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Infinite Warfare was the only CoD game I tried playing since MW3, and to me there was nothing special about it. Campaign felt like they looked over the cliff notes for Killzone, right down to making your villains comically bad without any change of perspective.

Moreover, this was meant to be some next-gen shit compared to the last one I played, and yet here I was running along with guns that used the exact same reloading animations as previous weapons, flying vehicles that shared the exact same piloting flaws that previous CoD vehicles possessed. I finished it, but I knew by the end that CoD as a franchise had progressed nowhere, and had merely adopted a space skin.
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It was basically just a watered down version of COD 2, without any of the memorable setpieces, and it was also a step down visually.
Call of Duty 2. The Soviet setpieces in the winter along with the D-Day mission were the highlights of its campaign. One aspect that CoD2 did right was with its linearity. They were linear in design, but the levels were massive enough to where you can flank multiple ways against the enemy. You had more freedom to traverse. Also, there weren't many scripted setpieces. Stuff would happen organically.

What I didn't like about CoD2 was its Veteran difficulty. I'd say it was fairer than CoD3, but bullets did more damage towards you and swarms of enemies would surround you. Not aimbot per se, but they were more accurate. Checkpoints were scarce as well.

What I dislike about CoD's campaign is their continuity with each other. Particularly the sub-series after Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare were one offs with no connection to previous games of the franchise. Why should I care if they'll just end it and forget about it?