Lolcow Colby Klaus / _lifestyled - Salty SJW White Knight And Libeler of an Anti-Sex Trafficking Organization


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Did someone actually take shots at the White House or is this Colby being Colby?
Yeah some guy took a few potshots from a parked car and drove off.

The Secret Service was absolutely pilloried for underreacting (they didn't even realise they were shot at for a week) and being generally useless, so pointing to that incident to argue that the current SS is overreacting to things is pretty fucking exceptional.


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He's definitely back to sperging the fuck out on reddit, saw a ton of walls of text when looking at his profile just now.


"My only knowledge of the moors comes from a misprinted trivial pursuit card in a Seinfeld episode."


He's been sperging at /r/the_donald and got banned from it.



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He's currently chimping out about Seth Rich's murder.



The man who harassed an anti-sex trafficking organization is trying to take the moral high ground.



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Those shows sound cringy bad and boring. Putting identity politics ahead of the plot is what killed Sense 8. Netflix said it was because of the cost, and it was expensive, but it seemed some things were in there just for the sake of enhancing their SJ cred.
I'm sure Colby screeched about it. It's nice to see some things never change.
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Cram it in me, baby!
All that effort for so few likes. Have you considered being trans, Colby? Maybe that way s9meone would give a tenth of a shit about you.

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Colby really needs to find a platform that isn't limited to 140 characters.

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