CoD Declared best Video Game Series Of All Time -


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For the new book, now in its eighth year, Guinness World Records reached out to fans and readers of their gaming edition and asked them to vote on their favourite games.

Craig Glenday, Editor in-Chief at Guinness World Records told The Independent: ‘More than 5,000 fans of the book from 140 countries across the world took to an online poll to vote for their favourite games, and the top 50 record-breaking games were featured in the book’.
I don't blame Guinness here. They polled their readers asking what their favourite games were and Call of Duty came out at #1. I think it's a little erroneous on their part to call it "best", but it being voted at #1 just indicates the quality of Guinness's readership.


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Assassin's Creed #8? I'm amazed it's on the top 50. Most games in the series are garbage (okay, average). That said, I had no idea GWR was still going.
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Call of Duty beats Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario Bros. to be named best ever video game series by Guinness World Records
I didn't know "best" was a thing Guinness kept track of.
maybe now they can have best car, best US president


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And to think that I can remember the point in time when GWR was literally found in the reference section of libraries...
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It's just some shitty site's opinion, it doesn't matter in the end. Call Of Duty will always wear that shitstain reputation it already has, no matter how many people actually like it.
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Last time I read one of their books, they played it safe and stuck to actual records like the Tallest Dude or Most Pies Eaten. When you start talking about something that is "best" without immediately following it up with "-selling", it kind of ruins the image that your system is unbiased and fair. "Most Popular" might have been a better choice of words.

Most of these games aren't even good; Minecraft is not a series and CoD isn't really that revolutionary.
It's pretty much the same as Halo: Neither presented anything revolutionary or unprecedented, but it was the combination of all the original elements gleaned from other games into an accessible product that made them so popular. CoD's "perks" and the vast majority of its alternative game modes were pre-dated by CounterStrike mods years before Modern Warfare came about, and even then it was just RPG aspects under a different genre.
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New Black Ops 3 trailer out, and uh...yeah, just watch it.

Not sure if trailer for the new Deus Ex game, or CoD is doing copypasta yet again...


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Most of these games aren't even good; Minecraft is not a series and CoD isn't really that revolutionary.
You know, I love how Guiness has become increasingly irrelevant as time has gone on.


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Because if so, I may need to begin a ballot-stuffing initiative.