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As a general rule I prefer to drink decent liquor neat or on the rocks, but I do indulge in the occasional cocktail. Old Fashioneds are a favorite due to my taste for bourbon, but I'll try almost anything once. White Russians are good, but Colorado Bulldogs are disgusting. Bloody Marys or variants thereof are tasty but too close to being a meal in and of themselves. I usually loathe tequila but in a margarita I will tolerate it.

The ultimate bitch drink for men is the Zombie.

It will suck if you make it yourself, and the only places you'll get a good one are the places that won't tell you what's in it. Expect a fuckton of rum.

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There's a few cocktails that aren't froo-froo girly drinks that are good. Manhattans are one I'm partial to. If you want a little bit of a fruity drink, Zombies are tasty as well.


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Cocktails are for real men because they’ll get you more shitfaced than a beer and you basically have to admit you’re kind of a faggot if you drink one. I like to experiment with mixing and have come up with a few “recipes” of my own. I never measure because I like strong alcohol taste so good luck replicating.

Mix some blueberry Fanta with strawberry mikes hard lemonade and some vodka because why the fuck not. Slice up some strawberries and put them on the rim of the glass because you’re a faggot and you like that it looks cute.

Coconut captain morgans with pineapple jarritos, orange juice, and more vodka because why the fuck not, you’re a fruity bitch but you’re a fruity bitch who likes to get shitfaced after two drinks.

Good luck faggots.
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it just goes on and on and on and on...
It's heading into summer, so I need to get some frozen sliced strawberries for fru-fru frozen daiquiris. I usually add a bunch of the frozen strawberries to the blender, some sugar, some lime juice, and use Bacardi and Captain Morgan's Cannonblast (regular one) as the liquids. If it's too thick to blend, add more alcohol of choice. Do a taste test, sometimes it needs a bit more sugar. Don't add ice cubes, all it does is water it down.

I like the Cannonblast in strawberry daiquiri, but that stuff is weird. Tastes like alcoholic liquified fruity pebbles. It needs the fruit to balance out the flavors.

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Corn liquor.
The name "Mountain Dew" is a colloquial term for moonshine.
I've never had actual moonshine so I guess that's kind of interesting. Kind of figured anyone who drank moonshine didn't give a shit about mixing with it.


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I've never had actual moonshine so I guess that's kind of interesting. Kind of figured anyone who drank moonshine didn't give a shit about mixing with it.
It's usually super high proof, so a mixer is needed. Closest thing is probably Everclear. You're not even supposed to drink that shit straight, it burns.
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OK, so, a while back I took a friend to a bar/grill and they had a very nice cocktail that used something called Lemon's Split Personality. Now they don't serve that cocktail anymore, so I'm trying to kind of get the hang of mixing it myself. One problem - I have no fucking idea what the fuck Lemon's Split Personality is. At first I thought it must be a kind of liqueur, but I am finding NOTHING of the sort in liquor directories. I imagine there must be lemon liqueurs or somesuch but I don't know. I don't suppose anyone here has heard of this shit? I'm thinking it could also be a mix, but you'd think a general search would have turned it up.
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Finally fucking figured it out and found the ingredient I needed. Now it's just a matter of figuring out the proportions of the ingredients.

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I like mixing my own Cuba Libres on occasion. Funny how they start having a higher percentage of rum in them after the first couple of drinks.