Lolcow Colby Klaus / _lifestyled - Salty SJW White Knight And Libeler of an Anti-Sex Trafficking Organization

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NeoGAF blew up after the owner was outed as a sex pest, Colby engages in whataboutism and wonders why Malka's history hadn't been discussed on his hugbox.
Point pst #1) It does but it's also against the rules so it gets removed if mods take notice.
Point on #2) Because Malka helped fight your shared boogeyman.
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That's for employing me for eight years!
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Then we roll her into a carpet and throw her off a bridge. Julaaaaaaaaay.


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The word alt-right was coined in 2007 or 2008, GG wasn't a thing until 2014.
What makes this all the more funnier is that the only reason Colby is even being a sperg on some journalist is because Secret Gamer Girl claims Erik Kain is a founder of the alt-right (all because Kain was neutral to GG or some shit like that). Colby's tweets toward Erik Kain are nothing more than just sperging attempts that would only get him a block (if he hasn't been blocked already).