already started to become one last season...) This was a totally organic evolution of his character, I actually bought *him* turning on Johnny.

-Daniel is still a tool, but like the first season, I liked the episodes where Johnny and Daniel were getting along the best.

-I'll probably think of more things later, what do you all think?


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just finished season 2. not as good as season one but it had some really good moments. i bit too much romance drama for my taste but the final fight(s) where amazing. minus the ending.
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