Coffee - gween tea

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I made a terrible mistake- had time to kill around town last week and got me a coffee in a cheap vietnamese restaurant-
Im now looking for the equipment and beans to make that stuff at home.


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Nowadays I limit my consumption of coffee to a cup a day. I've always loved coffee and had a major caffeine problem for a while. My usual tools are a small French press and a manual coffee grinder. Usually unground coffee from the store does it, although every once in a while I treat myself to better quality coffee from a specialty store. Maybe it's some placebo effect bullshit but freshly ground coffee tastes better than the stuff that is sold ground, even if it's the same brand, same roast and the same bean. I just enjoy the experience of grinding those beans.

I routinely enjoy Chemex coffee too. I stick to the single cup French press most days though. Obviously no sweeteners or cream


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Deathwish pumpkin spice????


ngl been wanting g to try pour over, is it better than French press??? Seem similar enough in that the grounds are steeped by water/gravity instead of a machine but idk.

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I had found some good deals on off brand large cans of coffee. It isn't great when made normally but I heard making cold brew could improve it so I tried that.

It turned out great. Just dump some of the coffee into an old kool-aid jug I had, fill with water after dinner, put it in the fridge and the next morning I just strain it into a pitcher and done. It was large improvement over my cheapo coffee maker. Plus since its been so hot I have a nice chilled beverage ready. The downside is if I make 2 liters of coffee I'll drink 2 liters of coffee instead of my usual 2 or 3 cups.

I usually drink my coffee black but one day I had some chocolate almond milk so I added it to my cold brew. Man it was really good. I will definitely do that combination again next time I pick up some more chocolate almond milk.
So I'm seriously considering looking into Mormonism as a new approach to Christianity and I would be lying if I didn't admit I was surprised they have prohibitions not just on Alcohol- but on "hot drinks" like tea and hot chocolate. However- apparently herbal infusions are OK, as well as some forms of Soda. I am a extreme caffeine addict (I need to be to do work in the Chinese time zone) and I used to binge energy drinks and southern-style brewed Ice Tea- but apparently I've found a more healthy alternative: Chaga Mushrooms. These things apparently work the same as Tea just like how Monk fruit is a better sweetener than even cane sugar. Anybody got any recipes on how I can brew these things for morning and lunch-time cocktails?


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Last shift at work I reached an important barista milestone in making my first pumpkin spice latte. I did not enjoy it at all, assumed I must have done something terribly wrong. Today I tried again with just spiced pumpkin puree, milk, and a little honey and it was much better. I still would have used way less spice in the puree but I wasn't the one who mixed it. The espresso shot from the previous attempt made everything weird.

In my short time as a barista I've gone from not liking coffee to enjoying it quite a bit, though I still can't drink it straight. I need some creaminess from milk and that's it, I'm not adding any sugar or flavorings unless I make a mocha. But I need to know how to make basic bitch drinks like pumpkin spice frappe whatever. My friend's go to drink is a blended white chocolate mexican mocha which is good, but I can't drink that much sugar.

We have a selection of locally made ice cream and I have a regular who gets affogato- a shot of espresso on a scoop of ice cream. It sounds awesome but I haven't tried it yet.