CoD Declared best Video Game Series Of All Time -


It's pretty much the same as Halo: Neither presented anything revolutionary or unprecedented, but it was the combination of all the original elements gleaned from other games into an accessible product that made them so popular. CoD's "perks" and the vast majority of its alternative game modes were pre-dated by CounterStrike mods years before Modern Warfare came about, and even then it was just RPG aspects under a different genre.
I was gonna say something along those lines and joke about many 1337/420 ratings.
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Imagine caring about about Video Game Guinness World Records. I've honestly only found those in elementary-middle school book fairs.

No but seriously, does there even need to be a "best video game series"? That's such a broad topic, I can't even say there's a "best fps" or a "best platformer", everything caters to different tastes. Then again this is GWR, it's all about finding the Beegest nömbãrs.


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shouldn't this thread be dead?
When will the mods give Call of Duty a general thread and Battlefield is also due one as well.

For some reason I consider this Modern warfare 2 trailer the best one sung by Eminem but its not on the official Infinity Ward account whereas Treyarch still has the Eminem version for black ops 1.



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