Cole Carrigan - Clout chaser, sugar baby, liar


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I do have their OnlyFans, but I need to verify you are over 18 before sending you them for legal reasons. Please send me a message with any identifying info and a photo reference for verification purposes.


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OP you are a dumb nigger. but this clown might be thread-worthy, maybe not.

Cole Carrigan is a male makeup channel character who posts videos of him doing his makeup, often in exotic and expensive locations like his private jet. Think James Charles. They're really all variations on a theme at this point.

In October of last year, he called out another YouTuber, Ace Family's Austin McBroom, for being a rapist. Here's a Newsweek article on it:

I don't care enough to get to the bottom of things. Apparently Keemstar was involved at some point.